Rent Lemonade Stand


Looking to add some rustic charm to your next event? Our professional lemonade stand rentals can help! This lemonade stand comes equipped with all the lemonde amenities including a prep area, ice well, and a speed rail to hold bottles of simple syrup to help serve your guests efficiently. Our lemonade stand rentals are modular in design allowing you to make as big of a bar as you need. Optional wooden back bars are available for rent as well to showcase glassware or plastic cups.

Colour Variations


Our wood lemonade stands are also available for purchase. Visit our Portable Wooden Bar shop today.

Beverage Catering Services Available

If needed 180 Drinks can provide both quality beverages such as fresh pressed lemonades to your guests for your next event. Our beverage catering services are completely portable using this lemonade stand rental. Learn more about our various beverage catering services below:

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