Julep Strainers For Mixology Bartender Kit

CAD $10.00

The julep strainer was originally crafted in the mid 1800s to hold back the crushed ice while enjoying a classic mint julep cocktail in a Julep tin cup.

We selected the julep strainer as the preferred choice of strainer for our curated stirred cocktail tool set because it fits nicely in a mixing glass, holding back the ice as its tiny holes allow the liquid to pass through evenly and quickly to help avoid air bubbles to maintain that silky texture.

Julep Strainer Specs

Length 15.6 cm (6 1/8“)
Handle Length 7.6 cm (3” )
Strainer Length  8.3 cm (3 1/4“)
Strainer Width 5.9 cm (2 15/16”)
Material Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe Yes