The Best Gifts For Scotch Lovers – Toronto And Ontario Delivery

Are you looking for the best gifts for scotch lovers? There’s something about scotch that makes it the perfect gift. 

Our whisky gifts are a wonderful way of sending a gift that anyone who is a long-time lover of scotch is likely to appreciate. If you are looking for the best gifts for scotch lovers, you have come to the right place. 

Our curated scotch gift box has multiple items related to the liquor with handpicked items and ingredients that add to the drinking experience. Some of our gifts come with glasses while others have cocktail ingredients. Giving scotch as a gift means that you are gifting a wonderful drinking experience. 

With our scotch gifts, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the whisky. We make sure that you are sending the best bottle of scotch for a gift. Or perhaps, you are wondering how to send scotch as a gift? We assemble a carefully curated collection of liquor for each scotch gift pack. 

If looking for the best gift ideas for scotch lovers, a scotch gift pack is a good way of mixing it up and offering choice to them. We offer some of the most unique gifts. Our scotch whiskey gift ideas are sure to be a hit with that scotch-loving person in the Greater Toronto Area and other cities in Ontario!

Gifts for Scotch Lovers

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What Kinds Of Items Can Your Scotch Gift Pack Include?

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Liquor: Get Great Scotch for a Gift!

Scotch is a type of whiskey, but it varies from the American whiskey such as bourbon. Whether you consider yourself a scotch expert or have just begun to enjoy this decadent tipple—we offer you some delectable bottles to fill up your glass with. 

Each scotch gift pack includes background information on the liquor used including:

  • Raw materials
  • Production methods
  • History 
  • Geography (e.g. Islay, Lowland, Highland, Speyside)

Scotch is a malt whiskey made from water and barley in Scotland and must be aged for a minimum of three years. The longer it has been aged, the smoother the taste of this drink. 

There are many different types of scotch, including single malt, single grain, blended malt, and blended grain. All these types have their own variations in flavors, sweetness, and smoothness of the spirit. And we make sure that our scotch whiskey gifts carry all the flavors you need from fine liquor. 

When it comes to decent gifts for scotch lovers, our single malt whiskey gifts, we have found, are particularly popular.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Your scotch whiskey gift box can be curated with cocktail ingredients and delicious treats on the side. 

Unless specified, our drink hampers use organic foods as they have more beneficial nutrients.

We include fresh fruits and vegetables locally sourced and organic where possible. 

This is food closest to the earth, designed to complement that sparkling scotch gift set in the best way possible.

Fresh Herbs And Spices

If you want to add a touch of other flavors to your scotch cocktail, we recommend adding fresh herbs. When you add herbs to scotch cocktails, you transform something familiar into something exciting and new. Adding herbs in whiskey cocktails can accentuate the scotch and other ingredients such as citrus, bitters, and sugar.

You can infuse many ingredients into scotch. We have found that fruits, herbs, and spices are probably the easiest to start off with. But don’t let that stop you. The possibilities are endless. 

Adding an assortment of herbs and spices can bring in a touch of the exotic to your scotch whiskey gifts.

Citrus Notes for Scotch Presents

Citrus fruit pairs well with most scotch whisky and is a great compliment to a scotch cocktail. For example the Godfather cocktail features an orange twist garnish which is a great aromatic that gives you a comforting and refreshing sensation.

Fresh citrus helps achieve the perfect balance between the scotch’s musky sweetness and the inherent tangy tartness of the fruit.


There are small amounts of sugars in almost all whiskies. Most scotch whiskeys usually have some sugar that is dissolved from the oak cask they are aged in. But this is quite low. You can always add a little sweetness to mellow the burn of the scotch. 

Whenever we add sweeteners as part of our cocktail gifts, we ensure that these are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Bitters For Your Scotch Gift Pack

Adding bitters to scotch cocktails can make that drink transformative by enhancing the flavors, taste, and aroma of your scotch cocktail. 

There are some very specific bitters that can enhance the complexity of a good scotch to give as a gift.

These are our favorite bitters:

  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • Regans’ Orange Bitters
  • Peychaud’s Bitters
  • The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters
  • Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters

Any of these bitters can add a complex perspective to your favorite scotch drink by helping to pull out buried flavors and create balance, texture, and aromatics. For example the Rob Roy cocktail features scotch whisky, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters.

