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Welcome to 180 Drinks, where modern hospitality meets luxury catering to craft authentic experiences. Our Markham catering services specialise in alleviating the pressure from your event, offering a range of beverage services from top-notch cocktails and mocktails to impeccable fresh juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

We are dedicated to curating exceptional events that seamlessly blend delicious food and drink with Ontario’s most captivating locations and communities.

We know the pivotal role of catering in shaping unforgettable moments. Be it weddings, private parties, corporate lunches, or baby showers, we prioritise delivering a memorable experience by providing guests with delightful food options and drinks. We are one of the best catering services Markham has got.

Whether it’s a wedding catering in Stouffville or an intimate dinner party, we craft customised menus tailored to your specific occasion. Our commitment extends to bringing seasonal, high-quality beverages to your table, whether at home, a chosen venue, or your workplace.

180 Drinks strives to foster unique connections through the art of beverages by exploring natural, seasonal flavours through our carefully curated events and experiences. Our menus are crafted with creative flair, and we are always attuned to the latest culinary trends. And aim to source our ingredients where possible from local, trusted supplier networks that share our passion for delivering delicious, high-quality ingredients.

So, let’s find out what 180 Drinks has in store for you, shall we?!

Full Serve Catering Markham Ontario

Mobile Bartender Catering

Elevate your event with the expertise of our mobile bar specialists!

At 180 Drinks, we breathe life into your gathering, infusing it with a fresh and memorable atmosphere that combines creativity and positive vibes to craft your personalised event.

Here’s how it works. Our team of professional bartenders arrives, sets up seamlessly, and is geared up to turn your event into an unforgettable party!

Whether you opt for our pop up bar or mobile bar truck, we come equipped with everything essential to make your event truly special.

And we make everything quite easy for you. Did you know that we offer an alcohol calculator for instance? Our alcohol calculator tool allows you to determine your budget for drinks and services you will need from us. This will help you pick and choose exactly what you need to make your event a smash success.

Once you hand it over to us, you can relax and savour your festivities; all you need to do is sip your drink as your guests are professionally attended to throughout the evening, enjoying a delightful array of drinks and outstanding customer service.

Our mobile mixologist service offers a diverse range of bartending services, from engaging mixology workshops to captivating full-service beverage experiences.

Our professional staff are certified and come with extensive experience in the hospitality and catering industry. They are ready to meet all your special event needs with grace and elegance.

When considering a bartending service, it’s crucial to comprehend the process fully, which is what we help you do. Understanding how it works ensures that your event is complemented perfectly by skilled mixologists crafting delicious drinks your guests will love.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with the steps in the hiring process, empowering you to make an informed choice.

So ask your questions, contact us, we are right here for you. Click the button below to learn more about our mobile bar service!

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Juice Catering and Events

Becoming a part of the 180 Drinks collective is more than being a mere staff member – it entails joining the vibrant community that we have built. Our juice staff genuinely love being part of our team, which shows in the delicious fresh juices they prepare.

With our superb juice staff on our side, we have revolutionised the juice bar encounter as well as the juice delivery services out there. We always prioritise complete transparency in ingredients and our menu reflects a commitment to eliminating concealed fillers, unnecessary sugars, processed components, and artificial flavours.

Our freshly crafted juices, smoothies, and lemonades are free from unnecessary additives. It’s all about embracing clean, wholesome eating and drinking that not only tastes delightful but also contributes to a sense of well-being. Also our options are dairy and gluten free!

Click the button below to learn more about our mobile juice bar service!

Juice Bar Catering

Mobile Barista Catering

Indulge in delightful mobile coffee catering that will captivate your Markham and Stouffville event attendees. Immerse yourself in the expertise of our professional baristas as they handcraft lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and an array of other beverages. We just need a bit of space for our coffee cart, we bring the complete experience to you! That could be anything from your garden or patio to your company HQ’s terrace or car park!

Our menu extends beyond coffee to accommodate non-coffee enthusiasts and children at your event. Choose from chai lattes, hot chocolate, steamers, and a selection of teas. With our team of skilled baristas and mobile coffee carts, we can cater to crowds as small as 10 to 20 to over 500 drinks per hour. A great option for italian catering in Markham.

