Mobile Coffee Food Truck With Tea And Hot Chocolate Options For Toronto And Ontario Events

Who doesn’t love the charm and allure of walking up to a food truck? How about extending that to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and freshly baked goods?

Mobile coffee trucks are all the rage. They are perfect for both small and large events. Our mobile coffee food trucks come with a traveling barista.

Here’s what we give you:

Quality: We use only high-quality coffee beans, ingredients, and equipment. Clients love us because of our top-notch service and tasty beverages!

Customization: How about a mobile espresso truck, or even a mobile hot chocolate truck? We customize our menu of offerings, and branded elements such as a menu, coffee cups, and even the truck itself!

Mobility: Don’t have a cafe nearby? Need the power of coffee still for your party or event? We give you a coffee experience on the go. We can accommodate multiple events at the same time.

Experience: 180 Drinks is one of the most rapidly growing coffee truck companies in Toronto and Ontario. We have served thousands of events, both corporate and personal, over the years. You can book us for your office party, wedding, engagement, or birthday.

Value: We aggregate multiple other types of beverage services commonly required for events. For example you can combine an espresso food truck with a tea food truck. We offer a range of other beverages also such as: hot chocolate, coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, and lemonades. We can serve these beverages all from the same truck with the same staff which creates great value for your money spent.

The following is an overview of the various mobile cafe truck menus and formats we offer. Experience the fun and care we bring to your next event!

Mobile Coffee Truck Toronto & Ontario Options

Mobile Coffee Van

Our mobile barista van is uniquely designed to service events and has following features and benefits:

  • Compact design to fit in a variety of spaces or locations.
  • Covered order window to serve your guests rain, snow, or shine.
  • Shelf for placement of menu and decorations such as promotional materials or flowers.
  • Neutral white in colour to compliment your brand or wedding.
  • Space and fuel efficient (no gas guzzler food trucks here!)

Whether you are looking for a mobile cafe truck for a wedding or corporate event this is a great option!

Coffee Food Truck Toronto
Coffee Truck For Events

Branded Truck

A branded coffee truck is a great way to help meet your communication and marketing goals. Our services can help with:

  • Launching a new product or service.
  • Increasing sales through brand promotion.
  • Showing customers and employees you appreciate them.
  • Creating dialogue.

We offer a range of branding options for different budgets. Our branding or personalization options include:

  • Full truck wraps.
  • Reusable magnetic signage for the side of the truck.
  • Menu signage.
  • Stand alone signage.
  • Branded cups.

Coffee Shop Truck Menus

Mobile Espresso Food Truck

Mobile Espresso Food Truck

We bring your favorite coffees to you with our mobile espresso truck!

Our mobile espresso truck is compact. But packs quite the coffee kick! Versatile and flexible, they can be set up in most locations.

Our mobile baristas love to whip something special. The drink menu for our mobile coffee and espresso truck consists of any of your standard espresso based beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos, as well as specialty espresso beverages. This espresso menu is customizable. All our menus can offer iced coffee and non-dairy milk options such as oat milk. We also offer baked goods such as biscotti or croissants!

Let us know what you would like. We would love to collaborate with you!

Coffee And Espresso Truck Menu

Brewed Coffee

Our brewed mobile coffee truck is committed to serving the best coffee. We use carefully selected beans that are roasted and freshly ground to perfection. The result is an exquisite blend of flavors similar to what you may expect in the best coffee shop in town.

We offer hot coffee, or beat the heat on a hot summer day with our ice coffee!

This is a great option where you need a faster service than two baristas can provide in an espresso truck. It also is generally a lower cost option than an espresso truck.

Brewed Coffee Truck Menu

Coffee Truck Catering
Coffee Van For Events

Coffee Cocktails

If you are looking for a boozy coffee option to pair with your event theme or dessert a coffee cocktail truck is a great option!

From espresso martinis to flaming Spanish coffee, we have you covered.

Coffee Cocktail Truck Menu

Mobile Tea Truck Service Types

Mobile Tea Truck

Mobile Tea Truck

Our mobile tea trucks have captured the hearts of tea lovers across Toronto. Our made-to-order tea menu is handcrafted by our expert baristas.

All tea food trucks are fully contained and can come with a traveling barista. Expect professional, courteous, and friendly service from our baristas at all times.

Our tea truck rental is compact and can fit most locations, providing your guests with convenience and accessibility.

Mobile Tea Truck Menu

Brewed Tea Truck

Imagine piping hot delicious brewed tea served to your guests at your office or venue? Our mobile tea food truck is perfect for gatherings large or small, and are perfect for outdoor event services.

