Hire A Mobile Bartender Service & Mobile Bar For Toronto & Ontario

Beautiful drinks. Flawless planning. The finest mobile bartender service in the Toronto and Ontario. That’s us! The following is an overview of how we help with the core mobile bar service components, the bar catering we offer, the event types , and frequently asked questions.

Mobile Bar Service Components

Executing a great bar service is remarkably complex. There are several stakeholders and suppliers to deal with including alcohol regulatory bodies, alcohol liability insurance companies, bar staffing companies, party rental companies, ice suppliers, food and produce suppliers, and liquor suppliers. Having to piecemeal this all together without systems, reliable suppliers, and experience is time consuming, costly, and risky.

To execute a great quality event bar and cocktail catering service to exceed your expectations it takes a seamless integration of four core components: planning, staffing, drinks, and equipment. The following is an overview of how we help with these core components to deliver a memorable experience and fantastic value for your money spent. Our services are designed to make your experience joyful, flawless, and turn key. Be a guest at your own party and experience our premium service!

Detailed Bartending Service Planning

Our mobile bartending services offer a highly personalized experience.  You will never again need to worry about running out of drinks. Or think there’s too few staff. We take care of all of that for you. You are in safe hands with our mobile bartending services.

We conduct detailed planning to help tailor our services to your requirements and support an overall successful execution of your event. For your service we help with following planning components:

  • Providing liquor licensing or guidance on how to secure a permit.
  • Creating a menu to compliment your vision, budget, theme, preferences, dietary restrictions/allergens and food pairings.
  • Creating a liquor order which will detail the quantities and types of liquor required to execute your desired menu.
  • Aligning the service with the overall order of events / run of show.
  • Defining staff expectations, instructions, special requests, and dress selection.
  • Parking, venue access, and load-in /out.
  • Venue floor plans to inform setup / teardown and storage space.
  • Work back schedule including tasks, resources, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Stakeholder identification, contact information, and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Electrical, equipment, and water requirements.
  • Communication preferences.
  • Assessing, identifying, and managing risks.
Mobile Bar Service Planning
Mobile Bartender Service

Experienced and Entertaining Mobile Bartenders For Hire

Want to keep your party in good spirits? You have come to the right place! Our bartenders know how to combine fun and entertainment. They ensure your guests have a great time, mixing drinks with flair. Our bartenders have perfected the art of creating an unforgettable experience.

Finding a mobile bartender for an event is easy. But finding one that makes every event extra memorable is not. In the hospitality industry working bartending events is often seen as a place to start your career due to lower compensation relative to working at a restaurant or cocktail bar. This results in a disproportionate number of inexperienced staff working in the events industry and high turnover. We believe that your special event deserves a higher caliber of staff, and we offer a better level of compensation than the event industry average to attract and retain top talent. This approach helps to make us the best bartender staffing agency!

We are Toronto and Ontario’s leading bartender for hire service for a reason. Our delectable drink menus and impeccable staff are hard to beat. Our staff are seasoned industry professionals that love what they do. This passion for the trade translates into high quality service and beverages for you and your guests. Rent a bartender from 180 Drinks to add that special touch to weddings, corporate events and parties!

Delicious Drinks

Each event is unique. And so are our drink ingredients. For your event we offer a great selection of wine, beer, and spirits. You can also power up events or liven up weddings with speciality cocktails or mocktails. Our cocktails or mocktails feature top notch ingredients such as fresh herbs, spices, seasonal fruits, fresh pressed juices, syrups, clarified ice, and soda water made on the spot. Our electrifying beverage options take the atmosphere up several notches!

In addition to alcohol service drinks there are commonly other types of beverages required for events. A unique aspect of our service is that we have the ability to aggregate multiple other types of beverage services commonly required for events including full serve and self serve options such as: fresh juices, smoothies, lemonades, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. This saves you money since we deliver and serve these beverages with the staff we are already providing for your service.

We aim to use locally sourced ingredients where available. We believe our dedication to quality ingredients makes us stand out. We invite you and your guests to see, smell, feel, and taste the difference!

Bartender And Bar Catering Toronto
Bartender For Hire

Excellent Mobile Bars And Equipment

Great quality equipment is a prerequisite for the best drinks service. We redefine mobile bartending. Because we have some of the finest mobile bar equipment in the house. We help to ensure that the type and quantity of equipment aligns with the service delivery.

Want your cocktails to look good? The glassware needs to be the correct size for the drink recipe so that the washline (the level of the liquid in the glass) doesn’t look too short or overflow. Want a fast bar service? A workstation without a speed rail to hold bottles for a bartender will slow the bar service down. That intricate garnish? The best drinks can be crafted only with the best equipment.

