Muskoka Catering Including Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large celebration, trust 180 Drinks’ Muskoka catering services to provide exceptional catering that will wow your guests. We also serve the surrounding areas including Huntsville catering, Gravenhurst catering, Bracebridge catering, and Georgian Bay catering.

Beverages are our specialty – We offer fan-favourite drinks, delicious light food options, and impeccable service. Our curated menus bursting with vibrant flavours, featuring seasonal ingredients and creative preparations. Our drink options include cocktails, beer, wine, mocktails, smoothies, fresh juices, lemondes, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. We also offer light bites such as baked goods and fresh fruit.

Can’t decide on a menu? Our event planners will consult with you to design a custom menu aligned with your vision, theme and budget. And our service simply can’t be beat. From initial planning to flawless event execution, our seasoned team becomes an extension of yours – anticipating needs, providing exceptional hospitality, and ensuring everything flows smoothly so you can actually enjoy your event.

Can’t make it in? We’ll bring the best of our food and drinks directly to your door. Our delivery menu offers coffee, tea, smoothies, fresh juices, lemonades, hot chocolate, and light eats.

No matter the occasion, let 180 Drinks elevate the experience through our exceptional drinks, service, and style. Cheers!

Full Service Muskoka Catering Company Options

Mobile Bar Catering Service

Make your next event fabulous with our mobile bartending services, bringing exceptional drinks and elite hospitality right to your party.

We offer a pop up mobile bar or mobile bar truck. Our mobile bar truck is fully self-contained, we roll up ready to shake and stir superb drinks worthy of any upscale lounge.

Our bartenders have specialised training across spirit types and mixology methods to craft classics, fan favourites or signature drinks just for you. Tell us your favourites and let our team make your event extraordinary.

Design a custom bar menu with your event coordinator, featuring cocktails, beer, wine, champagne and non-alcoholic drinks tailored exactly how you like. Add shooters, POS system, drink voucher tickets – you dream it, we make it reality.

Level up your occasion with mobile bartending delivered directly to you for galas, weddings, corporate events, grad parties, birthdays and more. Bring the club, pub or lounge vibe anywhere space permits across the city.

Hire one of the top caterers in Muskoka. Let us mix world-class drinks to make your event amazing!

Mobile Bar Catering Service

Muskoka Catering Bartender
Huntsville Catering Juice Bar

Fresh Juice Bar

Provide your guests with a deliciously fresh and nourishing experience by having our fresh juice bar at your next event. As leaders in juice catering, we offer customised packages featuring organic produce blended into vivid juices, smoothies, lemonades.

We start with locally-sourced, organic fruits and vegetables delivered and juiced just before your event to provide maximum nutrition and flavour. Our cold-press process preserves vitamins and enzymes lost through heat extraction. Beyond beverages, also choose from a menu of wholesome snacks like fresh fruit or yoghurt parfaits.

Our experienced event planners will recommend popular options, guide you in menu planning, and our juice bar staff attend your event to serve creations. We offer glassware or biodegradable cups. This is a great option for Muskoka wedding catering!

With our dedication to wellness through quality ingredients and craft beverage expertise, we promise your guests will rave about both the nutrition and flavours our organic juice catering provides. Click the button below to learn how to make you the host with the most vibrant, health-conscious party in town!

Fresh Juice Bar

Coffee Food Truck and Mobile Bar

Provide your event guests a warm welcome with hot, freshly-brewed coffee, espresso and artisan tea on demand from our mobile coffee food truck or mobile bar.

More than just beverages, our mobile coffee shop uses only premium beans and loose-leaf teas to provide an exceptional café experience on-location at your party or gathering. This is a great option for catering in Huntsville Ontario or Muskoka!

Our veteran baristas undergo extensive training to master craft espresso drinks that rival premium coffee shops. Let guests select from classic espresso and caffeinated beverages like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos or choose delectable coffee-free options such as hot chocolate, or tea. Our premium loose-leaf teas offer both caffeinated and herbal blends.

