Hot Chocolate Catering Toronto And Ontario

For the cold weather and cozy winter nights, we offer hot chocolate catering services to make us feel better and help us thaw out.  Hire us for your next party, event, or wedding in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding cities across Ontario.

We offer our services in three formats: hot chocolate truck, mobile hot chocolate bar, or hot chocolate delivery.

We have a menu of hot chocolates that feature a variety of flavours and offer both dairy and non dairy options with oat milk.We also have a great selection of baked goods which makes for a great pairing!

The following is an overview of our services including: our service approach, hot chocolate menus, service formats, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Our Approach To Hot Chocolate Catering

We believe our clients simply deserve the best when it comes to hot chocolate. The preparation of velvety rich hot chocolate takes a combination of great ingredients, equipment, and service. Below is an overview of how we incorporate these components in our mobile hot chocolate services for your next event.

Start With High Quality Chocolate

Real chocolate has cocoa butter. Many hot chocolate mixes are made from cocoa powder, which is what remains of the cacao bean once the cocoa butter is extracted.

We believe that a good chocolate yields good hot chocolate. For that reason our hot chocolates keep that cocoa butter content so that the richness of flavour and creamy texture is not lost.

Raw Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Maker

Prepare With Great Quality Equipment

The first chocolate drink is believed to have been created by the Maya from Mexico around 3,000 years ago. To make the chocolate drink the Maya ground cocoa seeds into a paste and mixed it with water, cornmeal, and chili peppers.

The equipment used to make hot chocolate has evolved since then, however one tenet still holds true. It takes great quality equipment to make great hot chocolate!

We carry a wide selection of specialized hot chocolate equipment and rentals to help you execute a professional hot chocolate service. Our specialized equipment includes:

  • Hot chocolate mobile bars.
  • Mixers that continuously agitate the hot chocolate while it’s heating so it doesn’t burn.
  • Frothers that give our a la carte hot chocolates a unique foamy texture.
  • Precision tongs for garnishing.
  • Hot chocolate glassware.
  • Hot chocolate trucks.

Each piece of equipment we carry is field tested ensuring high performance and quality.

Pair With Great Service

We use our experience to partner with you to help you carefully plan and execute your full serve or self serve hot chocolate service.

We save you time and money because we provide you everything you need to execute your hot chocolate service at competitive pricing. Whether you need help planning a wedding hot chocolate stand, or a boozy hot chocolate we have got you covered!

We tailor our hot chocolate services to your event vision and requirements including your theme, occasion, budget, event space, and food or dessert pairings. We have some great hot chocolate ideas for parties to share!

Our staff are seasoned industry baristas that love what they do. This passion for the trade translates into high quality hot chocolate service for you and your guests.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Menus

Prepared Hot Chocolate

Prepared hot chocolate is a versatile full serve or self serve option.

This is great the following situations:

  • You are ok with two flavour options (classic dark or white hot chocolate).
  • You want classic toppings such as marshmallows or whipped cream.
  • The ambient temperature may be less than 15 degrees celsius.
  • The speed of service for each staff member is required to be faster than 50 guests per hour.
  • You need a lower cost option than our made to order hot chocolates.

You can also add coffee, tea, hot apple cider and baked goods to compliment your service.

Prepared Hot Chocolate Menu

Hot Chocolate For Events
Boozy Hot Chocolate Bar

Made To Order Hot Chocolate Bar

We can provide a menu of hot chocolates made to order by our baristas. This is a great option for corporate events, weddings, and private parties!

The hot chocolate cart features hot chocolates with:

  • Aromatic garnishes.
  • Beautiful layers of colour.
  • A unique milk foam texture.
  • Optional spiked with spirits and liqueurs.

We also offer a non-hot chocolate menu including: coffee and espresso, tea latte’s, and baked goods.

Hot Chocolate Bar Menu

Toronto Cookie Delivery

Our hot chocolate catering is a great pairing with freshly baked cookies! We offer favorites such as:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Double Chocolate

Get our cookie delivery for your next party, corporate event, or wedding.

Cookie Delivery Menu

Cookie Delivery Toronto

Hot Chocolate Catering Toronto Formats

Mobile Bar

Looking for a bar rental for your hot chocolate service? We have some great options to compliment a variety of themes, events, and occasions.

Our bars offer the following features:

  • Flexible sizes.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Glowing options to match a specific colour.
  • Rustic wood look option.
  • Brandable with a logo, picture, or design.

Hot Chocolate Bar Rentals

Mobile Hot Chocolate Bar
Rent Coffee Truck

Hot Chocolate Truck

A hot chocolate food truck is a great option for the following situations:

  • Cold weather.
  • No outdoor tent space for a mobile bar.
  • Events on the road or in a parking lot.
  • You want a branded truck to serve your beverages.

Mobile Hot Chocolate Truck

Self Serve Hot Chocolate Station

Our self-serve hot chocolate stations are a great option where you need a grab and go offering!

We can set up a self-serve hot chocolate station at your corporate event, party, or wedding.

We offer pre-prepared hot chocolate options in 64 and 100 cup orders including:

  • Dark Hot Chocolate
  • White Hot Chocolate
  • Dairy or Non-Dairy Oat Milk
  • Whipped cream or marshmallow toppings.

We include all the necessities for your self-serve chocolate station such as disposable cups and/or glassware. You can also add baked goods such as cookies!

Hot Chocolate Delivery Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What Kind Of Events Do You Do?

We provide hot chocolate for: corporate events, private events, wedding events, and charitable events. Below is a breakdown of the common types in each of these categories.

Corporate Events: Seminars, Conferences, Office or Board Meetings, Trade Shows, Workshops, Staff Parties, Team Building, Business Dinners, Golf Events, Press Conferences, Networking Events, Product Launches, VIP Events, Shareholder Meetings, Award Ceremonies, and Customer or Staff Loyalty.

Private Events: Reunions, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Theme Parties, and Family Events.

Wedding Events: Engagement, Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, and Stag and Doe.

faq Do I Need A Liquor License To Serve Spiked Hot Chocolates?

We help to ensure your boozy hot chocolate service is compliant with the liquor licensing authorities. For your event we offer the option of you providing the liquor under your own Special Occasions Permit (SOP), or we can purchase the liquor under our own liquor license.

faq How Many Staff Are Needed For A Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bar?

The number of barista’s we recommend for your hot chocolate service depends on the length of the service, rate of service, and type service.

Our standards based on the type of hot chocolate service are:

  • Prepared Hot Chocolate: Our standard for this service is one barista for every 75 guests (rate of service of 75 beverages per hour).
  • Made To Order Hot Chocolate: Hire a barista for every 50 guests (rate of service of 50 beverages per hour).

The above staffing ratios take into account other activities apart from making hot chocolates such as: restocking cups and ingredients, and general sanitation.

Our staffing ratios assume all guests to be served are at present at the event at the same time. If guests will not be present at the same time throughout the event simply get in touch with us today and we will help you calculate your staffing requirements.

We look forward to helping make your hot chocolate catering in Toronto or Ontario special. Get in touch to book a hot chocolate bar for your next event!

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