Scotch Gift Pack Garnishes

Scotch served neat is the most traditional way to enjoy that whiskey. But there are also lots of options for garnishing scotch cocktails. 

Garnishes have to be functional, adding a different dimension to the drink. They can elevate a drink in any sensory way. 

If you add garnishes with your scotch drinker gifts, you have many options to experiment and change the way you drink your favorite scotch.  

Common garnishes include:

  • Lemon twists
  • Orange twists
  • Cherries
  • Ground nutmeg

Ice For Your Scotch Whiskey Gifts

You can always drink whisky neat at room temperature. For most scotch cocktails, you will need good ice. 

For a scotch whiskey gift box featuring cocktails, we include large ice cube trays. This large cube ice doesn’t break down in a drink shaker or mixing glass. It melts slower, so that flavor and texture from the drinks are preserved as you sip your drink.

Glassware Gifts For Scotch Lovers

You can pair our scotch connoisseur gifts with glasses. If you have gone to the trouble of picking a good scotch whiskey gift, then you hardly want to spoil the overall effect. 

Our scotch whisky gift pack can be complemented with glassware tailored for the drink. A Glencairn glass is the most common whiskey tasting glass. A good glass ensures that whiskey has room to breathe and is not cloistered in a narrow stem. This makes the drink easy to swirl.

Other whiskey glasses include:

  • Tulip glass
  • Neat glass
  • Tumbler or rocks glass
  • Snifter

Bar Tools For a Scotch Gift Set

We provide professional barware for all our drink gifts. These are bar tools that our mixologists themselves use!

Our scotch gift sets will guide you to create the perfect drink with the bar tools, the glassware, and all the ingredients together to create a truly bar-like ambience at home!

professional mixology class tools

Gift Ideas for Scotch Drinkers: Recipes and Instructional Videos

Our scotch connoisseur gifts come with a tasting how to guide. Scotch cocktails come with recipe cards, and a video that guides you through the drink building process.

Scotch Connoisseur Gifts with Chocolates

What are the best gifts for scotch lovers? Something that comes with chocolate! 

Chocolate and whisky go well together. The complex flavors of whisky complement the luxurious texture of a good chocolate. 

Scotch whiskies, in particular, lend themselves to a broad range of expressions and both single-origin and high-cocoa content chocolates work well. 

Apart from chocolates, we offer other snacks as well to compliment our scotch gifts. To learn more about the other food accompaniments consult the individual gift descriptions.

drink gift message

Personalized Gifts for Scotch Lovers

There may be a scotch or whiskey lover in your life who may be celebrating a special occasion.  We have found that our customers love sending scotch gifts for Father’s Day or even just some scotch gifts for the husband! Make it special for them with our unique personalized gift. 

We can personalize any of your gifts for scotch lovers in Canada with a special message. Just drop us a note while ordering and we will make sure that your gift bottle of scotch comes with the right message!

Scotch Whiskey Gift Box FAQs

What kind of pairings are allowed for my scotch gift pack?

Sometimes, customers like to pair their drink gift with a specific liquor that is not included. Other times, our customers like to ship our drink gifts to other provinces in Canada or internationally to the US.


You can substitute a preferred spirit with one of your choice. We usually charge a small fee for that. Please get in touch with us for a customized quote.

Can I change the type of liquor included in your scotch gift set?

Of course! As mentioned above, we do make substitutions for an additional fee. 

Where do you ship or deliver the whisky gift set?

We deliver through our local couriers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding cities below in Ontario. 


  • Ajax
  • Aurora
  • Barrie
  • Brampton 
  • Brant 
  • Brantford 
  • Burlington
  • Caledon
  • Cambridge 
  • Fort Erie
  • Grimsby 
  • Guelph
  • Halton Hills 
  • Hamilton 
  • Ingersoll 
  • King City 
  • Kitchener 
  • Lincoln 
  • London 
  • Markham 
  • Milton 
  • Mississauga 
  • Newmarket 
  • Niagara Falls 
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Oakville
  • Oshawa
  • Pelham
  • Pickering
  • Port Colborne
  • Richmond Hill
  • Schomberg
  • St. Catharines
  • Stratford
  • Thorold
  • Toronto (Downtown Core, East End, East York, Etobicoke, North York, North End, Old Toronto, Scarborough, West End, York)
  • Vaughan
  • Waterloo
  • Stratford
  • Welland
  • Whitby
  • Woodbridge
  • Woodstock

Do you ship drink gifts with liquor outside Ontario?

