Vodka Tasting Kit

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This vodka tasting kit has been organized with a curated selection of vodkas that appear in the different vodka flavour camps. Grouping the vodkas like this helps you to identify the major types of vodka you prefer, which helps you to zero in on new vodkas to try that belong to similar cohorts.  If you are looking for the best vodka tasting experience or wondering how to gift a vodka tasting kit, look no further!

Vodka is a spirit containing ethyl alcohol distilled from potatoes, grain, or other agricultural raw ingredients or combinations thereof. In Canada, vodka may only be produced from grain or potatoes and must use charcoal treatment. 

Each vodka is unique, however at the same time you can cluster them into groups with similar interests and characters called flavour camps. The six core vodka flavour camps are: Clean, Fruity/Fresh, Sweet, Bready/Grainy, Creamy/Buttery, and Rich. Additional flavours and aromas present with these core flavour camps are: Crisp, Citric, Floral, Silky, Herbal And Medicinal. 

The highlights of our vodka tasting experience  include:

  • A curated tour of the best tasting vodkas we love from around the world. 
  • A vodka tasting booklet guide for your experience including an overview of each vodka, how to taste, and tasting notes. 
  • Self guided experience using included booklet, or optional live expert led private vodka tasting event  available both in-person and virtually (Contact Us For Live Tasting Event Quote)
  • Food pairing options to compliment vodka samples. 
  • Great for occasions such as a birthday gift for vodka lovers or a gift for the holidays!
  • Optional crystal Glencairn vodka tasting glass available.
  • Optional note card to deliver a special message to the recipient.
  • Delivery available across Ontario and next day delivery to select locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).*If you need to ship to multiple addresses, please contact our concierge support by either emailing us or calling us at 1-(877)-712-9686


Vodka Tasting Options

Select the size of each vodka tasting kit you would like to include. More information is available in the detailed product description below.

Additional Upgrades

Select the type of vodka tasting glassware you would like to include. Product details below.

Select the food pairing(s) you would like to include. Oatcakes are included as a palate cleanser. More information is available in the detailed product description below.

Include a personalized message on a note card.

Vodka Tasting Kit Canada Details

Vodka Sample Pack

Nikka Coffey Vodka

Nikka Coffee Vodka

This Japanese vodka is made of corn and barley that is separately distilled into various batches with slight differences in Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and taste profile. These batches are carefully blended by experts and then refined with white birch charcoal.

A still is an apparatus used to distill liquid mixtures by heating to selectively boil and then cooling to condense the vapor. This vodka is produced using continuous, column, or “Coffey” stills.

  • Gold – Los Angeles International Spirits Competition -2019
  • Silver – International Review of Spirits – 2018
Vodka Tasting Kit Notes
Colour Clear
Nose  Soft and Spicy   
Palate Soft and warm palate with hints of tropical fruits and white pepper.   
Finish Medium.


Vodka Flight Gift Set Specs
Flavour Camp Crisp, Clean, Fruity/Fresh
Principal Ingredient Maize and malted barley.
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery Nikka Whisky Co. Hokkaido Plant
Geography Japan

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose gets its name from the geese in the French Cognac region. This vodka is made from the best French winter wheat from the Picardy region and mineral water from Gensac springs. The vodka is distilled in five stages in a single distillation column and then mixed with the mineral water, which is filtered through the chalky soil. The bottle is stopped with a cork which pays homage to the cognac region.

Vodka Tasting Notes
Colour Clear.   
Nose  Citrus, with hints of almonds, and floral notes.
Palate Soft sweetness with a hint of almonds.
Finish Fresh.   


Vodka Tasting Set Specs
Flavour Camp Citric, Fruity/fresh, Clean.
Principal Ingredient Grain – French winter wheat.
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery Grey Goose Sas
Geography France
Grey Goose Vodka
Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc Vodka

Cîroc Vodka is made from French Grapes (Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc) that are processed into wine. That wine is then distilled four times in distillation columns. During the next distillation, the fifth, the vodka is heated in a traditional copper kettle. 

Vodka Tasting Set Accolades
  • Gold – 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Vodka Miniature Tasting Set Notes
Colour Clear.   
Nose  Floral aromatics.  
Palate Smooth, hints of fresh flowers and fruit.
Finish Crisp and clean.    


Vodka Miniature Gift Set Specs
Flavour Camp Floral, Fruity/Fresh, Bready/Grainy
Principal Ingredient French Grapes  
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery Maison Villevert Distillery
Geography France

Phoenix Vodka

Non-GMO Canadian corn distilled with pure spring water and charcoal filtered to produce gluten free and award-winning smooth vodka.

