Oshawa Catering Including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Uxbridge

When it comes to Oshawa catering, we at 180 Drinks aim for one thing: happy customers! Our expert team offers seamless coordination for corporate events, weddings, social gatherings, and any special occasion requiring refreshments that exceed expectations!

As you may have guessed by our name our specialty is beverage catering. No matter the style of drinks you envision for your event, we have something for everyone!

Looking for cocktails or mocktails? Our staff create sophisticated drinks for guests with discerning tastes! Looking for non-alcoholic options? We offer a diverse range of non-alcoholic beverages including fresh juices, smoothies, lemonades, and hot and iced coffee and tea options.

We meet event needs from small dinner parties to expansive corporate receptions. And although we are a highly recommended Oshawa catering company we are not limited to it. Our services extend across: Pickering catering, Whitby catering, Ajax catering, Uxbridge catering, Clarington catering, Brock catering, and Durham catering.

In addition to slaking every guest’s thirst, we offer some light bites.  Our food and beverage menus are centred around locally-sourced ingredients and can accommodate special dietary needs. Comprehensive service and exceptional drinks—that’s our promise when you select 180 Drinks and that’s why we are among the best Whitby catering companies out there!

What sets the 180 Drinks Pickering catering company apart and above other cocktail caterers? Our devoted staff, mixology mastery, and managed events service focuses solely on crafting your event vision. From initial consultations to define your needs to flexible bartending staffing at the event itself, we handle set-up, service, breakdown, and more so you can enjoy your special occasion.

When unforgettable drinks set the mood for a momentous occasion, trust the catering and event experts who come as part of the 180 Drinks team. Learn more below about our menus, options, impeccable service, and comprehensive capabilities making every celebration distinctly yours.

Full Service Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, Uxbrige, and Pickering Catering Options

Travelling Bar Service

Hosting an unforgettable event calls for equally remarkable bartending services. Among other other events, our catering in Oshawa Ontario services stands out.

180 Drinks brings experience and excellence in mixology straight to your special occasion. So you should easily find us if you look for wedding catering Oshawa or any other special event across the region!

Our mobile bars are completely customizable with lighting, decoration, displays, and glassware to complement any event aesthetic — from sophisticated black-tie cocktail receptions to beachside vow renewals. And with an extensive bar inventory and toolkits for crafting incredible cocktails, we serve stunning drinks that are unforgettable.

What truly sets our mobile bar services apart is the talent behind the bar. With fully licensed, expertly trained bartenders at your occasion who handle setup, service, breakdown, restocking, and waste removal, you’ll never have to lift a finger while enjoying your event. And thanks to comprehensive staff training from our industry veterans, our bartenders mix memorable cocktails while providing incredible guest service.

Sure, there’s a long line up of vendors for wedding catering, Durham or general event catering, Durham but we do it best! From floral garnishes to clear ice cubes, and bitters for adding striking complexity in cocktails, every drink we craft aims to impress and delight. Trust our mobile mixology staff to enhance your celebrations through unique bar presentations and delicious drinks.

Click the button below to learn more about our travelling bar services!

Travelling Bar Service

Oshawa Catering Bartender
Pickering Catering Juice Bar

Mobile Juice Cart

Hosting an event calls for drinks that are just as extraordinary as the reason for celebrating. At 180 Drinks, our mobile juice cart offers imaginative non-alcoholic beverages beautifully presented by our staff to perfectly match your special event.

Tell us the vision behind your event, and our juice team crafts a custom menu using ingredients that bring your unique style to life in every sip. From cold pressed juices to power-packed superfood smoothies, to fresh pressed lemonades, our endlessly diverse combinations offer beverages as distinctive as your occasion.

What truly elevates our juice catering is the polished service making your celebration shine. Our fully trained staff assist and engage your guests with the same attention to detail brought to our creative drink preparation, going above and beyond to create an unforgettably positive experience for every attendee.

Trust 180 Drinks’ juice catering services to provide non-alcoholic options aligned flawlessly with your event vision while wowing guests with delightfully unexpected flavours in every drink.

Click the button to learn more and begin crafting your custom juice menu today!

Mobile Juice Cart

Mobile Coffee Cart

Coffee catering reaches new heights with 180 Drinks specialist mobile coffee cart service. More than just another beverage caterer, our experienced baristas prepare espresso drinks, iced coffee, and optional coffee cocktails, and more on-site at your event through our self-contained coffee cart complete with professional equipment.

Our mobile coffee cart arrives fully self-sufficient. No venue hassles securing adequate utilities, power, water, or resources. We simply setup and transform into offering a full-scale coffeehouse service directly to guests, handling all preparation, service, and cleanup start to finish.

High volume quick-service is our specialty. Our baristas train for excellent technical skills and coffee knowledge. We nerd-out over immaculate microfoam and delicious roasts that wow coffee enthusiasts and novices alike.