We carry a wide selection of specialized beverage equipment that is primed for high performance as well as visual appeal too! We have all the important equipment needed to mix, shake, blend, and serve drinks that will have a lasting impression. The equipment we carry is field tested ensuring high performance and quality to execute a professional bartender service. From brandable portable bars or bar trucks, to shakers, to glassware. We have you covered. This helps to make us the premier mobile bar service in Toronto and Ontario!

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What Is Your Bartender For Hire Pricing?

Everyone has a different vision of what their event should look like. That’s why we stay away from giving you a generic price list. The cost of our rent a bartender service is tailored for you, to give you everything you want for great value.

To establish a cost for your bar catering service we will take into consideration:

  • Service duration and guest count.
  • Rentals required (e.g. portable bars, glassware, coolers, chilling tubs etc.).
  • Type of service (e.g. beer and wine only or mixologist cocktails / mocktails).
  • The type and quantity of beverages you wish catered (e.g. number of cocktails, juices, coffee, tea).
  • Any branded elements requested such as branded bars or menus.
  • Travel distance to the venue.
  • If you require additional server staff to help maintain the floor services (e.g. clear glassware or take drinks to your guests).

To request a quote, get in touch with us to set up a call with one of our event consultants.

faq Do You Have Insurance For Your Rent A Bartender Service?

To help protect you and your guests we are fully insured when you rent a bartender from us. Our services provide protection when lawsuits are brought against individuals, organizations or companies who host single/multi-day functions with alcohol service. On request we can provide a certificate of insurance with you or your company named as additional insured.

The coverage included is

  • $5 Million Commercial General Liability With Liquor Service Endorsement
  • $500,000 Tennant’s Legal Liability
  • $1 Million Personal Injury
  • $2 Million Property Damage and Bodily Injury
  • $2 Million Non-owned Automobile
  • $75 Thousand Hired Automobile

Our staff are also WSIB insured.

faq Do Your Bar Services For Events Include Liquor?

For your event we offer the option of you providing the liquor under your own Special Occasions Permit (SOP), or we can purchase the liquor under our own liquor license.

As a licensee we have access to a vast selection of liquor options from the LCBO and The Beer Store warehouses. We have a preferred menu of spirit, beer, and wine options, however we understand that for your event you may desire to have an option that is off the menu. As a licensee we can order in your preferred beer, wine, or liquor options.

faq Can I Purchase My Own Liquor?

Absolutely! Purchasing your own liquor allows you to save money on your bartender service.

The disadvantages of providing your own liquor are:

  • You would be responsible for the effort and cost of securing a liquor permit.
  • You may have to visit multiple Beer Store and LCBO locations to fulfill your order depending on product availability at each location.
  • Depending on the size of your order you may have to rent a larger vehicle to transport the order.
  • You would be responsible for managing the returns of the liquor.

If you decide to purchase your own liquor, our event planning services will help you with:

  • Providing guidance on how to secure a liquor permit (if required).
  • Providing instructions on how to fulfill your liquor order.

faq Can Unused Liquor From My Bar Catering Service Be Returned?

Any product purchased for your bar catering service can be returned for a full refund as long as it is in salable condition, or simply kept by you to enjoy for a future date. The Beer Store and LCBO return policies for event purchases are below.

For returns to the LCBO, customers may return any product that is in saleable condition (bottled sealed and label intact) to any LCBO store provided it is accompanied by the original receipt within thirty (30) days of purchase. When returning alcohol purchased at a store for a permit event, you must produce the permit and a copy of the sales receipt.

For Beer Store returns cash refunds are only provided for Special Occasion Permit (SOP returns), provided the product is sealed and still in its case.

faq How Much Should I Budget For Liquor?

We have learned from a large sample of event data that there is extreme variance in alcohol consumption patterns from one event to the next. It’s impossible to predict the exact proportions and quantities of distilled alcohol, cocktails, wine, and beer your guests will consume at your event.

For most guests a responsible consumption rate means approximately one standard drink per hour of service. A standard drink of alcohol is different for each drink type:

  • Distilled alcohol – 1.5 oz or 43ml
  • Wine – 5 oz or 142ml
  • Beer – 12 oz or 142 ml

The bullet proof approach to liquor budgeting is to establish a conservative liquor budget for your event based on the maximum distilled alcohol your guests will consume responsibly. Why base your budget on distilled alcohol you ask? Generally distilled alcohol is slightly more expensive than a standard drink of beer or wine which makes your liquor budget conservative. If you are not planning on serving distilled spirits, then simply base your budget on the higher priced wine or beer standard drink you’re planning to serve.

