Tea Party Catering & Mobile Tea Bar Service For  Toronto And Ontario

We provide tea catering services including a mobile tea bar, truck, or tea delivery for your party, event, or wedding in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding cities across Ontario.

We have a menu of beverages to compliment your event including: hot tea, ice tea, and spiked teas. We also have a great selection of baked goods which makes for a great pairing with a mobile afternoon tea or high tea catering service.

The following is an overview of our services including: our service approach, tea menus, tea service formats, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Our Approach To Tea Catering

The preparation of the perfect cup of tea takes a combination of great ingredients, equipment, and service. Below is an overview of how we incorporate these components in our mobile tea services for your next event.

Great Quality Tea

We believe our clients simply deserve the best when it comes to brewed tea. Below are the standards we pay attention to when selecting our ingredients, storing these, and preparing a cup of tea.

The Tea Leaf Appearance: Tea leaves should be in good shape without any tears. This tells us the tea leaves were hand picked and not machine picked. You and your guests experience the complex flavors and aromatic oils of the whole intact tea leaf.

Uniform Size And Shape: The tea leaves should mostly adhere to the same shape and size. If there is a mix of large tea leaves and small, young tea leaves, this may indicate that the plucking standard wasn’t adhered to.

Proper Storage: Exposure to light is not suitable for tea leaves. They may lose their vitality, taste, and aroma more quickly.

Temperature: Each type of tea has an optimal brewing temperature. For example Green teas are usually brewed with water that is around 175ºF (80ºC) while Black teas should be brewed at the temperature of around 195ºF (90ºC).

Water: Often water is overlooked as a key ingredient to a great cup of tea. Water that has a completely neutral Ph level of  exactly 7 is the ideal starting point for tea. The water should also be soft since the taste can be impacted by chemicals and minerals such as chlorine, sodium chloride, and sulfur.

Organic Designation: Organic tea is grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. Organic tea production relies on the natural breakdown of organic matter such as composting. To benefit your health and the environment we only use certified organic loose leaf tea.

Tea Party Catering Toronto And Ontario
High Tea Catering

Great Tea Party Catering Equipment

Great quality barista equipment is a prerequisite for a great quality tea service.

We carry a wide selection of specialized tea equipment and rentals to help you execute a professional tea service. From tea cups to tea brewers we have got you covered!

Each piece of equipment we carry is field tested through our own tea catering service ensuring high performance and quality.

Our tea rentals can be used to set up a coffee and tea catering station at a wedding reception, or a vintage tea party. We even have a mobile tea truck or bar to serve your guests at your reception!

Great Service

We use our experience to partner with you to help you carefully plan and execute your full serve or self serve tea service.

Whether you need help planning a high tea event, or are looking for an afternoon tea themed wedding we have got you covered!

We tailor our tea services to your event vision and requirements including your theme, occasion, budget, event space, and food or dessert pairings.  We have some great high tea event ideas to share!

Our staff are seasoned industry baristas that love what they do. This passion for the trade translates into high quality tea service for you and your guests!

Mobile Tea Shop

Tea Party Catering Menus

Brewed Tea

Brewed teas are a versatile option that can be setup as either a full serve or self serve station.

Our brewed teas great option for the following situations:

  • The ambient temperature may be less than 15 degrees celsius.
  • The speed of service for each barista needs to be faster than 50 guests per hour.
  • You need a lower cost option than our tea cafe prices.

You can also add coffee, hot chocolate, fresh juices, and baked goods to compliment a high tea luncheon service.

Brewed Tea Menu

Brewed Tea Catering
Afternoon Tea Catering

Hot Tea Cafe

From our mobile tea shop we can provide a menu of hot tea beverages made to order by our baristas. This is a great option for corporate events, weddings, and private parties!

Some of the most popular drinks we serve from our hot tea cafe include:

  • Chai Tea Latte
  • London Fog
  • Classic Black Tea

And more! Let us know what you like, and we can serve it up! We also offer a non-tea menu including: coffee and espresso, pastries, and hot chocolate.

Hot Tea Cafe Menu

Ice Tea Bar

Does the heat have you beat? Our full serve ice tea bar will refresh you!

Our iced tea bar features:

  • Freshly brewed black tea.
  • A variety of flavours.
  • Fresh fruit and citrus juices.
  • Option to spike your sweet tea catering.

Ice Tea Menu

Sweet Tea Catering
Ice Tea Catering

Ice Tea Bottle

We offer all our iced teas in a sustainable individual glass bottle format as well. This format is great for a self-serve sweet tea catering station!

Ice Tea Bottle Menu

Tea Catering Formats

Mobile Tea Bar

Tea Party Catering Bar

Looking for a tea bar for a corporate event, high tea birthday party, or wedding reception? We have some great options to compliment a variety of themes, events, and occasions.