Each cup is meticulously crafted by our skilled baristas, ensuring a smooth and flavorful experience with every sip. From robust espressos to creamy lattes, our menu offers a wide range of options to suit your taste buds.

Build your own custom coffee and espresso drink menu tailored specifically to your event theme and tastes. Our baristas will craft bespoke beverages showcasing your preferences down to precise specifications.

Elevate your occasion with our craft coffee service designed just for your event. Click the button below to learn more about our mobile coffee cart service!

Mobile Coffee Cart

Whitby Catering Barista

Juice Delivery For Oshawa, Whitby, Uxbrige, and Ajax Catering

Healthy Juice Delivery

Experience the vibrant taste of just-squeezed juice vitality from 180 Drinks. A hot summer’s day on the cards? This is a great option for picnic Durham catering!

Our cold-pressed juice captures ripe produce at peak flavour and nutrition for healthy hydration that energises body and mind.

We source only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers, then juice within hours to bottle the essence of natural delicious flavours. Our small-batch process also minimises oxidation, ensuring every sip of our nutrient-dense juice overflows with innate richness and complexity.

Our dedication to hyper-fresh, hyper-local juice can be tasted in every vivid pour. Quench thirst and nourish your event guests body with the life force of ripe fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your next catering in Oshawa or Durham Region.

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Healthy Juice Delivery

Ajax Catering Juice Delivery
Uxbridge Catering Lemonade

Lemonade Glass Bottle Delivery

180 Drinks offers fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe classics along with creative seasonal varieties available for delivery straight to your doorstep.

Of course we deliver the original lemonade made simply from fresh lemon juice, water and organic cane sugar. But our menu also experiments with decadent flavours like Strawberry Vanilla, or the tropical vibe of our Pineapple Chili lemonade.

Turn up the zest with hand-pressed lemonade options delivered chilled to your destination. Click the button  below to start the process to get our lemonade bottles delivered to your home or event venue.

Lemonade Glass Bottle Delivery

Smoothie Bottle To Go

Enjoy the vibrant burst of flavour with 180 Drinks’ smoothie bottle to go delivery service – where freshness meets convenience in a symphony of taste!

Elevate your event with our handcrafted smoothies, a kaleidoscope of luscious fruits and wholesome ingredients blended to perfection.

Each concoction is a choreography of vitamins and antioxidants, a dance of nutrition that fuels your vitality. At 180 Drinks, we’re not just delivering smoothies; we’re orchestrating a melody for your taste buds and a health anthem for your body.

Whether you’re on a quest for a delicious option for your office catering or a delightful treat to brighten your Whitby catering services, our smoothie maestros curate a symphony of flavours that cater to every craving.

Unbox joy, unleash health, and indulge in the velvety goodness of 180 Drinks’ smoothie delivery service – because life’s too short for bland sips. Ordering is a breeze – click the  button below to get started!

Smoothie Bottle To Go

Durham Catering Smoothies

Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate Delivery

Order Coffee Delivery

Introducing the perfect blend of convenience and indulgence – coffee delivery by 180 Drinks. Imagine your event  with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee!

At 180 Drinks, we take pride in curating the finest coffee beans from around the world. And because we believe that quality should never be compromised, we source our ingredients from suppliers who share our passion for excellence.

But it’s not just about the coffee itself – it’s the experience that comes with it. With our coffee delivery service, you can bid farewell to long queues and crowded cafes. Instead, enjoy the luxury of having your favourite coffee delivered directly to you, wherever you may be. Whether it’s your office, home, or even a special event, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience from start to finish. We understand that time is of the essence, which is why our delivery service is prompt and reliable. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your coffee needs.

But don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers rave about our coffee delivery service. They love the convenience, the quality, and the personalised touch that sets us apart from the rest. Join the countless individuals who have made 180 Drinks their go-to choice for coffee delivery and experience the difference for yourself.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate coffee experience with our delivery service. Indulge in the richness of our carefully crafted blends, delivered straight to your door. It’s time to elevate your coffee game – one cup at a time.

Click the button below to place your order today and embark on a coffee journey like no other with 180 Drinks catering services!

Order Coffee Delivery

Oshawa Catering Company Coffee
Tea Catering Whitby Ontario

Tea Delivery Service

Introducing a world of flavours and tranquillity delivered right to your doorstep – tea delivery by 180 Drinks catering services.

Indulge in the sensory experience of tea with our curated selection of premium blends, crafted to awaken your senses and soothe your soul.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or simply seeking a moment of relaxation, our tea delivery service is here to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

At 180 Drinks, we believe that tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a journey of flavours and aromas. That’s why we source the finest tea leaves from around the world, handpicked for their quality and taste. From classic black teas to delicate green teas and aromatic herbal infusions, our menu offers a diverse range of options to suit every palate.

