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Service Overview

Are you looking to hire a mixologist for your upcoming event in Toronto or cities in Ontario?

Welcome to team 180 Drinks! We are a group of seasoned master mixologists for hire in Toronto and surrounding cities in Ontario. We set up your drink menu to suit your theme. On request we can also mix up custom cocktails, and even let you name your drinks! 

We add that special touch to your events to make them entertaining and fun. Our top class mixologists are committed to providing a personalized experience for each and every one of your guests. 

Count on us to keep those beers, wines, cocktails, and mocktails coming. And lucky for you, we come anywhere to you in Toronto and surrounding cities in Ontario!

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Hire A Bartender Toronto and Ontario Benefits

Great Staff

If you want to make your party stand out, don’t just hire any party helper! 

When you work with us, you work with those who know the art and science behind drinks. Who can make the party an affair to remember!

Our mixologists for hire in Toronto are legendary. Their drinks have a mouth feel with the smoothness of velvet. 

Our cocktail menu contains some of the most electric recipes. An eclectic mix of the good old classics and the latest fusions.

Rely on our mixologists to take you on a roller coaster ride of unique flavors. And during the planning process we recommend the perfect food pairings too!

Add a touch of class with bespoke drinks and hold a tasting session too!

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Great Quality Beverages

We have the easiest way to get your party started! 

Our bevy of veteran drink making bartenders for hire are known for their zest for life. They make every party in Toronto unique with their presence. 

And, of course, their drinks! Achieving the perfect alchemy is all about the ingredients.

Our beverages touch all the right notes – citrus, sweet, umami, sour – just the way you prefer. That’s because they are all made from fresh ingredients, and blended with premium equipment.  

Hire one of our mixologists in Toronto and your events will never be the same again!

Great Quality Equipment 

The biggest secret of some of the greatest mixologists out there? The equipment!

Quality does not stop with fresh ingredients. 

A satisfying cocktail can be made only with top quality stainless steel shakers and elegant mixing glasses.

Our staff uses only top-of-the-line supplies that suit the artisanal drinks that they concoct.

Our master mixologists bring to the party the tools of the trade such as:

  • Bar spoons
  • Mixers
  • Zesters/Graters
  • Citrus juicers
  • Julep strainers
  • Muddlers

With these, we create bespoke cocktail and drinks menus – just get your party started anywhere in Toronto and surrounding cities in Ontario.

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mixologists for hire serving at large party in toronto

Great Value

High quality need not come with a high price tag. 

Epic parties are guaranteed where you are. 

Our mixologists travel across Toronto and surrounding cities to save your valuable time. 

The skilled staff you hire from 180 Drinks are guaranteed to give you unmatched value for the price. That’s because we take care of everything. We bring the ingredients, the equipment, the partyware, even a customized menu.

To top it all up, we also give you our expert food pairing recommendations. And we work out all this to fit in with your budget!

See? We shake it like we mean it!

Bartender For Hire Service Types

Beer And Wine Services

Want to hold a beer and wine party? 

Hire mixologists from 180 Drinks for bespoke beer and wine services. Our talented folks will pop open some of the most exquisite wines and artisan craft beers. 

Experience the warm welcome and the elegant arrangements that our team puts together. 

Trust us, your guests will thank you for having us there.

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mixologist garnishing a drink with bitters and flower at an event in toronto

Cocktail And Mocktail Mixologist

Love a good, handcrafted cocktail? 

Lucky for you we have some of Toronto’s finest mixologists on our team. 

They know how to put together a rocking cocktail or mocktail party. The drinks are made from the freshest of ingredients ensuring you relish a bouquet of flavors. 

We create cutting-edge cocktails and mocktails to suit your palate and budget.   

Our staff circulate efficiently, ensuring your guests enjoy their libation. This leaves you free to mingle and enjoy your own party fully. 

Book our mixologists to hold only the most dazzling party in Toronto!

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Full Mixologist Service

Throwing a lively, entertaining party is a serious matter.

Book our savvy mixologists in Toronto and you can join your own guest list! Our friendly staff take care of every tiny detail while you simply enjoy the party. 

Upgrade to our full mixologist service package for the full range of delicious mixes. 

