Party And Wedding Alcohol Calculator For Toronto And Ontario


At 180 Drinks we provide bar services for events and weddings in Toronto and cities across Ontario. We created this alcohol calculator as a simple way to help our customers develop a preliminary liquor budget for their party or wedding. If you would like a bar services quote for your event in Ontario please get in touch.  

Party And Wedding Alcohol Calculator Instructions

To use this party alcohol calculator please enter your service time and guest count below to get a liquor budget for your event. The party alcohol calculator logic, and a manual calculation example are below as well.

  • 43 ml (1.5 oz.) serving of 40% distilled alcohol (e.g., rye, gin, rum)
  • 341 ml (12 oz.) bottle of 5% beer, cider, or cooler
  • 142 ml (5 oz.) glass of 12% wine


Party Alcohol Calculator Logic 

The logic our party alcohol calculator uses is simple. It’s impossible to predict the exact proportions of distilled alcohol, wine, and beer your guests will consume at your event. The great news is that if you purchase your own liquor, you don’t have to worry about this when developing your preliminary event liquor budget because you can return any unused product in saleable condition for a full refund in Ontario. Since you can return unused liquor it becomes simple to establish a conservative liquor budget for your event based on the maximum your guests will consume.

You can assume each guest will consume one standard distilled alcohol drink (43 ml of 1.5oz) per hour per guest. Why base your budget on distilled alcohol you ask? Generally distilled alcohol is slightly more expensive than a standard drink of beer (341 ml or 12 oz) or wine (142 ml or 5oz) which makes your liquor budget conservative. If you are serving beer or wine you can simply change the bottle size, cost, and standard drink size to reflect these choices.

Party Alcohol Calculator Manual Calculation Example

The following is a manual liquor budget calculation example using the same logic as our party alcohol calculator

Liquor Type: Distilled Alcohol
Service Time: 4 Hours
Guest Count: 100 Guests
Bottle Cost: $28
Bottle Size: 750ml or 25.36 oz
Standard Drink = 43ml or 1.5 oz

Number of Drinks = Service Time x Guest Count
Number of Drinks = 4 Hours x 100 Guests
Number of Drinks = 400 Drinks

Amount of Liquor = Number of Drinks x Standard Drink Size
Amount of Liquor = 400 Drinks x (1.5 oz or 43 ml)
Amount of Liquor = 17,200 ml or 600 oz

Number of Bottles = Amount of Liquor ÷ Bottle Size
Number of Bottles = 17,200 ÷ 750 ml or 25.36 oz
Number of Bottles = 22.93 Bottles

Liquor Budget = Number of Bottles x Bottle Cost
Liquor Budget = 22.93 Bottles x $28 Bottle Cost
Liquor Budget = $642

Budget Per Guest = Liquor Budget ÷ Guest Count
Budget Per Guest = $642 Liquor Budget ÷ 100 Guests
Budget Per Guest = $6.42