Vodka Tasting Set Accolades
  • Gold – Los Angeles International Spirits Competition -2019
  • Silver – International Review of Spirits – 2018
LCBO Vodka Tasting Gift Set Notes
Colour Clear
Nose  Rubber eraser, geranium,

and shredded wheat with buttermilk.

Palate Supple, crisp, dryish light body.
Finish Peppery, buoyant white peppercorns, baby aspirin, and citrus spritzed apple finish.


Mini Vodka Tasting Set Specs
Flavour Camp Medicinal, Rich, Creamy/Buttery
Principal Ingredient Maize 
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery The White Distillery Inc.
Geography Ontario, Canada
Phoenix Vodka
Chopin Potato Vodka

Chopin Vodka

Chopin vodka is crafted from naturally grown potatoes by select local farmers in the fertile Podlasie countryside. Late harvested potatoes ensure a higher starch content and a richer, more flavorful spirit, and as many as seven pounds of potatoes are required per bottle, which are unpeeled, pressure-cooked and distilled four times, before being distilled with artesian well water and filtered five times.

Vodka Gift Set Tasting Notes
Colour Clear
Nose  Subtle green apple and vanilla.
Palate Silky soft, creamy, with subtle notes of green apples, vanilla, and freshly baked bread.
Finish Long, clean finish.


Miniature Vodka Gift Set Specs
Flavour Camp Herbal, Bready/Grainy, Rich
Principal Ingredient Potatoes
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek, Polmos-Siedlce Distillery
Geography Poland

Self Guided Or Live Vodka Tasting Options

Vodka Sampler Box Tasting Booklet For Self Guided Experience

Perhaps the best part of our sampler box (apart from the vodka) is that it includes a booklet as a guide to tasting vodka. Using this guide is a great option for a self guided individual or group vodka tasting experience. 

Vodka Tasting Guide Overview
  • How to taste using your eyes, nose and tongue.
  • The science and language of vodka tasting.
  • Production methods.
  • Main flavours and flavour camps.
  • The background and tasting notes for each vodka.
vodka tasting guide

Additional Vodka Tasting Kit Upgrades

Glencairn Vodka Glass Gift Set

The development of the Glencairn glass involved a collaboration of master blenders from the five largest spirit companies to develop the perfect vodka tasting glass. This is an excellent tasting glass to compliment your vodka gift set!

Benefits of the Glencairn Vodka Glass Gift Set
  • The tapering mouth of the Glencairn glass captures and concentrates the aroma on the nose and enhances taste. 
  • Its shape allows for easy swirling of vodka, a practice commonly used to open up the aromas of vodka for full appreciation.  
  • The wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the vodka colour.
  • The solid base is designed to be easy on the hand and makes for a stable glass.
  • It’s made of crystal created with optimum clarity, durability, and brilliance.
Glencairn Vodka Tasting Glass Gift Box Specs
Height 4 1/2 Inches
Bottom Diameter 1 7/8 Inches
Maximum Diameter 2 1/2 Inches
Top Diameter 1 7/8 Inches
Capacity 6 3/4 oz.
Color Clear
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Lead Free Crystal

GREEN & BLACK’s Organic Dark Chocolate For Vodka Sampler Gift Set

Dark chocolate and vodka make a great match. The warming, complex nature of most vodka complements the luxurious, creamy texture of good chocolate. 

The underlying sweetness and alcohol bite to vodka is offset extremely well by the more bitter and lingering flavor of dark chocolate.

Our organic Dark 70% chocolate from GREEN & BLACK’s is made from fine Trinitario cacao beans, providing complex fruit notes and intense bittersweet chocolate aromas.

GREEN & BLACK’S is a chocolate brand founded on sustainable and ethical cocoa sourcing principles.

A great addition to a vodka birthday gift for those looking to buy vodka samples online.

How To Enjoy

While you still have the flavours in your mouth after a sip of vodka, take a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt and add to the flavour. Then take another sip of vodka and round it off.

black truffle potato chips

Torres Selecta Black Truffle Potato Chips

Truffles are a bold flavour, and a little goes a long way. The taste of black truffles is a mixture of chocolaty, nutty and earthy. Vodka pairs well with potato chips and the flavours of black truffle, so we have a fantastic snack that combines both!

These special premium potato chips feature authentic black summer truffles.

Be captivated by the intense woodsy aroma with flavors of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones that convert this snack into a real treat for the senses.

Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, dehydrated black summer truffle (T. aestivum Vitt.) and truffle aroma.

From occasions like birthday gifts to valentines day, this is a great gift!

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