Hot Chocolate Cup

Hot Chocolate Cup

Hot Chocolate Cup


Providing both this hot chocolate cup rental and saucer at your next event creates a cohesive and dynamic drink presentation your guests are sure to remember. The 6.75 oz. capacity is ideal for serving steaming cups of hot chocolate,tea, coffee, or cappuccino. This hot chocolate cup rental features a traditional shape with a small handle, making it easy for guests to sip on at their leisure. This crystal clear glass ensures clarity to showcase the layers of your hot chocolate, milk, and any additional flavor layers. The saucer features a wide rim designed to catch excess drips and spills to keep your counter or table tops protected as well as the ability to garnish the hot chocolate with a biscotti, cookie, or other dessert pastry.

Hot Chocolate Cup Specs

  • Capacity 6.75 oz
  • Diameter: 103 mm 
  • Height: 80.5 mm

Saucer Specs

  • Diameter 145 mm 
  • Height 21.5 mm

Hot Chocolate Cup Rental Variations

  • Hot Chocolate Cup 
  • Hot Chocolate With Saucer

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