Our tea bar rentals incorporate the following features and options:

  • Modular size.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Glow option for any colour of the spectrum.
  • Wooden rustic look option.
  • Accessories for a speedy barista service such as ice wells and speed rails.
  • A printable front bar panel to display a message, logo, design, or picture.

Tea Bar Rentals

Tea Bar Truck

A tea food truck could be a better option than a tea bar in some circumstances including:

  • Cold weather.
  • No tent space available for a mobile tea bar.
  • Street or parking lot events.
  • You want to brand the tea truck.

Mobile Tea Truck

Mobile Tea Truck
Self Serve Tea Station Delivery

Self Serve Hot Tea Station

We can set up a self-serve tea and coffee station at your corporate event, party, or wedding.

We offer pre brewed tea options in 64 and 100 cup orders including:

  • Black Tea
  • Masala Chai Tea (Classic or Milk Tea)
  • Green Tea
  • Crème Earl Grey Tea
  • Lemongrass Citrus Tea (Decaf)

Can’t decide from above? We also offer a sample of all these options with our tea to go box traveler with bagged teas.

We include all the necessities for your self-serve hot tea station such as disposable cups and/or glassware, sweeteners, milk and non-dairy oat milk, stir sticks, sugar, raw sugar, and sweetener.

Self Serve Ice Tea Station

Our self-serve ice tea stations are a great option where you need a grab and go offering!

Our self serve ice tea stations include:

  • Freshly made ice tea.
  • Different flavours using fresh citrus and fruit.
  • Individual glass bottles.
  • Setup of a self serve station with ice teas on ice in chilling tubs and on tables (optional).
Ice Tea Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Do you do mobile high tea catering or mobile afternoon tea catering?

If you are looking to spice up your high tea themed party or afternoon tea catering you are in the right place! We do mobile afternoon tea or high tea catering for corporate events, parties and wedding events (e.g. receptions, bridal showers, engagements etc).

We can help cater a beautiful menu of teas and baked goods to complement your service. Moreover we can also offer the following other beverages from the same bar saving you money: coffee, fresh juices, wine, champagne, and cocktails / mocktails.

faq What Kind Of Teas Do You Use?

At 180 Drinks we use all natural certified organic loose leaf tea. Below is more information on the specific teas we use.

Organic Black Tea This tea comes from one of the world’s top tea estates in the Assam region of India. We believe that this is the best black tea that we’ve ever had and hope that you’ll agree.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Caffeine: Yes.

Organic Chai Tea This is a must-taste for all masala chai tea lovers.  We think it’s simply “to chai for”.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Green Cardamom

Caffeine: Yes.

Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine tea dates back as early as the 14th Century when teas were first scented in China with the heady aroma of fresh flower blossoms, creating a delightful new taste experience.  Almost 700 years later, Jasmine tea is still a hit.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Jasmine Flowers

Caffeine: Yes.

Creme Earl Grey Tea


The crème de la crème of Earl Grey!  This tea features intense aromas of black tea, lavender, and bergamot. This classic favorite is a must for all Creme Earl Grey lovers.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Lavender, Natural Bergamot

Caffeine: Yes.

Orange & Lemon Citrus An aromatic blend of Orange & Lemon citrus on a bed of refreshing lemongrass. This herbal tea is great to relax.

Ingredients: Organic Lemongrass, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Oranges, Organic Orange Peel.

Caffeine: None.

faq How Many Baristas Do I Need For Your Mobile Tea Party Catering?

The number of barista’s we recommend for your tea party catering depends on the length of the service, rate of service, and type of tea service.

Our standards based on the type of tea service are:

  • Brewed Tea: Our standard for this service is one barista for every 75 guests (rate of service of 75 tea’s per hour).
  • Mobile Tea Bar Catering: Hire a barista for every 50 guests (rate of service of 50 tea’s per hour).

The above mobile tea bar staffing ratios take into account other activities apart from making teas such as: restocking cups and ingredients, and general sanitation.

Our tea bar staffing ratios assume all guests to be served are at present at the event at the same time. If guests will not be present at the same time throughout the event simply get in touch with us today and we will help you calculate the tea bar staffing requirements.

faq What is the difference between an afternoon tea and high tea catering?

Often the phrases “afternoon tea” and “high tea” are used interchangeably, however there are key differences which we outline below.

An afternoon tea catering is the tradition of sitting down for an afternoon treat of tea, sandwiches, scones, and cake.

A high tea catering menu includes much more substantive fare, such as meat, fish, and egg dishes, as well as breads and desserts, and is offered in the early evening. Think of it as a light dinner served with tea.

We look forward to helping make your tea party catering special! Get in touch to book a mobile tea bar for your event in Toronto or surrounding areas across Ontario!

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