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Looking for wedding catering in Toronto and Ontario? You have come to the right place! At 180 Drinks, we make sure we elevate your special day with our premium  services focused on your beverage service.

We blend our impeccable service with our attention to detail to give you an event you won’t forget. Whether you need beverage service for a small wedding, brunch, or outdoor ceremony we have just the right beverage service for you. We have a range of beverages that cater to every palate. Have a look below at the wide range of options we have on offer!

Our experienced team knows how to create a fantastic experience, which is why we rank among the best wedding caterers out there in Toronto! This means that you focus on your life-changing event, and we focus on the details. Our elegant wedding services will ensure that we help make your wedding day an event to remember.

Full Serve Wedding Catering Services

Mobile Bartender Catering

Here’s what we offer. Whether it’s home wedding catering or Indian wedding catering or any other style you have in mind, we can customise them all.

Our bar catering packages bring excitement and delicious drink catering for weddings! We offer customised menus to suit your taste, at different budgets. We are the only wedding catering companies who have crafted a wide range of options covering all aspects of your beverage service.

Here’s how we curate your service:

  • Liquor Licensing Assistance: We guide you through obtaining permits or licences, ensuring compliance.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance: We have a $5 million liquor liability insurance policy to help protect you and your guests and saves you a minimum of $200 buying your own insurance.
  • Personalised Menu Creation: Craft a menu that aligns with your vision, budget, theme, and dietary needs, complemented by expert food pairings.
  • Liquor Ordering Expertise: We outline the precise liquor quantities and types required for your menu execution.
  • Detailed Planning: From planning to execution, we take care of it all.
  • Wait Staff: Our experienced wait staff know just how to be of service to help the bartenders service flow smoothly!
  • Wide Selection of Non-alcoholic Beverages: From juices or smoothies to coffee to mocktails, our wedding catering menus are meant to blow your mind!
  • Event Flow Coordination: We can integrate our service seamlessly into your event’s sequence.

Check out our full range of bar catering services at the link below.

Bar Catering

Toronto Wedding Caterers Bartender
Wedding Catering Juice Bar Services

Juice Staff Wedding Catering

We got to spill the juice! No, not what you think, because our service is impeccable. But we offer a wide range of juices for your catering for traditional wedding service.We offer juice, lemonade, and smoothie catering for weddings, parties, and corporate events in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario.

When you select 180 Drinks you are choosing a wedding caterer that offers beverage options in various formats: mobile juice bar, juice food truck, or juice delivery. A full-service experience is something we would recommend for you and your guests.

Our commitment to food and beverage is well-known. That’s why we have food vans for weddings. We know how food makes a day extra special. Just ask us for the food truck wedding catering cost and you will know just how affordable it is. Our catering trucks for weddings make fun and memorable for you and for your guests!

Click the link below to learn more about our juice catering services!

Juice Catering

Mobile Wedding Barista Catering

Now, you can experience the cafe culture wherever you are with 180 Drinks.

Our cafe menu boasts a variety of hot coffee, iced coffee, espresso, hot tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, boozy options, and delectable pastries.

At 180 Drinks, we have wide experience in setting up mobile coffee bar wedding catering. Our baristas are well-trained and know how to add that right cup of joe!

We offer different kinds of coffee for your wedding experience such as:

Espresso: Most popular!

Cappuccino: An old favourite.

Irish Coffee: A hint of whiskey

Macchiato: An espresso with a hint of milk

Mocha: Chocolate and coffee. How can you go wrong with this?

Our event planning services can simplify and reduce stress. Our mobile wedding barista catering team will provide hassle-free solutions from consultation to execution. It’s time to jazz up your events, and we organise it all for you with our hallmark engagement catering, anniversary catering, private wedding catering services!

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Barista Catering

Best Wedding Caterers For Coffee

Wedding Juice Delivery Catering Services

Wedding Fresh Juice Delivery

Planning the beverages for your event can be daunting. Leave it to us! Plan for home wedding catering or an engagement catering, or anniversary party catering with our carefully curated juice menus.

Discover the joys of delicious fresh-pressed juice delivery for your wedding! Operating across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities in Ontario, we can provide fresh juice delivery for all weddings. We take care of everything from logistics to planning the menu to delivery to ensure a hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

Need gourmet wedding catering or an Indian wedding catering in Toronto? It’s all part of our wedding catering services!

For example, our fresh-pressed juice delivery is a unique wedding catering option and can be tailored to meet all your needs!