We have it all. Take a look at our extensive menu. Invite us over for an evening. You won’t be disappointed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price To Hire A Mixologist?

Wondering how much it would cost to hire a mixologist in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario? Our quotes are completely tailored to your budget and requirements. We always make sure that we cover everything that you require. To do that we need to know the following details:

  • How many guests do you expect? 
  • What’s the duration of the party?
  • What equipment would you require? For instance, would you need glassware and tables? 
  • What kind of a party are you hosting? For example, is it a cocktail party and would you need a full mixologist service? 
  • Are you looking at adding on additional beverage services?
  • How many mixologists do you need?
  • Would you need assistance with brand promotion?
  • Where’s the venue? 

Connect with us right away to get a quote! We are always up for a chat!

Can I Purchase My Own Liquor?

Yes, we always recommend buying your own alcohol. You have the liberty of returning unused bottles for a full refund. Or why not just keep them for more parties in the future!


Return bottles that are sealed to any LCBO store in Toronto or other city in Ontario along with the original receipt. Also make sure they have their labels intact. The bottles should be returned within 30 days of purchase. If your alcohol was bought for a permit event, you will need to show the permit and the sales receipt.


Similarly, for Beer Store returns, you would need to show Special Occasion Permit (SOP returns). Here too, the product must be sealed and retain its original packaging.

How Much Should I Budget For Liquor?

It’s not easy to estimate the amount of alcohol that will be consumed. That said, if you buy your own liquor, it might be easier to keep track. You have the flexibility to return unused liquor to the store. That allows you to establish an approximate budget based on the maximum that guests will consume.


Distilled alcohol is more expensive than standard drinks. It forms a good measure to establish your budget. Assume that each guest consumes one standard distilled alcohol drink (43 ml of 1.5oz) per hour.


Use our handy party alcohol calculator to help you arrive at a ballpark figure.

How Much Liquor Should I Order For The Party?

Our mixologist service planning staff are ready to create bespoke liquor orders for our customers across Toronto and Ontario! We will need details of the theme, budget, preferences, and other factors to do that. This will take most of the guesswork out. 


We will even supply the recommended bottles to make it easier for you.

Do I Need A Liquor License For My Party?

Securing a liquor permit is not always necessary. We will guide you through the entire process and advise you on the types of permits.


You don’t need a liquor permit for a non-public event in a non-public place in Ontario or Toronto with no liquor sales.


However, you will need a permit if alcohol is offered for sale.


You will also need a permit if you serve alcohol anywhere except a licensed establishment or a non-public place.


The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) defines a non-public place and a non-public event as:

  • A non-public event is where only invited guests will attend. These events cannot be advertised and there can be no sale of liquor.
  • A non-public place is an indoor area usually inaccessible to the public.


For more information on liquor permits or to apply for one visit: 

Is Your Mixology Company Fully Insured?

At 180 Drinks, our customers and their guests are our first priority. We are fully insured with a $5 million commercial general liability policy. For your safety, this also includes liquor liability coverage.

Are Your Mixologists Smart Serve Certified?

You can hire us for any party in Toronto with confidence as all our mixologists are fully licensed. They are Smart Serve-certified and dedicated to making sure your guests enjoy responsibly.

Do You Provide Mixologists Near Me?

We have some of the best event staff you can hire in Toronto or any city in Ontario! We come to you wherever you are in the city!

Do You Service Corporate and Charitable Events?

Our team of professional mixologists can handle any type of event. Anywhere in Toronto or cities in the surrounding area. Our talented bunch can manage everything from corporate events to fundraisers with equal finesse.

Do You Service Personal and Special Events?

Book our mixologists to jazz up your reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal events across all cities in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities in Ontario.

Do you Provide Mixologists For Weddings?

Weddings are our specialty! Hire our mixologists to cover weddings and engagements in any corner of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities in Ontario. We also love to be a part of bachelorette and bachelor parties too! 


Write to us today to find out more!

How Many Mixologists Are Needed For An Event?

The number of mixologists you require will depend on the type of event. 


You need one for every 75 guests at a beer and wine event.


You need one for 50 guests at a cocktail event.


This is assuming all guests need to be served at the same time. 


Email us and we can figure out the best package for your party or event!