Our mobile coffee truck is self-contained and outfitted with top-end commercial espresso machines, brewers, grinders and kettles so your guests can watch the theatrics and skilled work of baristas in action.  Fresh pastries, sweet and savoury baked goods are also available for catering to perfectly complement our premium drinks.

Rent our fully mobile coffee truck catering or mobile coffee bar catering for a unique, interactive experience to perk up mid-day meetings, showers, weddings, fundraisers, corporate gatherings, and more.

Let our dedicated baristas provide 5-star café catering from the convenience of our turnkey coffee food truck or mobile bar travelling directly to your event location anywhere in town. We brew exceptional and delicious drinks to let the good times flow. Click the button below to learn more!

Coffee Food Truck and Mobile Bar

Gravenhurst Catering Barista

Self Serve Juice Catering Delivery Options

Healthy Juices Delivered

Enjoy organic cold-pressed juices made from the highest quality produce and delivered fresh directly to your event with our convenient juice delivery service. Take the guesswork out of healthy eating and nourish your guests!

We source seasonal fruits and vegetables from local suppliers. We then promptly juice this produce to deliver maximum phytonutrients and vitamins straight from nature to you.

Our innovative cold-press process gently extracts juice to retain heat-sensitive vitamins, enzymes and minerals lost in traditional juice-making for a crisp, nutrient-rich beverage bursting with flavour.

Go beyond boring bottled juice and energise your everyday with our nutrient-packed, farm-fresh organic juice conveniently delivered to Muskoka, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebrige, or Georgian Bay. Click the button below to get started and taste the difference quality ingredients make!

Healthy Juices Delivered

Georgian Bay Catering Fresh Juice
Bracebridge Catering Lemonade

Lemonade Vendor Delivery

Quench your thirst with our freshly squeezed lemonade delivered right to your door. Made simply from real, organic lemons, cane sugar, and filtered water, our old-fashioned lemonade captures sunny nostalgia in every tangy sip.

We start with lemons pressed fresh to bottle bright, lively flavours and natural vitamins otherwise lost over time. Our proprietary recipe balances tart and sweet for a clean, crisp thirst-quencher suitable for all ages.

Beyond our Classic Lemonade made the traditional way, try flavours like Strawberry Vanilla, and seasonal specialties perfect for sipping solo, pairing with meals, or adding festive fizz to parties. This is a great option for Muskoka bbq catering!

With quality ingredients and small-batch production focused on taste, our lemonade makes every day feel a bit brighter. Click the button below to sip nostalgia and keep cool one lemonade at a time!

Lemonade Vendor Delivery

Smoothie Vendor Delivery

Skip the coffee line and nourish your body and mind with the convenience of healthy smoothies delivered fresh and fast to your home or office event. Whether you are looking for Muskoka or Huntsville catering services, this is a great option!

Our cold-pressed, superfood-infused smoothies provide a convenient way to get the recommended daily intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins and good fats. Power up with purpose!

We form partnerships with regional suppliers to source only the highest quality, peak season fruits and vegetables. Our smoothies are made fresh just before your event to capture vitamins and nutrients lost during transport and storage. Why drink days old bottled smoothies when you can enjoy smoothies made from fresh, organic ingredients?

With over many ingredient combinations, we will have a smoothie suited just for you.

Let us ship smoothies directly to you so you can nourish your wellbeing no matter how busy life gets! Click the below to order some wholesome smoothies for your next event!

Smoothie Vendor Delivery

Muskoka Catering Smoothies

Muskoka Coffee Company Delivery

Coffee Shop Vendor Delivery

Fuel your special day with our specialty grade, freshly brewed coffee conveniently delivered to your home or office.

We are a coffee shop vendor that uses distinguished beans from farms around the world to make your brew. Let your guests savour an artisanal cup at your next event.