You can also hire our juice bar staff to help setup, maintain, and teardown self-serve beverage stations at your wedding.

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Juice Delivery

Engagement Party Catering Juice Delivery
Gourmet Wedding Catering Lemonade Delivery

Wedding Lemonade Delivery

Don’t need an entire spread? No problem! We offer you gourmet wedding catering which pays attention to the last detail. And that means if you need just a smoothie or coffee or lemonade stall, you got it!

A hot day and cold lemonade make for an unbeatable combination. Here’s the thing: If you order anything but lemonade made from fresh-pressed lemon juice, we guarantee you that the juice is just not as tasty!

You can choose from different lemonades such as:

  • Blueberry lemonade: Fresh or muddled blueberries make for a delicious twist.
  • Mint lemonade: Mint leaves are steeped in lemonade for a fresh twist.
  • Pineapple chilli lemonade: A tropical flavour with some sweet heat.

We make sure our lemonades are fresh and made when ordered because lemons quickly get affected by oxidation. You can choose and customise your wedding lemonade delivery service:

  • Staffing to setup and maintain your self serve station
  • Additional rentals: chilling tubs, tables, or linens.

Click the link below to learn more about our fresh pressed lemonade delivery options!


Lemonade Delivery

Wedding Smoothie Delivery

Planning a breakfast or brunch wedding catering? Or have you thought of anniversary catering packages? Or a food truck engagement party? What fun, isn’t it?

Our wedding catering packages are just the thing for you! And how about having a wedding smoothie bar?

We offer a wide range of smoothies, freshly made, for your wedding. You can choose from the following:

  • Elegant smoothie stations.
  • Receiving our expert assistance and guidance.
  • Add a personal touch with bottle branding.
  • Add equipment rental, including tubs, tables, or linens.

Our catering prices for wedding menus will have all the details!

We use fresh organic ingredients and fresh fruits for all our smoothies with no artificial flavourings.

Click the link below to learn more about our fresh pressed smoothie delivery options!

Smoothie Delivery


Unique Wedding Catering Smoothie Delivery

Cafe Delivery Catering Wedding Services

Wedding Coffee Delivery

We know just how much difference a well-made cup of coffee matters to you and your guests on your special day.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to cater coffee for your wedding, our coffee delivery service is a great option.

Click the button to discover the convenience of having hot and cold coffee delivered to your wedding!

Coffee Delivery

Wedding Catering GTA Coffee Delivery
Home Wedding Catering Tea Delivery

Wedding Tea Delivery

We get it. Not everyone wants coffee. For the tea lovers at your wedding, we can arrange for wedding tea delivery, too. We currently service the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

As with everything else, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We source our teas from some of the best tea estates in the world. We certify them as 100% organic, and we offer endlessly customizable options with all our wedding tea deliveries.

Teas that you can choose either brewed or with bag in:

  • Black tea or green tea
  • Crème Earl Grey
  • Masala chai tea
  • Non-caffeinated herbal teas such as orange and lemongrass citrus

Click the button below to learn more about our tea delivery options!

Tea Delivery

Ice Tea Delivery

Ice tea has a rich history, dating all the way back to the 19th century when it was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Now, if you want this iconic beverage at your wedding, we are ready to serve!

Our ice tea creations are unique and fresh. You can choose from a variety of flavours: classic citrus ice tea, peach ice tea, raspberry, and more! As with all our services, you can choose whether you just want ice tea delivery or a full-fledged tea station service.

Click the button below to learn more about our ice tea delivery options!

Ice Tea Delivery

Mobile Wedding Catering Iced Tea Delivery
Wedding Hot Chocolate Catering

Wedding Hot Chocolate Traveler

Looking for delicious hot chocolate catering for your next wedding, engagement, or anniversary? You are in the right spot!

We offer premium hot chocolate options with both dark and white hot chocolate flavours. Your guests will be asking for a second cup!

We offer a hot chocolate traveler that is disposable or an insulated hot chocolate dispenser rental. Garnish options include whipped cream or marshmallows.

Click the button below to learn more about our hot chocolate traveler options!

Hot Chocolate Traveler

Wedding Baked Goods Delivery

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and needs to be memorable. Why not elevate your wedding with our wedding baked goods delivery?

Our bakery platters are handcrafted with painstaking care. Think buttery croissants, cookies, or biscotti. Planning food for a wedding reception or for private wedding catering just became easy!

Hit the link to know more!