Versatility is our forte, and we thrive in various settings, including offices, real estate showings, anniversaries, birthday parties, holiday events, private gatherings, weddings, brunches, conferences, trade shows, conventions, corporate functions, retreats, employee appreciation events and so much more! Let us brew up smiles and contribute to the creation of lasting memories at your event with our delectable coffee, tea, and more!

Our commitment extends beyond beverages, ensuring every guest is delighted with regular and decaf hot drip specialty coffee, nitro cold brew, and an assortment of unique menu items. Elevate the cafe experience with our scrumptious pastries, hot cocoa, and refreshing juices. We prioritise quality of flavour, uphold principles of production sustainability, and champion local communities as much as possible.

Try us out will you? Click the link below to learn more about our mobile coffee truck and bar service.

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Fresh Juice Delivery

At 180 Drinks, we take your health very seriously. And it all comes down to the juice you drink every day, among other things.

When delving into the realm of beverages, the excellence and vitality of the components and the methodology of extraction play a pivotal role in crafting an optimal product.

180 Drinks has consistently championed a distinct approach, focusing solely on providing unprocessed and vibrant juices.

We’ve remained unwavering in our commitment to delivering the freshest and purest juice, enhancing the remarkable health benefits inherent in the plants we utilise. Our dedication extends to utilising great quality ingredients, and all our juices undergo a completely raw process—no pasteurisation or HPP.

And we craft everything fresh, every day in small batches using a hydraulic press, also known as the cold-press method. We favour this method in particular because it maintains the product’s temperature and mitigates oxidation by applying gradual pressure. This preserves the plants’ cellular structure and yields the purest form of extracted juice, rich in nutrients, enzymes, and flavour.

At 180 Drinks, we operate with a mission-driven ethos. We have always made a deliberate choice to prioritise our community, teams, and offerings. Rooted in the philosophy of thinking big and leading with our hearts, we have forged close partnerships with local organic farms, aligning with seasonality and availability.

In tandem with our support for sustainable and organic farming, 180 Drinks chooses glass in place of plastic or paper. The selection of glass is not just due to its ability to preserve juice flavour and its safety (glass doesn’t degrade or leach chemicals), but also because it aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Click the button below to learn more about our juice delivery service for your next event.

Juice Delivery

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Stouffville Catering Lemonade

Lemonade Delivery

When summer gives you lemons, it’s time to make lots of lemonade!

It’s the time of the year when a refreshing glass of sparkling or still lemonade rejuvenates like no other! Looking to unwind after a long day at work? Or spark some flavour some conversation with your colleges?

Click the button below to learn more about how to add lemonade to your menu no matter the weather with our lemonade delivery services and watch its magic!

Lemonade Delivery

Smoothie Delivery

Indulge in our delectable smoothie delivery experience. This is where our chefs transform sustainably-sourced fruits and vegetables into mouth watering treats customised just for you! And what’s more, the goodness we create is available to you around the clock, anytime you need it!

Celebrate the convenience of healthy, fresh smoothies, meticulously crafted from a palette of 25+ flavours using only the finest fruits and veggies. Select your preferred liquid, blend to perfection, and savour these delights during meals or as a delightful snack.

Uncover the secrets of a healthy smoothie recipe with us. Smoothies are a tasty and healthy way to incorporate 1-2 extra servings of produce into your diet, contributing to a longer, healthier life with the mandatory five servings of fruits and veggies each day.

We are very mindful of what should be avoided in a smoothie. We steer clear of artificial ingredients and excess sugars. We ditch flavoured or non-fat yoghurt, concentrated fruit juice, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sherbet, added sweeteners, and canned fruit. And we also opt for whole, natural ingredients for a completely homemade, nutritious smoothie experience.

The beauty of smoothies lies in their versatility, allowing customization based on dietary needs and taste preferences.

Explore our categories like

  • Green smoothies – which are rich in iron, potassium, fibre, and vitamins
  • Protein smoothies- promoting bone health, blood sugar balance, and muscle growth
  • Fruit smoothies – featuring an array of berries and tropical delights

For the ultimate convenience, 180 Drinks delivers chef-crafted items right to your doorstep.  A great option for breakfast catering in Markham!

Choose from our diverse menu of smoothies, harvest bowls, grains, soups, forager bowls, and more to elevate your smoothie experience!

