Smoothie Menu For Toronto and Ontario Events

Looking for a healthy and delicious smoothie menu for your next corporate event, wedding, or party? We offer smoothies for your next event. in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and  surrounding cities across Ontario.

We can serve your smoothie from a smoothie food truck or pop up smoothie bar. We offer a variety of smoothie options to pair with your event theme, food, and budget.

What is the difference between a juice and smoothie? Quite simply, the difference is fiber. Smoothies have a lot of it; while juices typically have very little. This fiber difference is because the smoothie ingredients are blended rather than cold pressed and filtered. Our smoothies also incorporate non-dairy milks such as oat or coconut.

Get in touch today to let your guests enjoy healthy delicious juices for your next event, party, or wedding!

Oat Milk, Filtered Water,
Pureed Bananas, Hemp Hearts,
Cocoa Powder, Pureed Dates, Cinnamon

Apple Juice,
Cold-pressed Kale Juice,
Pureed Bananas

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice,
Mangoes and/or Mango Puree,
Cold Pressed Pineapple Juice,
Pureed Bananas, Water

Fresh Orange Juice,
Crushed Mangoes and/or Mango Puree,
Whole Pureed Bananas

Mangoes and/or Mango Puree,
Apple Juice, Pureed Strawberries,
Pureed Passion Fruit

Cold-Pressed Pineapples,
Blended Bananas, Cold-Pressed Ginger
and Blended Spinach

Hibiscus Infused Water,
Cold Pressed Apple Juice,
Pureed Raspberries,
Whole Pureed Bananas

Pomegranate Juice,
pureed strawberries, raspberries,
cranberries and blueberries

Coconut Milk,
Whole Pureed Strawberries,
Whole Pureed Bananas

Fresh Orange Juice,
Pureed Strawberries,
Pureed Mango

Fresh Orange Juice,
Whole Pureed Strawberries,
Whole Pureed Bananas

Fresh Squeezed Tangerine
and/or Clementine Juices,
Pureed Bananas, Pureed Raspberries

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