Mobile Bar Truck Serving Beer, Wine, Cocktails, And Mocktails In Toronto And Ontario

Looking for a mobile bar truck to jazz up your special occasion? Or how about a mobile beer truck or mobile wine truck? Make it truly special and celebrate with 180 Drinks! Our mobile bar trucks have been making waves across Toronto and Ontario with impeccable service.

With us you will get exactly what you are looking for at just the right price for your bar truck service. Our bar truck packages are designed to give you the most value for your special events.

And don’t worry! Giving you value does not take away the quality of service that you get!

We have everything you need to get your party going including: detailed planning, experienced staff, tasty beverages, and professional equipment.

Our stellar service and professional staff have ensured that we are a fixture at many weddings and other events. Don’t sweat the details, simply leave it to us to create the perfect mobile bar truck experience.

Our mobile booze truck has our veteran bartenders who keep the beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and any other drink flowing while you get busy entertaining! An event with a portable bar truck has never been better!

Mobile Bar Truck Options

Mobile Bar Van

Our mobile bar truck is uniquely designed to service events and has following features and benefits:

  • Covered order window to serve your guests no matter the weather.
  • Shelf for placement of menu and decorations such as flowers.
  • Neutral white in colour to compliment a variety of themes and brands.
  • Space and fuel efficient.

Whether you are looking for a mobile bar truck for a private event or corporate event this is a great option!

Mobile Bar Van
Branded Mobile Bar Truck

Branded Mobile Bar Truck

Looking for personalization or branding options for your mobile bar truck? We offer branding or personalization options including: bar truck signage, truck wraps, and menus.

We can help align your mobile bar truck service to your marketing and communication objectives such as:

  • Promoting a new product or service.
  • Increasing sales through brand promotion.
  • Engaging in dialogue with your customers while enjoying their drinks.
  • Showing customers you appreciate their business.

Mobile Bar Truck Service Types

Mobile Beer Truck

Mobile Beer Truck

A wedding coming up? Planning out your next corporate event? 180 Drinks has a beer bartending truck to make them awesome! We offer sparkling service that will add elegance to any occasion.

What’s a good mobile beer tap truck without good draft beer, right? At 180 drinks we know that having ice-cold draft beer on tap speaks of quality like nothing else!

Our mobile craft beer truck is a juggernaut that has an array of beers to choose from. Our trucks are equipped to ensure ample, chilled beer at all times.

Add a touch of elegance and flair to your events with our mobile beer van. Because you will get to taste some exclusive, classy draft beers with us.

Mobile Wine Truck

Having a wedding? A corporate event? A large private party?

Doesn’t matter what the event, you can be assured of great tasting wine!

We help you find the perfect set of wines to pair to your theme and food. We believe in celebrating the good times in life with great beverages!

Let’s not forget about the bubbly. We can help you with a prosecco truck or champagne truck rental too.

Book us  anywhere in Ontario or Toronto for your next event and you will see!

Party Bartender Service
Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck

Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck

A well-done cocktail bar truck package brings the complete bar experience to you. And that’s what we do by creating a magical, authentic atmosphere. Our unique mobile cocktail van will be sure to spark great conversations as well as tasty cocktails!

Cocktails with alcohol are broken up into two subtypes: Highballs and Cocktails. Highballs are composed of alcohol and a mix such as juice or soda, and simple garnishing such as a lemon or lime wheel (e.g. Vodka Soda). Cocktails generally have more steps in preparation than a Highball because there are several more ingredients involved such as: fresh juices, fruits, herbs, syrups, bitters (e.g. Margarita).

We offer both cocktails and highballs as part of our bar truck service packages. They include immaculate bartending service from these passionate pros. And lucky for you, they are adept in making the parties of your vision a reality. Our bar truck. Your party. Our bartenders. Your evening. Watch the party come alive!

View Cocktail Menu

Mocktail Truck

Mocktails are all the rage these days, and A mobile mocktail food truck is just the thing to get your party going with great gusto!

180 Drinks serves your guests the ultimate pop-up mocktails experience.

Our mocktails feature ingredients such as:

  • Non-alcoholic wines and spirits.
  • Crystal clear large cube ice.
  • Fresh pressed juices.
  • Fragrant herbs and spices.
  • Delectable syrups and mixes.
  • Aromatic and visually appealing garnishes.

Your guests will love getting drinks from our mocktail bar truck manned by our hip and professional bartender staff. Let our bartenders serve you and your guests tasty mocktails.

Our mobile mocktail bar truck will travel to your event anywhere in Toronto and surrounding cities across Ontario. Let’s keep the good times rolling!

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Mocktail Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Can I park the mobile alcohol truck in a public place?

Any alcohol served in a public place requires licensing and potentially additional permits. We will help guide you on the correct path to secure licensing and permits for your event.

faq How Many Bartenders Does Each Bar Truck Hold?

Typically each bar truck has no more than two bartenders. Whether serving draft beer or cocktails, if you are looking for a mobile bar truck we have got you covered across Toronto and Ontario.

faq What Are The Dimensions Of The Mobile Bar Truck?

Each mobile bar catering truck is 2.54 m tall x 2m wide x 6.4 m long.

faq Do you offer non-alcoholic beer and wine options for the bar truck?

We can offer non-alcoholic beer and wine options for your event. We have set the bar all across Toronto for being one of the best non-alcoholic mobile bar trucks near you!

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