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When creating a cocktail, we know balance of flavors is key. By exploring flavors, adding and subtracting, testing new combinations, you can create wonderful new cocktails and flavor combinations, and perfect well-known cocktails. Cocktail syrups are an important modifier of flavours, and are often key to create balance of the eight tastes of cocktail making including: boozy, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent, umami, and perceived temperature.

Wondering where to buy cocktail syrups? The 180 Drinks craft cocktail syrup collection aims to help provide a strong platform to execute delicious libations and a jump off point for creative experimentation with different drink flavour combinations. If you are looking for the best cocktail syrups for sale, you are in the right place!

Cocktail Syrups Highlights And Benefits:

    • A curated selection of key cocktail syrup flavours for your bar to make traditional and modernist cocktails.
    • Made with the highest-quality ingredients that are free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners.
    • Refrigeration not required after opening which saves you much needed refrigerator space!
    • Save money by using a syrup as a cocktail flavor modifier instead of a liqueur (e.g. Use a blue curaçao syrup instead of a blue curaçao liqueur)
    • Available in a 60 ml (2 oz) experimental size and a full size 240 ml (8 oz) bottle.

Cocktail Syrups For Sale

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Cocktail Syrups FAQs

What Are The 8 Tastes Of Cocktail Making?

  1. BOOZY: the characteristic flavor and aroma of the presence of alcohol in a large percentage. It may be sharp, warming, nose-tingling, or burning.
  2. SWEET: perception of the presence of sugars. Honey, fruits, maple syrup. This is often where syrups play the part, especially fruit cocktail syrups. 
  3. SOUR: perception of the presence of acids. Citrus, vinegar, yogurt. Some cocktail syrups have this element. 
  4. BITTER: perception of the presence of bases. Certain botanicals like gentian root or cinchona bark, amaro liqueurs, tonic water, coffee, dark chocolate, beer, cranberries, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, bitters. A cocktail syrup may add an element of bitterness as well. 
  5. UMAMI: perception of savory or meaty flavors such as tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cured meats, some cheeses.
  6. SALTY: Perception of sodium chloride. Sea salt, olives, bacon, pickles, cheeses.
  7. ASTRINGENT: a drying sensation often associated with unripe fruit and the presence of tannins. Think black tea, red wine, pomegranate, juniper. Cocktail syrups often can add this dimension of taste as well. 
  8. PERCEIVED TEMPERATURE: false perception of hot and cold. This is the spiciness or heat our nerves perceive when eating things like chiles and black pepper, or the cooling sensation we get from mint. A spicy cocktail syrup for example can impact this attribute.

How Do I Use Cocktail Syrups To Create A Balanced Cocktail?

To create that well balanced cocktail experience, it is important to know how the  flavour profiles of the eight tastes of of cocktail making enhance or balance one another. 

As general rules of thumb:

  • SWEET enhances SALTY
  • SALTY enhances SWEET
  • SOUR enhances UMAMI (and also SALTY)

When flavors are enhanced, they’re made more prominent or boosted. 

Picture a perfectly balanced margarita with a salt rim (or a pinch of salt added directly to the shaker). That little pinch of salt amplifies the flavors of the drink, making them more pronounced.

When flavours are balanced, we are counteracting the one flavor because it is too dominant. For example, balancing a cocktail that is too sweet can be done by adding more acidity, or maybe something bitter. This effectively tones down or minimizes the impression of sweetness, making the flavors of the drink taste more pleasing.

As general rules of thumb:

  • SWEET can balance SOUR, BITTER, or SPICY / HEAT
  • SOUR can balance SWEET, BITTER, or SPICY / HEAT
  • BITTER can balance SWEET or SALTY
  • SALTY can balance BITTER
  • SPICY / HEAT can balance SWEET

Additional thoughts to consider: 

  • BOOZY and ASTRINGENT can be balanced by DILUTION (the addition of water through ice cubes, shaking or stirring)
  • BOOZY can be balanced by SWEET or BITTER
  • COOLING can help to balance BOOZY, SWEET, and SOUR  
  • TAPPING INTO THE SENSE OF SMELL: When we use the cooling flavor of fresh mint as a garnish in a cocktail, we tap into the sense of smell.  As the glass is brought to our mouth, we breathe in the aroma with each sip.  The aroma can cut through the heat of a spirit-forward drink and also temper the intense sweetness or sourness of cocktails.  This sense of smell is also experienced when using citrus (sour) expressed over the top of a cocktail or used as a garnish.

Is Refrigeration Of Your Sugar Syrups For Cocktails Required?

Refrigeration not required after opening. Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight. This attribute helps to make us a favorite bartender syrup, and a home bartending essential. 

Can I Buy Cocktail Syrups That Combine Flavours?

There are infinite combinations of flavored syrups for cocktails. To give you maximum control over the expression of flavours in your libation or syrup we leave the combining of syrup flavours up to the bartender. 

Take for example if you wanted to buy a honey-lavender syrup. When you buy a syrup that pre-combines flavours of honey and lavender, you forfeit the ability to control the expression of the individual flavors. By keeping these flavours separate (e.g. separate bottles of honey syrup and lavender syrup) it allows you to adjust the expression of these flavours in the cocktail or syrup. 

A case for using flavour combinations however is often the speed of the drink making process. To help speed up the drink making process you can always combine flavours in desired proportions in a separate cheater bottle. 

We look forward to you using our flavored cocktail syrups to create new drink concepts!

Where do you ship or deliver 180 Drinks Cocktail Syrups?

We ship our infused syrups for cocktails anywhere in Canada. 

We offer next day delivery to select locations in Ontario.

We know what you are thinking. Wow…next day delivery. Would you expect anything less from the best cocktail syrup brand?

What are the delivery or shipping costs for your cocktail bar syrups?

All shipping costs are calculated at the checkout for each order after you enter your postal code.

I have ordered cocktail syrups. When will my order be delivered or shipped?

Order by 5pm and your order will be processed for delivery the next business day. The shipping time depends on the shipping method and carrier selected. 

Can I pick up my cocktail mixer syrups?

Absolutely! FREE pick up of your cocktail mixer syrups is available from 9am to 8pm every day at our office at 400 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 20, Mississauga ON L4Z 1N8 

Can you deliver my cocktail syrups on a specific date if given as a gift?

We get that being able to send your cocktail syrups on a specific date is important for date sensitive occasions and holidays such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Christmas 
  • Weddings
  • Fathers Day or Mothers Day
  • Valentines Day

When you order from us, you can select a preferred delivery date. We will then schedule your gift for the delivery or ship date desired. That way your cocktail syrup gift will arrive on time!

Do you sell your Cocktail Syrups on Amazon or Etsy?

Currently we only sell our cocktail syrups through our website, and not on Amazon or Etsy.