Let us serve your guests freshly brewed coffee to fuel your event. Click the button below to learn more about our options!

Coffee Shop Vendor Delivery

Huntsville Catering Company Coffee
Muskoka Wedding Catering

Tea Vendor Delivery

Elevate your event tea services with our expertly curated brewed or bagged loose leaf tea delivered directly to your home or office event.

Choose from a variety of teas based on your flavour preferences. We are a tea vendor that offers exotic teas from the most fertile tea regions. Green teas shine from China and Japan while India and Sri Lanka produce sought after black teas. Expand your tea horizons!

Our teas will transport you across splendid tea regions with every sip. Let our teas delight your event guests mind, body and spirit. Click the button below to get started!

Tea Vendor Delivery

Iced Tea For Sale

Hydrate with our lightly sweetened, small-batch iced teas brimming with fragrant botanicals, made using real tea leaves and high quality organic fresh fruits.

Stay energised and restored through summer’s dog days with our iced teas, ethically sourced and crafted to uplift your day, sip by revitalising sip.

Peak flavour delivered directly to your next event – the chill way to stay refreshed. Click the button below to order our iced tea for sale!

Iced Tea For Sale

Muskoka BBQ Catering Iced Tea
Muskoka Catering Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Vendor Delivery

Looking for a Muskoka or Huntsville catering company to deliver hot chocolate? You are in the right place!

Check out our hot chocolate delivery. Click the button below to learn more about our available options!

Hot Chocolate Vendor Delivery

Bakery Vendor Delivery

Why trudge to the bakery for your next event when you can enjoy oven-fresh pastries and other sweet and savoury baked goods delivered to your door? As a bakery vendor we offer next-level convenience without compromising quality one bit.

Beyond staples like cookies and butter croissants, enjoy weekly rotating specialty items. We offer an assortment of treats to wow your event guests. Our fresh baked goods bring joy through quality ingredients baked fresh. Click the button to learn more about our options!

Bakery Vendor Delivery

Muskoka Catering Bakery
Food Catering Muskoka Fruit Cup

Fruit Vendor Delivery

Experience the vibrant burst of flavour with our fresh fruit vendor options from 180 Drinks!

Elevate your events with our delightful assortment of succulent, handpicked fruits delivered straight to your venue.

Our commitment to quality of food ensures each piece is at the peak of freshness, delivering a taste sensation that captivates your guests. From crisp apples to juicy berries, our diverse selection caters to every palate. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a social celebration, our prompt and reliable delivery service ensures your fruit platters arrive at their prime.

Trust us for a refreshing touch that adds a burst of vitality to your catering experience.

Fruit Vendor Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq How can I customise the catering menu to suit my event's specific needs?

At 180 Drinks catering, we understand the importance of tailoring our services to match the unique requirements of your event. To customise your catering menu, simply reach out to our experienced team through our contact page or give us a call.

We’re more than happy to discuss your preferences, dietary restrictions, and any specific themes you have in mind. Our goal is to create a personalised and memorable culinary experience that aligns perfectly with your vision. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll work closely with you to craft a catering package that exceeds your expectations.

faq What types of events do you cater in Muskoka?

We offer full service catering in Muskoka for events including:

  • BBQ catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Brunch Catering
  • Casual Catering
  • Corporate Catering (Office and Business)
  • Dinner Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Funeral Catering (Celebration of Life and Memorial Service)
  • Home Catering
  • Holiday Catering (Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras)
  • Indian Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Lunch Catering (Corporate and Office)
  • Mexican Catering
  • Party Catering (Small Party and Large Party)
  • Picnic Catering (Outdoor Catering)
  • Vegetarian Catering (Vegan)
  • Wedding Catering (Engagement and Anniversary)

Get in touch to experience the best Muskoka catering! Don’t forget we also do Huntsville catering, Gravenhurst catering, Bracebridge catering, and Georgian Bay catering.

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