Jockey Box Rental


This commercial stainless steel jockey box rental is perfect to withstand the demands of a busy bar at your next event, and a great choice for dispensing beer, soda, kombucha, and wine.This jockey box can dispense ice-cold beverages without having to keep the kegs themselves cool, making it perfect for your next event.This dual faucet Jockey Box has an insulated base that keeps the cooler away from hot pavement and other surfaces for better cooling, and features a side mounted bottle opener for convenience. The comfortable grip side handles make transporting the jockey box easy. The stainless coils are far superior for cooling than the “cold plate” style jockey box.


  •     External dimensions of 24”L x 18”W x 16.5”H
  •     Dual chrome faucets
  •     Two stainless steel coils
  •     Ice capacity – 40 lbs
Jockey Box Setup

1. CO2 Tank
CO2 cylinders house the CO2 gas that is used to push beer from the keg through the beer line and out of the faucet. Generally speaking, it takes about a pound of CO2 to dispense a full size keg.

2. CO2 Regulator
A CO2 regulator helps you control the flow of gas from your CO2 tank to the keg, and tells you the volume.

3. Air Line Assembly
The air line assembly allows the CO2 to flow from the regulator into the keg, pushing beer out to the faucet.

4. Keg Coupler
Whether you plan on tapping an American D System keg or a European Import keg, we can provide you the correct coupler to fit your needs.

5. Jumper Line Assembly
The jumper line assembly connects the top of the keg coupler to the inlet on the back of the jockey box. It is necessary to get the beer from the keg into the jockey box.

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