Negroni Kit Gift Set Delivery

The Negroni – oddly named – but one of the most beloved of all cocktails. The hugely popular Negroni has enjoyed stunning appeal over the last decade and more, achieving iconic status in many pubs and bars. The beauty of the Negroni is its utter simplicity. It’s hard to go wrong and it’s also equally hard to put down after just one drink! Find out everything about your personalized Negroni cocktail gift set.  

We have collected the best ingredients for a great Negroni gift set. Packed into our Negroni kit gift set are all the items you need to make your giftee truly happy. The liquor. The accessories. The freshest fruits. The garnishes.  The sum of which equals the perfect gifts for Negroni lovers.

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What Does Your Negroni Cocktail Gift Set Include?

Liquor Options For the Negroni Lover

The Negroni is a classic aperitif with its combination of gin, vermouth, and bitters. It’s a drink with strong, bitter notes. 

Legend has it that the cocktail can be traced back to Florence, Italy in 1919. The Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender at the Caffe Casino for a stronger version of his favorite cocktail, the Americano. The result was the Negroni, which replaced the soda water in the Americano with the botanical notes of gin. 

The gin, vermouth, and bitters, particularly Campari, have their own impact on the final flavour profile of this delectable drink. 

A popular version is a barrel aged Negroni. You can achieve this barrel flavour without the barrel aging by using a cask aged gin. 

We carefully curate the liquor options creating a unique negroni lover gift.

Negroni Gift Box: Fruits And Vegetables

We compliment our Negroni cocktail gift sets with seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables. We source organic fruits and vegetables to ensure that any cocktails made from our hamper would enhance the complex flavours of the gin and vermouth.

Negroni Gifts: Herbs And Spices

Gin, by its very nature, packs in the notes of juniper. But the botanicals that can be added to gin vary widely. Vermouth too is flavored with botanicals.

Campari features ingredients such as oranges, rhubarb, and a top secret mixture of herbs. 

Looking to enhance the aroma and visual appearance of your Negroni? An alternative Negroni garnish to the classic orange is a torched sprig of rosemary.

Citrus Fruits For Your Negroni Making Kit

The classic Negroni garnish is orange citrus based. The Negroni is a dense drink, quite concentrated in flavour. Before you take your first sip, you get a citrus burst off the nose.  

We complement our drink gift basket with the freshest citrus fruits. 

Negroni Kit Gift Set: Aperitif vs Digestive

The Negroni does not use any sweeteners, apart from the sugars that come in the liquors of both sweet vermouth and Campari. 

What is sweet vermouth and Campari? 

  • Sweet vermouth is a fortified wine digestif that usually contains about 10 – 15 percent sugar. 
  • Campari is an Italian alcoholic liqueur apéritif, obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit in alcohol and water.

An aperitif is a drink to have before dinner, with the idea that it enhances the appetite and palate. On the other hand, digestives help settle the stomach and facilitate digestion after a meal.

Bitters A Negroni Cocktail Kit

Bitter aficionados appreciate the Negroni for its bitter notes. The Campari may be an acquired taste, but it brings additional dimensions and punch. 

If you or your giftee are new to bitter aperitifs, the Negroni is a great place to experiment. 

Bitters in a negroni cocktail gift set can add another dimension of flavour and spice to the drink.

Negroni Gift Pack: Garnishes 

The orange peel is the perfect and most-used garnish for the Negroni. 

Lemon peels are also used, bringing the fresh citrus oils and flavors to the drink. Other garnishes can add a unique aromatic or flavour to the Negroni including:

  • Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or mint
  • Spices such as cloves or cinnamon
  • Sugary delights such as candied ginger or cherries

Ice For A Negroni Cocktail Set

Ice is an oft-ignored, but critical component of the drink. 

You can have the best ingredients and the best liquor but rapidly melting ice can ruin it. Ice can take away the flavors of the drink, causing the exquisite aromas to simply muddle in a pool of water. To avoid this, we suggest adding in our cocktail ice cube tray, which is designed to melt slower. This leaves your cocktail cooler and allows it to last longer.

