Hire Bartender For Private Party Or Event In The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) And Ontario

Looking to find a bartender to help take your private party or event to the next level? You’re in the right spot! No matter what the occasion, our party bartenders deliver fun and excitement. They are charismatic and passionate professionals who love their trade. Our bartenders’ goal is to create a party that your guests will remember for years to come! We provide bartenders for private parties and events in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding cities in Ontario.

Visualize your event and party bartender service as a table top with a drink resting on it and four legs supporting it. Those four legs are planning, staffing, beverages, and rentals. Those legs are dependent on each other because if any one of those legs is not to the right length or not attached properly the table may become wobbly and your drink may spill. Hiring a bartender for a party helps to integrate the aforementioned four legs to deliver a great quality event bartender service allowing you to be fully engaged in your own get-togethers.

The following is an overview of the party and event drink service types and formats we offer, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Bar Service For Events Types

Beer & Wine Bartender For Party

Beer and wine are two of the go-to drinks for most people. We help you find the perfect set of wines and the best beer for parties. Whether it’s a birthday or summer pool party, there’s nothing like having staff with expert beer and wine knowledge!

Sometimes you may even want a wine or beer themed party. Make it a superlative experience for your wine and beer lovers with our team’s food and drink pairing recommendations.

Often an alcoholic wine and beer service is combined with non-alcoholic options such as soda and juice, however we can also offer non-alcoholic beer and wine options as well. Our friendly bartending services cover your business events or birthdays.

Party Bartender Service
Private Event Bartender

Highball Bartender Service

Often customers request “easy going drinks” as part of their bar package for events. This often refers to a type of drink called a  highball. A highball is composed of a base alcohol and a larger percentage of mixer, like fruit juice or soda water. Typically they’re served over ice and often in a tall highball or rocks glass. Highballs are easy to drink and easy to make (no shaking required!). An example of a highball is a gin and tonic or a screwdriver (vodka and orange juice).

Our open bar catering package includes the staples for a highball drink service: lemons, limes, cola, diet cola, lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, tonic water, orange juice, cranberry juice, ice, and soda water. Upgrade to our full bartender services for the complete range. Take advantage of our all-in packages for some memorable happy hours!

Cocktail Party Catering

Planning to go all out and organize a cocktail party? Our experienced party mixologists craft drinks that explode with flavours.

Our cocktails are made from the freshest of ingredients. Down to the tiniest of garnishes. Take a sip of our mojito with fresh pressed lime juice and mint, or negroni with freshly zested orange peel over the top, and you will know the difference. Here’s to decadent afternoons and soulful nights!

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Private Party Bartender Service
Mocktail Bartender

Mocktails For Party Bar

With the proliferation of new innovative ingredients such as non-alcoholic spirits, you can now offer drinks that emulate a classic cocktail. For example we offer a non-alcoholic smoked old fashioned that uses an alcohol free whiskey. We offer mocktails that use non-alcoholic spirits and wines that taste similar to their alcohol equivalent, or mocktails that forgo these ingredients and simply taste great!

Mocktails that use non-alcoholic sparkling wines and spirits cost similar to their alcohol equivalent. If you are looking for drinks on a tight budget a mocktail with a non-alocholic  option may not be the best fit, and you may  and as such drinks that incorporate these ingredients are priced higher because these ingredients are similar in cost to alcohol. Get in touch today to learn about the best mocktails for your next party!

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Party Bar Service Station Formats

Private Party Bar Service

Mobile Party Bars

Our premium mobile pop up party bars are designed to compliment a variety of themes, events, and occasions.

Our party bars incorporate the following features and options:

  • Modular design to be as big or small as needed.
  • Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Glow bar option to match your event theme colours or brand.
  • Wooden look option.
  • Accessories such as ice wells, speed rails to enhance your event bar catering service.
  • A front bar panel that you can display your brand, design, or picture.

Whether you are looking for a bartender for a private event or corporate event this is a great option!