Your event liquor order will be approximately double the amount you need, however you can return any unused product in saleable condition for a full refund in Ontario or simply keep for future enjoyment.

To help develop a preliminary liquor budget you can use our event alcohol calculator.

faq What Types And Quantities Of Liquor Do I Need To Buy?

During formal event planning for your service we help you with:

  • Providing recommendations on liquor selections to compliment your menu, vision, budget, theme, preferences, dietary restrictions/allergens and food pairings.
  • Creating a liquor order which will detail the quantities and types of liquor required to execute your desired menu.

faq Do I Need A Special Occasion Permit (SOP) For My Party?

The need for a liquor permit depends on the nature of the event. For instance, you don’t need a permit if it’s a private event with no liquor sales. You will need a permit if the event has liquor for sale or served outside of private or non-public venues or licensed establishments.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) defines a non-public place and a non-public event as:

A non-public event is where only invited guests will attend. These events cannot be advertised and there can be no intent to gain or profit from the sale of alcohol at the event.

A non-public place is an indoor area not usually accessible to the public, and not accessible to the public during the event (e.g. a residence, boardroom or office).

faq How Do I Secure A Liquor License For My Event?

If you purchase the liquor under our license we will take care of the licensing. If you decide to provide your own liquor we will provide guidance on the type of permit you require, and how to secure your liquor permit (if required).

For more information on liquor permits or to apply for one visit:

faq Are Your Bartenders For Hire Smart Serve Certified?

Looking to hire a licensed bartender? We only have smart serve bartenders to ensure your guests enjoy responsibly.

faq Do Your Mobile Bartender Services Travel Outside Of The Greater Toronto Area?

Yes, of course! Our fully insured, professional mobile bartenders can be rented anywhere in Toronto and most surrounding cities across Ontario.

Rent a bartender in any of these cities:

Ajax, Aurora, Barrie, Brampton, Brant, Brantford, Burlington, Caledon, Cambridge, Fort Erie, Grimsby, Guelph, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Ingersoll, King City, Kitchener, Lincoln, London, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Oakville, Oshawa, Pelham, Pickering, Port Colborne, Richmond Hill, Schomberg, St. Catharines, Stratford, Thorold, Toronto (Downtown Core, East End, East York, Etobicoke, GTA, North York, North End, Old Toronto, Scarborough, West End, York), Vaughan, Waterloo, Stratford, Welland, Whitby, Woodbridge, and Woodstock.

faq Can I provide my own bar for your mobile bartending service staff to use?

Yes as long as it meets our requirements! We require a suitable bar space to deliver our bartending services professionally and efficiently.

The bar space should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Each staff requires a minimum 3 ft to 4ft of counter space for both the front and back bar (92cm to 122 cm).
  • Clean and cleared of contents.
  • Must not be a table with a storage area underneath exposed.
  • Accessible only by our staff during the service.
  • Entire bar service area must be waterproof including the floor.

During planning we require photos of the bar area to ensure the setup meets our requirements. If the space doesn’t meet our requirements we can provide a bar rental.

faq What Is The Difference Between An Open Bar And Cash Bar Only Service?

With an event open bar service the drinks have been prepaid by the host. The benefit of this style of service is that it reduces lines and wait time by eliminating payment transactions with the bartender staff. If you want to limit the number of drinks you can give drink tickets to guests as a gift.

With cash bar services for events guests can order whatever they want but are expected to pay the bar staff after each round. If the bartenders have to manage payments, it will take time away from them making and serving drinks. You may require additional staffing support to collect payment to adequately serve your guest count. A strategy to compensate for the additional resources required to manage payments is to pre-sell drink tickets in advance of the event or sell tickets at a separate kiosk at the door when guests arrive and during the service.

Sometimes the mobile bar service is a hybrid of both a cash bar and open bar. This occurs where a select number of drinks are provided to guests complimentary and then after these free drinks are exhausted the guests are expected to pay for the drinks. Regardless if you choose a cash bar or open bar, a mobile bar service is much less expensive than taking guests out to a bar or restaurant in Toronto or any city in Ontario.

Your mobile bartender can help you collect payment for drinks during your service by providing a cash float and a Point Of Sale (POS) payment system. After the event concludes we will provide you with a sales report with the income generated minus any transaction fees. We then will transfer these funds to your designated account.

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