Our Philosophy


The following discusses our identity, where we are going, how we are going to get there, and our overall approach to how we do business.

Our Identity 

We chose the pineapple to represent our identity because it represents warmth, welcome, luxury, and hospitality. Here is the story of how the pineapples’ meaning came to be.

A Symbol of Luxury

The explorer Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe in 1493 and stumbled upon the pineapple. Intrigued by the unusual pod look and great taste of this fruit, he cut a few pineapples from their stalks to bring back to Europe.

Fast forward a few years and the pineapple became very popular. Pineapples became such a coveted fruit that King Charles II of England posed for a portrait receiving a pineapple as a gift to symbolise his royal privilege.

At the time pineapples could not be grown locally in Europe due to the climate, and as a result were very expensive due to the cost to transport the fruit a great distance. Pineapples were seen at the time as a luxury good.

A Symbol of Hospitality

Over the years the port of Guadalupe became more established, and more and more seafarers couldn’t resist taking the fruit home with them.

Upon returning home the sailors would place the pineapple outside their house to announce their safe return and invite friends to visit. If you saw a pineapple you knew a party was going on. The pineapple had officially made its transition from a luxury good to a symbol of hospitality and welcome.

At 180 Drinks we aim to offer the same level of welcome, luxury, and hospitality this special fruit symbolizes. Enjoy!


Delight everyone we encounter with superior quality beverages and service so they want to tell their friends.


To be the most recommended event beverage service in the world.


✓ Simplicity is brilliant.
✓ Deliver on what is promised.
✓ Always room for improvement.