Smoothie Delivery

Breakfast Catering Markham

Cafe Delivery Catering Company Markham

Coffee Delivery

Experience exceptional coffee delivered right to your doorstep with 180 Drinks’ Markham catering services! Our coffees are freshly roasted mere hours before embarking on their journey to you.

Coffee, to us, is an art form.

Our mission is to provide an extraordinary coffee encounter. Each sip of 180 Drinks comes from a distinct batch of freshly roasted coffee, which is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling day. We hope our coffee sparks inspiration, fuels curiosity, and keeps you energised.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our coffee is velvety, fresh, and bursting with flavour. Perfect for corporate catering in Markham!

From sourcing the highest quality beans from across the globe, to getting it roasted locally, to the meticulous shipping process, we pour our passion and dedication into every detail, ensuring that you can savour the best without having to worry about a thing.

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Coffee Delivery

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Tea Delivery

Immerse yourself in the aromatic allure of tea from 180 Drinks. Our signature teas are carefully curated from around the globe and perfected over years to grace your palate.

Whether you prefer kickstarting your day with a cup of black tea and milk or winding down with herbal tisane before bed, we’ve got you covered. At 180 Drinks, we ensure all our teas are organically grown, fresh, and responsibly sourced.

Embark on a tea journey with us, exploring classics, rare finds, and specialty blends—all from the comfort of your home. Choose your favourite type of tea or discover new blends with our thoughtfully crafted menu.

Dive into the world of tea with our little informative notes about the teas you enjoy, enhancing your tea discovery journey. Click the button below to learn more about our tea delivery service!

Tea Delivery

Ice Tea Delivery

Ice tea is synonymous with scorching summers. Thirsting for a good one? Our ice tea delivery takes care of your summers and events alike! Our iced tea is made with the freshest and simplest of ingredients.

We make the best iced tea and do you know why? Because we take care of the smallest things like experimenting with different teas, not steeping it for too long, measuring the water to perfection, etc. Ice tea is a great for a bbq catering in Markham.

Click the button below to learn more, and come sip on our iced tea and you’ll know why it’s the best!

Ice Tea Delivery

BBQ Catering Markham Ice Tea
Christmas Catering Markham Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Delivery

Hot chocolate is a delicious beverage, especially for Christmas catering in Markham!

Our hot chocolate catering service includes a variety of options for various palates! We offer flavours for delivery including classic dark chocolate to white hot chocolate. We also offer both dairy and non-dairy options which is great for vegan catering in Markham!

If you’re interested in adding hot chocolate delivered to your next event please click the button below to learn more.

Hot Chocolate Delivery

Baked Goods Delivery

180 Drinks’ baked goods delivery offers more than just delicious pastries, cookies, and biscotti; we provide a personalised experience, cherished recipes, and a comforting taste that has become a highlight of celebrations across Markham. And our commitment to preservative-free ingredients ensures the authenticity of every treat.

A delectable baked good has the power to infuse a touch of celebration into an ordinary day! Whether it’s a special occasion or a regular moment, we would love to be part of your joy. Click the button below to learn more about our baked goods delivery!

Baked Goods Delivery

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Fresh Fruit Delivery

Ever considered the convenience of having fresh fruit platters or cups delivered to you?

At 180 Drinks we have expert buyers on our team who carefully select the most delectable, in-season fruits and vegetables in your vicinity, curating special regional mixes. Opt for our classic mixes. We mix up some of our health-conscious snacks with the fruits, if you choose, as part of our packages.

Click the button below to learn more about our fruit catering service!

Fruit Catering Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What types of events do you specialise in?

We excel in a variety of events across North York and surrounding areas, including:

  • BBQ catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Brunch Catering
  • Casual Catering
  • Corporate Catering (Office and Business)
  • Dinner Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Funeral Catering (Celebration of Life and Memorial Service)
  • Home Catering
  • Holiday Catering (Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras)
  • Indian Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Lunch Catering (Corporate and Office)
  • Mexican Catering
  • Party Catering (Small Party and Large Party)
  • Picnic Catering (Outdoor Catering)
  • Vegetarian Catering (Vegan)
  • Wedding Catering (Engagement and Anniversary)

faq What is included in the catering service?

Our personalised catering service includes delivery, setup, table and equipment hire, and a offer a wide selection of high-quality menus tailored to your event.

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