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Negroni Glass Set

The Negroni is an eye-catching drink. It’s best served in a rocks glass. 

Our glasses leave plenty of space for large ice cubes, making it the ideal slow-sipping experience that your giftee would love!

Negroni Set Recipe Cards 

No need to scour YouTube after you send our Negroni gift hamper! 

Our Negroni gift set comes with thoughtful recipe cards to guide you through the drink building process.

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Negroni Gift Set: Snacks 

You can make your Negroni kit gift set more complete with other food items. 

Check out the individual product descriptions for snack options.

Negroni Kit Gift: Chocolate 

Chocolates are always a great accompaniment to any drink gift. We can add in chocolates to the Negroni kit gift, giving your giftee something special to savor too!

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Bar Tools 

Making a great Negroni is easy, but it’s made easier if you have the right barware for it. You don’t need to shake a Negroni, but you would need to stir it. To put together the perfect Negroni you need at a minimum: a julep strainer, mixing glass, bar strainer, peeler, bar knife, and a jigger. 

Craft the best Negroni you have ever had with our select bar tools. These are tools that our mixologists themselves use!

Build the perfect Negroni cocktail gift set with these bar tools.

Personalize Your Negroni Gifts 

We can personalize your Negroni gift set with a special message to the giftee. 

All you have to do is add a note at the time of ordering. We will make sure the recipient gets it!

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Negroni Cocktail Gift Set FAQs

I am interested in the Negroni kit gift. What are the areas you serve?

We deliver our Negroni kit gifts across Ontario. 

We offer delivery through our couriers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and by post across Ontario.

I have ordered the Negroni cocktail gift set. When will my order be delivered or shipped?

Order by 5pm for next day delivery via our local couriers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

If you are outside the GTA, or select a post delivery method at checkout your order will be processed for delivery the next business day. The shipping time depends on the shipping method and carrier selected. 

Our subscription boxes are prepared for shipment or delivery by the first week of each month. We will send you an email with a tracking number for shipments sent via post.

I need my Negroni kit gift set in less than 24 hours! Is that possible?

Oh yes! That last-minute gift panic! We have been there and we would do our best to accommodate you. Ultimately, however, this depends on the gift availability and the shipping address. For these queries, please do contact us and we will see what we can do. 

Can I pick up the gift?

Absolutely! You can pick up your Negroni kit gift set for FREE from 9am to 8pm every day at our office. This is our address: 400 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 20, Mississauga ON L4Z 1N8. 

Can you deliver the Negroni gift set on a specific date?

Definitely! You might want to have your gift delivered on a specific day because it’s someone’s anniversary or birthday. When you order from us, you can select a preferred delivery date. We will then schedule delivery for the date desired. 

Do I need to refrigerate my Negroni cocktail gift set?

Well, we suggest that you refrigerate any of the fruits such as citrus fruits and other perishable fruits on receipt. We also recommend that you take the syrups or herbs and garnishes and keep them in the refrigerator until you or your giftee is ready to make the drink. The sooner you use our ingredients, the better your drink will taste! 

Do you offer a cocktail making subscription?

We have this option because we realized that many customers didn’t want to stop with just one delivery!

Yes we do! We have cocktail making subscription is for residents of Ontario Canada.

Learn more today about our cocktail making subscription today!

I have ordered your Negroni cocktail gift set. Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding the order?

You can email us for questions about Negroni related gifts. 

How do you make a classic Negroni?

The Negroni is really simple to make. There are variations on this, of course, but the cocktail has equal proportions of all three major ingredients: gin, vermouth, and Campari. 


  • 0.75 oz Gin
  • 0.75 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 0.75 oz Bitters (almost always Campari)
  • 1 fresh orange peel

Take the gin, vermouth and bitters. Pour into a mixing glass. Add our ice cubes and stir. Strain into a rocks glass. You can garnish with an orange peel.