We can ship our drink gifts, including liquor to cities, provinces, or countries not listed in the “Where do you ship or deliver” FAQ,  for an additional fee. This requires coordination through a local merchant. 


With this option, your drink gift would be sent in two shipments. You would receive the liquor from our partner merchant, while the non-alcohol drink ingredients would be sent directly from 180 Drinks. For this option, please contact us for a quote. 

How long does my scotch delivery gift take to process?

We do next day delivery for orders placed before 5pm. 


However, orders placed after 5:00pm will be processed the following business day.

If you need to process your order faster, we suggest you get in touch with us before ordering to check for expedited processing. You could request to upgrade your shipping, at an additional charge.

How long are the scotch whiskey gifts ingredients good for?

Everything is best had fresh as that’s how we ship it! We label drinks as ‘requiring refrigeration’ at the time of placing the order. All orders also come with instructions on the packaging. Fresh fruits and herbs almost always need to be refrigerated and we urge you to consume these as soon as possible. 


Each individual item in your package will be labeled with expiration dates as applicable.

How many drinks come in each scotch whiskey gift box?

The number of drinks in each drink gift varies by size. Please see the individual product descriptions for the number of drinks included. 

I want to buy a scotch gift basket in Canada for my friend, but I don’t know what to customize. What should I do?

If you don’t know what your friend likes, in particular, you can get in touch with us. Our team can guide you through our products and suggest a way out of your dilemma! 

What happens if my scotch enthusiast gift is damaged when it arrives?

We are sorry that happened! We deliver many gifts each year and try our best to ensure that they all arrive in the right condition. However, if your gift basket is visibly damaged, then we suggest you contact us immediately.

What are the delivery or shipping costs for scotch gift sets in Canada?

All delivery costs are calculated at the checkout for each order. 

I placed my gift set order. When will my order be delivered or shipped?

Order by 5pm for next day delivery via our local couriers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and select cities below in Ontario (See FAQ:  “Where do you ship or deliver the whiskey gift set”).


For shipped orders via courier, orders will be processed for delivery the next business day. The shipping time depends on the shipping method and carrier selected. 


Our subscription boxes are prepared for shipment or delivery by the first week of each month. We will send you an email with a tracking number for shipments sent via post.

Can I pick up my scotch gifts?

Absolutely! FREE pick up is available from 9am to 8pm every day at our office at 400 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 20, Mississauga ON L4Z 1N8

Can you deliver my drink gift to my giftee on a specific date?

Absolutely! When you purchase a drink gift, you can select a preferred delivery date. We will then schedule your gift for the delivery or ship date desired.

What is the difference between a one-time drink gift and a scotch subscription in Canada?

A one-time drink gift is delivered once, whereas a drink gift subscription delivers a new unique drink each month for a selected duration of time. You can purchase a drink gift for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or Infinity (Billed Monthly). 


After purchase, we will send your giftee an email on your selected day to notify them of their gift, including a personal message from you. They can select their desired base liquors for their monthly drink gift subscription and provide their preferred shipping address.


Each month, your giftee will receive a new unique drink gift delivery for your selected duration.

What type of occasions are your nice scotch gifts good for?

A gift bottle of scotch is great for any occasion! But we have found that our customers love giving scotch as a gift during birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and personal celebrations such as a promotion at work or Valentine’s Day!

Do you get your liquor for your scotch gifts from the LCBO?

The LCBO offers a great selection of scotch for residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario. We do source our liquor for our scotch gifts from the LCBO.

Do you sell your Scotch Gifts on Amazon or Etsy?

Currently we only sell our scotch gifts through our website. Amazon and Etsy currently do not allow for the sale of gifts with alcohol on their platform.