Plexi Bar Rental

Plexi Bar Rental

Plexi Bar Rental


This plexi bar rental is perfect for serving guests at your next event. This plexiglass bar has contemporary clean lines and a solid steel chrome frame with white acrylic (plexiglass) shelving.

This plexi bar features an open back and shelf approximately 21 inches from the floor for easy storage of bottles or bar tools.

Product Dimensions:

  • Length: 72 inches
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Height: 42 inches

Need Help With Plexi Bar Graphics And Branding?

Each of our plexi bars are graphics and branding ready. If needed we can help with the customization, design, and wrapping or printing of your plexi bar rental.

Beverage Catering Services Available

If needed 180 Drinks can provide both quality beverages to your guests for your next event. Our beverage catering services are completely portable using this plexi bar rental. Learn more about our various beverage catering services below:

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