Trade Show Rental Displays


Looking for a branded back display rental to compliment your trade show booth rental? Our back displays have a modular design with customizable options to help your brand shine. An individual branding or color can be applied to the backframe cover.

Common Display Configurations


  • Easy Assembly – You can assemble and transport without any tools
  • Customizable Sizes – You can make any size or length of display panel you need
  • Customizable Colours – You can customize the back panel colour of this display panel.
  • Brandable – Our display rentals are great to promote your product or brand.
  • Weather Resistant – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are resistant to water.
  • LED lighting option – LED lighting is available to match your event theme or brand with any colour in the visible spectrum.
  • LED dynamic changes – The LEDs can also change dynamically with multiple speeds, colours, and patterns (fade, jump, flash).
  • LED Battery powered and plug – The LED lighting option comes equipped with a battery, or plug in adapter (Fully charged, the small battery will power the LED lights for five hours minimum)

Display Wall Specs

Each segment of the display wall is 60cm wide and 216cm tall.

Back Wall Shelf Display Specs (Optional Accessory)

This back wall shelf display is equipped with RGB LED lights to highlight your product.

Back Banner Specs (Optional Accessory)

Each banner is: 

  • Width – 600mm
  • Height – 2100mm

Beverage Catering Services Available

If needed 180 Drinks can provide both quality beverages to your guests for your next trade show. Our beverage catering services are completely portable using this trade show booth back display rental. Learn more about our various beverage catering services below:

Need Help With Back Display Graphics And Branding?

Each of our trade show booth back displays are graphics and branding ready. If needed we can help with the customization, design, and wrapping or printing of your back display.

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