A brewed mobile tea truck is a great short-term solution for a speedy and cost efficient service.

Book us  anywhere in Ontario or Toronto for your next event and you will see!

Brewed Tea Truck Menu

Tea Food Truck
Ice Tea Truck

Ice Tea Truck

We offer a wide selection of refreshing freshly brewed iced teas for your next event. Great for a BBQ theme or sweltering summer day!

Our ice teas feature:

  • Fresh juices and pureed fruits.
  • Organic tea.
  • Large cube clear ice.
  • Non-alcoholic and boozy options.

Ice Tea Truck Menu

Mobile Hot Chocolate Truck

Hot Chocolate Food Truck

Hot Chocolate Bar Truck

We offer gourmet chocolate for your next corporate event, wedding, or party in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and nearby cities across Ontario.

Our hot chocolate bar offers a variety of velvety rich hot chocolate options to compliment your event including:

  • Dark and white hot chocolate.
  • Boozy and non-boozy.
  • Non-dairy.

Taste the difference, and Get in touch today to experience a unique hot chocolate experience for your next event!

Hot Chocolate Bar Menu

Prepared Hot Chocolate Truck

We offer a hot chocolate truck service where the hot chocolate is prepared in advance in our commercial kitchen. This is a great option where speed of service and cost efficiency is paramount.

We make all our hot chocolates with quality cocoa, and fresh milk or non-dairy milk options such as oat milk. Our hot chocolates are incredibly creamy, rich, velvety, and smooth.

Prepared Hot Chocolate Menu

Hot Chocolate Truck

Mobile Coffee Truck Food Options

Food Truck Baked Goods

Get our baked goods on the go for your next party, corporate event, or wedding with our mobile bakery truck!

Our pastry food truck stocked with all of your favorite cafe baked goods such as:

  • Cookies
  • Croissants
  • Almond Biscotti

We also offer gluten free and vegan options such as fresh fruit cups!

Book our mobile cafe and bakery food truck to provide guests with a unique way to enjoy great beverages and tasty baked goods. Contact us today to reserve a cafe and mobile pastry truck for your special event!

Food Truck Bakery Menu

Food Truck Baked Goods
Fruit Platter Catering

Fruit Platter Catering

We offer a selection of healthy grab and go fruit platter catering options to pair with your mobile coffee food truck. Made with only the freshest, never-frozen fruits, 180 Drinks  offers healthy fruit catering options everyone will love.

Examples of fruit cups catering include:

  • Fresh Fruit Salad Cup
  • Mixed Berry Cup

Learn more below about these options for your next corporate event, party, or wedding!

Fruit Catering Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

faq How Many People Can You Serve?

Each mobile cafe truck can hold a maximum of two staff. The maximum number of guests you can serve per hour from one truck depends on the style of service below.

  • Individually Made Beverages (e.g. espressos, tea latte’s, etc): Two staff can serve a maximum of 100 guests per hour.
  • Pre-prepared Beverages (e.g. brewed tea or coffee, and bulk hot chocolate): Two staff can serve a maximum number of 150 beverages per hour.

faq Can I park the truck in a public place?

Any beverage service in a public place requires licensing and potentially additional permits. We will help guide you to secure licensing and permits for your event.

faq What Are The Dimensions Of The Truck?

Each mobile coffee catering truck is 2.54 m tall x 2m wide x 6.4 m long.

faq Can I Hire A Gourmet Coffee Truck For A Corporate Event?

Our portable coffee truck services are ideal for all kinds of corporate events. Consider these for your next:

  • Conference
  • Corporate function
  • Product launch
  • Exhibition
  • Trade show
  • Experiential marketing
  • Business launches
  • Staff event
  • Shareholder meeting
  • Press conference

We have supported clients across Toronto and many cities in Ontario. So, consider us whether it’s a staff treat or a sales launch!

faq Can You Provide A Mobile Espresso Truck For Personal Events?

Yes. We know that coffee always brings with it great conversations!

We do coffee and espresso services typically for the following types of personal events:

  • Reunions
  • Birthday Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Theme Events
  • Family Events

That’s not all. Give us a call for any other events too!

faq Can You Provide A Mobile Coffee Bar Food Truck For A Wedding?

Mobile coffee truck catering is a great option on your big day! This wedding party is going to get the buzz going.

We can work with you or your wedding planner to match your wedding’s theme. We can also customize our mobile espresso truck with the choice of beverages you want. For example you can also add a hot chocolate food truck or a mobile tea truck menu.

You have flexibility in planning your coffee beverage menu any way you want!

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