Baked Goods Delivery

Engagement Catering Baked Goods
Wedding Food Catering Fruit Cup

Wedding Fresh Fruit Delivery

At 180 Drinks, we understand that weddings are all about creating special moments. We offer a wide range of fresh fruits – pick what is in season for your wedding with our fresh fruit delivery.

This can be an excellent way to complement your smoothie station! Combine our wedding and catering services to get private wedding catering in style! We make sure you get unique wedding catering services that stand out for its elegance and efficiency.

Click the button below to learn more about the options for delivery of our fresh fruit platters and cups!

Fruit Catering Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What type of beverages do you offer for wedding catering?

We offer a diverse range of beverages, including fresh juices, smoothies, lemonades, hot and iced coffee, and tea. Our personalised menu ensures that your wedding’s beverage offerings perfectly match your preferences and theme.

faq Can you assist with event planning for the different services you offer?

Yes, we offer comprehensive planning assistance to ensure flawless execution of your wedding catering. From menu customization, setup coordination, and even personalised branding options, you can work with us for a memorable experience.

faq Can you accommodate specific wedding guest dietary requirements?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions. We offer catering with non-dairy drinks, organic ingredients, gluten-free options, and more to accommodate different dietary needs.

faq Do you provide wedding catering services in Toronto and Ontario?

Are you searching for wedding catering GTA or surrounding areas across Ontario? You are in the right place!


We are the local caterers for weddings in Ontario! We specialise in beverages, and we set up everything from mobile wedding catering to food truck wedding catering. And we have special arrangements for engagement party catering too, which is why we are among the best wedding catering services you can find in Toronto!


We provide wedding catering services for the Greater Toronto Area and nearby cities across Ontario, including:

  • Barrie Catering (Collingwood, Orillia, Midland, Bradford, Innisfil, and Simcoe)
  • Belleville Catering (Prince Edward County and Cobourg)
  • Brampton Catering (Bolton and Caledon)
  • Brantford Catering (Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Norfolk, Caledonia, Norwich, and Waterford)
  • Burlington Catering
  • Cambridge Catering
  • Guelph Catering
  • Hamilton Catering
  • Kitchener Waterloo Catering
  • London Catering (St. Thomas)
  • Markham Catering (Stouffville)
  • Milton Catering (Georgetown, Acton, Carlisle, and Terra Cotta)
  • Mississauga Catering
  • Muskoka Catering (Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay)
  • Niagara Catering (St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, and Grimsby)
  • Oakville Catering
  • Orangeville Catering (Grand Valley, Erin, Mono, and Amaranth)
  • Oshawa Catering (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Uxbridge)
  • Peterborough Catering (Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Minden)
  • Richmond Hill Catering (Newmarket and Aurora)
  • Stratford Catering (Perth, St Marys, and Mitchell)
  • Toronto Catering (Downtown, York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough)
  • Vaughan Catering (Woodbridge, Concord, Thornhill, Maple, and Kleinburg)

faq What kind of insurance do you have for your wedding catering services?

Even with a small wedding catering service there is a need for insurance! We have insurance to protect you and your guests. It covers up to $5 million for general liability and liquor liability. Our staff are also WSIB insured. If required, we can provide a certificate of insurance with you or your company named as additional insured.

faq What steps are involved in booking your services?

Quite simple. We want to make it as hassle-free as possible. Start by reaching out to us here and discussing your requirements. Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we will put together a personalized plan that will ensure that you focus on the rest of the wedding. We will handle all the planning, execution, and set-up.

Get in touch today to learn more about our wedding catering packages with prices!

faq Do you also help in dismantling and cleaning?

Yes, of course! Our staff is experienced and trained. They will manage the cleanup and breakdown process after the wedding. They will dismantle all the food or beverage stations, collect any equipment, and ensure that your event space is left tidy.

faq Is there a minimum guest count for catering?

No. We cater to all sorts of events. From events that run into hundreds or catering for a small wedding reception. It’s your wedding, and we wouldn’t want to put restrictions.

faq Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable beverage options and packaging?

We understand and are equally committed to sustainability. We use the highest-grade organic ingredients for any of our food or beverage services. But we can also go an extra step and offer eco-friendly packaging. This can include biodegradable cups and reusable glassware, too.

faq What is the payment and cancelation policy?

Our payment and cancellation policy varies with the kind of catering services wedding packages you choose. We recommend getting in touch with us to create a quote and we can review the terms with you which are relevant to your request.

faq Can you assist with equipment rental?

Yes, we can provide you with equipment rental where needed. If you need chairs, tables, or tableware, drop in a line, and we can check that out for you.

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