Alcohol Sampler Gift Set Ontario

Looking to treat yourself or someone else to a unique and memorable experience? Our alcohol sampler set is great for those looking to expand their spirit knowledge and improve their tasting skills. Also makes for a liquor tasting gift set!

Using your spirit tasting kit you’ll learn to taste spirits and identify their main smells and tastes. You will also learn the history of spirits, how their made, and the types.

We look forward to providing an immersive, unique, and memorable alcohol tasting set experience!

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Alcohol Sampler Pack Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Each Liquor Tasting Set Include?

Each alcohol sampler box set includes:

  • Five 1 oz samples of liquor
  • You will receive a card for each tequila (On one side of the card, you can write your thoughts. On the other side, you will find information about the tequila’s background and tasting notes.)
  • Palate-cleansing snack and pipette for adding water to the alcohol tasters
  • Liquor tasting guide covering history, production, types, key aroma’s and flavours, and how to taste

Get ready to experience the best liquor sampler pack!

What Occasions Is An A Liquor Sampler Gift Set Good For?

A liquor tasting box gift is great for one person, a small group, or a fun date night idea!

Know a spirits lover that deserves a memorable gift for a special occasion?

A liquor tasting kit is great for:

  • At home alcohol tasting
  • Birthday’s
  • Holiday’s or Christmas
  • Father’s Day or Mother’s Day
  • Weddings
  • New Years Celebrations
  • Valentines Day

You can also add a note card to deliver a special message to the alcohol tasting gift set recipient.

Join us to enjoy and learn more about spirits with our liquor sampler box!

Is Your Liquor Sample Set Available For Delivery In Canada?

Delivery of your alcohol tasting kit is available anywhere in Ontario or pick up at 180 Drinks.

You can schedule your delivery date or pick up date at checkout.

How Do You Taste Spirits?

In our guide included in each liquor sampler set we explain in great detail how to taste spirits,  however here is a basic overview:

Step 1 – Taste With Your Eyes: Hold the glass up against a white background. Note the colour and clarity of the tasting sample.

Step 2 – Taste With Your Nose: Gently swirl the spirit in the glass. Bring the glass to your nose and sniff gently. Once you are comfortable with the alcohol in your nose, take a deep breath. Pay close attention to any smells that you notice.

Step 3 – Taste With Your Tongue: Take a sip of enough of the spirit into your mouth to cover your tongue. Roll it around in your mouth, coating as many sensory areas of your tongue as possible. Note the flavours and aroma’s you detect, as well as the persistence of these.

Learn something new? Get ready to learn more with the best alcohol tasting pack!