Just like our coffee delivery service, our tea delivery is all about convenience and enjoyment. Skip the hassle of searching for the perfect tea leaves or waiting in line at your local tea shop. With our delivery service, you can explore the world of tea from the comfort of your own home, office, or event venue.

Our team of tea enthusiasts is dedicated to delivering excellence in every cup. Each tea is carefully brewed to perfection, ensuring that every sip is a moment of pure delight. We take pride in offering a personalised touch, providing recommendations and guidance to help you discover your new favourite blend.

Join the countless tea lovers who have made 180 Drinks their go-to choice for tea delivery. Experience the soothing and invigorating power of tea, delivered with the utmost care and attention.

Let 180 Drinks catering services redefine your event tea-drinking experience, one sip at a time. Treat yourself and your guests to a moment of tranquillity and click the button below to order your favourite blend today.

Tea Delivery Service

Ice Tea Party Delivery

Hey y’all, beat the heat at your next party with our freshly brewed iced tea deliveries! We’re talking real-deal, fresh ingredient recipes not that powdered stuff.

Now don’t get us wrong, our Classic Black Tea infused overnight is as authentically refreshing as Grandma’s front porch batch. But we also craft thirst-quenchers like our Raspberry Iced Tea with juicy berries for a fruity kick.

We make our small-batch teas and specialty drinks right here using the good stuff – fresh  fruits and quality tea leaves. Then deliver that crisp, flavorful goodness straight to you!

So darlins, skip the dusty cans and let 180 Drinks become your new, homemade tea headquarters. We promise our fresh, all-natural iced tea deliveries will have you and your party guests lounging in refreshment all season long!

Ice Tea Party Delivery

Durham Picnic Catering Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate Catering Pickering Ontario

Hot Chocolate Dispenser Delivery

Looking for a Durham catering company that delivers hot chocolate? You are in the right place!

We offer classic dairy hot chocolate options or non-dairy options for a modern twist. We also offer pick up as well!

Whether you are looking for hot chocolate catering in Whitby or catering in Ajax or Pickering we have you covered!

Click the button below to learn more about our hot chocolate dispenser delivery!

Hot Chocolate Dispenser Delivery

Bakery Catering Delivery

Let 180 Drinks deliver decadent pastries, cookies, and treats straight to your door.

Did you know the world’s longest cake measures 17,388 feet?! While we may not offer record-breaking desserts, our creations bring joy with quality ingredients.

Surprise the office or family with a heaping box of freshly baked croissants or schedule a standing order of chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies as a Friday pick-me-up. However you choose to indulge, trust us to deliver decadent, from-scratch baked goods anytime.

Fun fact: the longest line of cookies has over 3300 cookies! While we can’t serve a never-ending treat lineup, our delivery means your next sugar craving can be satisfied without stepping foot outside. Click the link below to see our bakery catering options!

Bakery Catering Delivery

Bakery Catering In Oshawa Durham
Food Catering Oshawa

Order Fruit Platter

Our seasonal fresh fruit delivery brings farm-fresh flavour to your home or office 365 days a year. At 180 Drinks, we partner with local suppliers to source ripe, juicy, citrus, berries, tropical fruits, and melons bursting with sun-kissed sweetness.

With instant delivery to your home, now you can enjoy farmers market finds of delicious fruit conveniently on demand. Rediscover nature’s candy and the essence of freshness with every crunchy bite courtesy of 180 Drink’s fruit delivery service.

Click the button below to order our fruit platters packed with vibrant, ready-to-enjoy produce!

Order Fruit Platter

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Can 180 Drinks provide on-site staff for the catering service?

Yes, we offer the option to include professional and friendly on-site staff with our catering services. Our experienced team members are well-trained to set up, serve, and ensure that your event runs smoothly. Simply let us know your preferences, and we’ll tailor our services to match the atmosphere you desire.

Whether you are looking for staff for catering in Whitby Ontario or catering in Pickering Ontario we have you covered!

faq What types of events do you typically help with?

180 Drinks offers catering for events including:

  • BBQ catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Brunch Catering
  • Casual Catering
  • Corporate Catering (Office and Business)
  • Dinner Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Funeral Catering (Celebration of Life and Memorial Service)
  • Home Catering
  • Holiday Catering (Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras)
  • Indian Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Lunch Catering (Corporate and Office)
  • Mexican Catering
  • Party Catering (Small Party and Large Party)
  • Picnic Catering (Outdoor Catering)
  • Vegetarian Catering (Vegan)
  • Wedding Catering (Engagement and Anniversary)

Get in touch to learn more about our catering services in Oshawa and surrounding areas including, Pickering catering, Ajax catering, Whitby catering, and Uxbridge catering.

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