Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Machine Rental


Looking for a popcorn machine rental for your next event? Look no further! We offer popcorn machine rentals that produce amazing theater quality popcorn. Freshly popped popcorn is the perfect snack to complement your drinks at your event.

Popcorn Machine Rental Features

The following is a brief summary of the features of your commercial popcorn machine.

  • Stainless Steel Kettle: This 12oz kettle can serve up to 144 people per hour. It is equipped with a built-in stirring system ensuring that the kernels are cooked evenly and the maximum number of kernels are popped.
  • Simple To Operate: This popcorn maker was designed with simplicity in mind as it only takes three switches to operate it. The first is for the warming light, the second initiates the popper, and the third controls the stirrer.
  • Unpopped Kernel Drawer: The unpopped kernel tray makes it easy to remove fallen kernels and keep your machine clean.
  • Quiet Operation: The powerful and efficient motor boasts impressively silent operation to give you the popcorn production you need without distraction.
  • Clear Windows: That fresh, hot, and buttery popcorn will easily catch everyone’s eyes through the crystal clear windows.
  • Great Styling: The stainless steel and black construction of our popcorn poppers are designed to keep your event classy
Popcorn Machine Specifications
Dimensions15 1/2”L x 17 3/4”W x 30 1/4”H
Weight50 lbs
Electrical120 Volts / 60Hz / 1350 Watts. (Standard household outlet)
KettleLarge 12 Oz. Stainless Steel Kettle
ColourBlack and Stainless Steel

 Popcorn Stand Specs

  • Large 18 diameter bicycle style wheels.
  • Weight: 35lbs

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Popcorn Machine Rental Variations

  • Popcorn Machine Rental
  • Popcorn Machine Rental With Stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this popcorn machine big enough?
A twelve ounce popcorn machine means that one popping cycle uses twelve ounces of unpopped kernels. One ounce of unpopped kernels when popped is about 2-3 cups popped, and is a good serving size for one person. Each popping cycle is approximately 5 minutes. Each 12 oz batch of kernels yields approximately 5 gallons of popcorn. The popcorn machines if ran non stop can run 12 popping cycles per hour, and create approximately 144 servings per hour hour. So one machine could provide popcorn for 144 people an hour.

Q. If I rent this popcorn maker, can I run it myself?
Absolutely! These popcorn poppers are very easy to use, and we can provide hands on training if needed. To help ensure you have perfect tasting popcorn every time we offer convenient pre-portion popcorn packs that combine the correct amount of popcorn, oil, butter, and salt seasoning ensuring you have perfect tasting popcorn every time. We can also provide staff to cater popcorn for your event if you prefer.

Q. How much is it to rent a popcorn machine?
The cost of our popcorn machine rental service depends on what you would like included in your quote. For example we in addition to the popcorn machine rental we can also provide you with a popcorn catering kit or even staffing if required.

Contact us today and we will build you a quote that meets your needs.

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