Fresh Juice Catering Plus Smoothies And Lemonades For Toronto And Ontario Events

If you are looking for juice’s for your next event you are in the right spot! We offer fresh juice, lemonade, and smoothie catering for your next wedding, party, or corporate event in the Greater Toronto area (GTA), and surrounding areas across Ontario.

We partner with you to help you carefully plan and execute your full serve juice bar or self serve juice delivery service. We tailor our services to your event vision and requirements including your theme, occasion, budget, event space, and food pairings.

We save you time and money because we provide you everything you need to execute your juice service at competitive pricing including juices, professional staff, glassware or disposables, bar rentals, and even branded options such as the menu, cups or bars. More information is below on our fresh juice, smoothie, and lemonade catering options. Get in touch today to let your guests enjoy healthy delicious juices for your next event, party, or wedding!

Fresh Juice, Smoothie, and Lemonade Catering Overview

Fresh Juice Catering

We believe our clients simply deserve the best when it comes to juice, so for this reason we only use fresh pressed juices. You and your guests will see, smell, feel, and taste the difference.

We offer our fresh juice catering in three formats: mobile juice bar catering, juice food truck, and juice delivery.

Fresh Pressed Juice Catering
Smoothie Catering - Strawberry Passion Fruit Smoothie

Smoothie Catering

A key difference between juice and smoothies is that these can contain fruit that is difficult or impossible to juice, like mango and banana. It’s also easy to add ingredients like coconut, cacao powder, dates, or other superfoods. When juice is made you discard the flesh of the produce which contains insoluble fiber. This insoluble fiber, when consumed promotes healthy gut bacteria which lowers inflammation and improves digestion.

We offer a variety of smoothie options to pair with your event theme, food, and budget.

We offer our smoothie catering in three formats: smoothie bar catering, smoothie food truck, and smoothie delivery. Whether you are looking for tropical smoothie catering or superfood smoothies we have some great options. We do Toronto smoothie catering and service surrounding areas across Ontario.

Lemonade Catering

Once juice is made, oxidation and enzymatic reactions kick in, causing the flavour to deteriorate over time. The lemon or lime juice used to make lemonades in particular loses its freshness very quickly and is only good for a day or two. For this reason we believe there is no substitute for freshly squeezed lemonade!

Our lemonade menu features a variety of flavours to spice up your event with both boozy and non-boozy options. We offer our catering lemonade in three formats: lemonade stand, lemonade food truck, and lemonade delivery.

Lemonade Catering - Fresh Pressed Pink Lemonade

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What Is Your Pricing?

For juice delivery our pricing is published on our delivery menu, however if you require delivery and additional rentals for a self-serve station such as tables, chilling tubs, you will need to request a quote.

For a juice catering service that requires our staff, our quotes are tailored to your requirements to ensure we include everything you want (and not add additional costs for things you do not want).

To establish quote for your juice catering service with our service we will take into consideration:

  • Service duration and guest count.
  • Rentals required (e.g. lemonade stands or portable bars, glassware, tables etc.).
  • Type of service (e.g. full serve vs. self serve.).
  • The type and quantity of beverages you wish catered (juices, smoothies, or lemonades).
  • If you want help with brand promotion with branded bars or cups.
  • Travel distance to the venue.
  • If you require juices to be individually bottled or if these can be served in a glassware rental or disposable cup.
  • If you want a boozy version (e.g. spiked lemonade or tropical fruit punch).

To request a quote, get in touch with us to set up a call with one of our event consultants.

faq Do You Prepare Your Juices and Smoothies At The Event?

The juices and smoothies we offer are produced in advance of the event resulting in the following benefits for your service:

  • Our juices can be served faster, reducing the amount of staff required and overall service cost.
  • The juices and smoothies are prepared in a food safe facility inspected by public health.
  • Many of the juices we offer require special cold pressing and blending equipment that is very large and impractical to transport allowing us to offer a wide variety of menu options that would not be possible to make on site.
  • Juicing and blending equipment is very noisy which can disrupt the ambiance of a special event.
  • No mechanical equipment that could fail and derail your service.

faq Are You Fully Insured?

To help protect you and your guests we are fully insured with a $5 million commercial general liability policy including liquor liability coverage. Our staff are also WSIB insured. If required we can provide a certificate of insurance with you or your company named as additional insured.

faq Do You Do Lemonde Catering For Weddings?

Whether you are looking for a lemonade stand for your wedding event or a unique option for your engagement party we got you covered! We can help spice up your wedding events with some great non-alcoholic options or even a spiked lemonade bar.

We can help with wedding juice options for events such as:

  • Receptions.
  • Engagements.
  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties.
  • Stag and Doe.

faq Do You Do Fresh Juice Catering For Corporate Events?

We offer tasty juices and smoothie catering to promote employee wellness and health.

We can help with corporate events such as:

  • Staff Appreciation or Award Ceremonies.
  • Workshops or Seminars.
  • Team Building and Networking.
  • Office Meetings.
  • Staff Parties.
  • Business Dinners.

faq Do You Do Smoothie Catering For Promotional Events?

You can use our juice offerings to help promote your brand.

We can help with promotional events such as:

  • Conferences or Trade Shows.
  • Product Launches.
  • Golf Events.
  • Customer Loyalty.
  • Fundraisers, Galas, and Charitable Events.

faq Do You Do Juice Catering For Private Parties?

We can help with parties such as:

  • Birthday’s.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Family Events or Gatherings.
  • Theme Parties.

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