Party Bar Rentals

Party Bar Truck

Our party bar truck is a great option to promote your brand or message! Send us your designs and we will have these printed to display on the side of the truck, and/or just outside the truck. Other truck features include:

  • Neutral in colour to easily align with your brand or theme.
  • Fuel efficient (No gas guzzlers here!)
  • Small footprint (2.54 m tall x 2m wide x 6.4 m long)
  • Shelf outside serving window for placement of promotional materials.

Party Bar Truck Learn More

Party Bar Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Should I use glassware or plastic cups?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Below is a summary of different situations where we would recommend glassware or plastic cups.

  • If you have a more formal occasion then glassware would be recommended (Glass is class).
  • If you have a menu of premium cocktails or mocktails, glassware is recommended at least for those drinks.
  • If you are planning to serve champagne or bubbly then glassware is recommended.
  • If you are having a pool party we would recommend plastic cups.
  • If your guests may travel a large distance from the bar while enjoying their drink we would recommend plastic cups (e.g. festival or trade show).
  • If you are looking to keep the budget as low as possible plastic cups are recommended.

Now that we have covered the reasons to use plastic cups or glassware, we will dispel the myths around this topic including breakage and cleanliness.

High Breakage: Sometimes customers may want to choose plastic cups over glassware because they are concerned about their guests breaking many glasses during their event. Even for events with hundreds of guests, we typically have not more than one or two broken glasses happen during a private bartender service. The risk of many broken glasses is very low, so we would not recommend choosing plastic cups over glassware for this reason.

Cleanliness: Sometimes customers may want to choose plastic cups over glassware because guests can dispose of these after they have completed their drink, making cleaning up a cinch…right? Unfortunately all too often guests often stop disposing of their plastic cups after a few drinks. We would not recommend choosing plastic cups over glassware for this reason. If cleanliness is a concern we would recommend hiring an additional server staff to support your floor service and ensure the glassware and plastic cups are cleared.

faq Do Your Party Bartenders Service Corporate Events?

Yes we do! We provide bartenders for hire and a bar for company events and charitable events. Our bartenders will help make your event a success. Below is an overview of some examples of events we can help with.

Corporate Events: Seminars, Office or Board Meetings, Workshops, Staff Events, Team Building, Business Dinners, Press Conferences, Networking Events, VIP Events, Shareholder Meetings, Award Ceremonies, and Staff Loyalty.

Charitable Events: Galas and Fundraisers.

faq Do Your Bartenders Service Promotional Events?

You can use our event bartenders to help promote your brand.

We can help with promotional events such as:

  • Conferences or Trade Shows.
  • Product Launches.
  • Golf Events.
  • Customer Loyalty.

faq Do Your Bartenders Service Private Events?

Rent our private event bartenders in Toronto and Ontario for all special occasions. We make your reunions, birthday parties, anniversary bashes, graduations and other occasions extra special!

faq How Many Bartenders Are Needed For An Event?

The number of bartender event staffing we recommend depends on the length and type of bartender service.

  • Hire Bartender For Party Beer and Wine Only Service: Our standard for a beer and wine style of service is one bartender for every 75 guests (rate of service of 75 drinks per hour).
  • Highball / Mixed Drinks and / or Cocktails Service: Hire a bartender for every 50 guests (rate of service of 50 drinks per hour).

These event bartender staffing ratios may seem generous to serve your guests, however there are still back bar duties to perform.  Back bar duties include cleaning equipment during service and keeping the bar stocked (liquor, ice, garnishes, mixes, and other ingredients). At a typical busy bar the staff that perform back bar duties and often separate from those that serve guests.To help keep staffing costs down our bartending event services are responsible for both serving your guests and performing these back bar duties.

The bartender for private event staffing requirements above assume all guests to be served are at present at the event at the same time. If guests will not be present at the same time throughout the event simply get in touch with us today and we will help you calculate the event bartender staffing requirements for your event.

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