Mobile Cocktail Bar Mixologist For Hire For Party Or Event In Toronto And Ontario

Looking for a mobile cocktail bar mixologist for hire for your next event or party in Toronto and surrounding areas across Ontario? You are in the right place!

You might be wondering what is the difference between hiring a cocktail bartender and a mixologist.

A mixologist responsibilities include:

  • Using a culinary approach to create new and innovative cocktail catering recipes.
  • Having an appreciation and in-depth working knowledge of key drink ingredients (e.g. spirits, herbs, bitters, syrups, fresh produce, ice etc.)
  • Keeping up to date with key industry trends and advances.
  • Working behind the bar and serving guests.
  • Having an appreciation for cocktail evolution and history.

A bartenders responsibilities include:

  • Making standard cocktails (e.g. Old Fashioned, Margarita)
  • Making specialty drinks created by a mixologist.
  • Quickly and efficiently serving your guests.
  • Providing great customer service by quickly serving your guests, and being personable and social.
  • Maintaining the bar

The following is an overview of the rent a mixologist service types and formats we offer, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Cocktail Party Mixologist Services Types

Cocktail Bartenders

Vintage themes. Crisp, diamond clear ice. Handcrafted mixes. Eminent cocktail bartenders.Sweet dreams are made of these!

Our cocktails features great quality non-alcoholic ingredients such as:

  • Fresh pressed lemon and lime juice.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Herbs, spices, and bitters.
  • Premium syrups and mixes.
  • Premium garnishes such as Amarena cherries.
  • Freshly made soda water.
  • Large cube clear ice.

For the liquor component of each cocktail we have recommended spirits, however our recipes allow you to substitute a specific bottle that suits your preference or budget.

Our cocktail bartenders will vitalize your next party or corporate event!

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Mobile Cocktail Bar
Mobile Mocktail Bar

Mobile Mocktail Bar

Nonalcoholic beverages have seen booming demand among Canadians recently. According to data from the payment platform known as Square, mocktail sales in the first half of January had increased 123% year over year, a new high. And the demand continues to be higher than normal. There are now even bars in Toronto that only Serve only Mocktails such as Zero Bar.

The two major categories of mocktails we offer are ones that use non-alcoholic spirits and ones that don’t. A non-alcoholic spirit may emulate the flavour of the alcohol equivalent or it may not. For example the non-alcoholic gin by the company Lyre’s tastes similar to a real gin. In contrast the non-alcoholic spirit called Garden 108 from the company Seedlip adds a herbal dimension of flavour including notes of rosemary, spearmint, and thyme.

Mocktails that use non-alcoholic sparkling wines and spirits cost similar to their alcohol equivalent. If the budget is lower it may be a better choice to choose a menu of tasty mocktails that derive all their flavours from:

  • Fresh juices, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Fresh herbs and species.
  • Syrups, soda, and mixes.

Get in touch today to learn about the best mocktail mobile mixologist services for your next event!

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Custom Cocktail Catering Toronto

When customers request a custom cocktail to complement their event, there could specific requirements for any of the following drink recipe components:

  • Ingredients
  • Flavour profile.
  • Colours.
  • Beverageware.
  • Preparation process.
  • Overall presentation.
  • Name.

Our team of mixologists will help you bring your event beverage ideas to life.

Our team will:

  • Work closely with you to design and refine your custom beverage concept.
  • Source ingredients.
  • Create and test recipes. Help you serve the final product.

Click the link below to learn more about our custom cocktail catering process.

Our Custom Drink Process

Rent Mixologist

Mobile Mixologist Service Station Formats

Mobile Cocktail Party Bars

Most event bar rentals are designed as a box structure with no other features other than perhaps a shelf on the inside. While this box design may allow for an efficient beer or wine service, it will slow a mixologist down. Our bars are designed to help a mixologist prepare cocktails or mocktails efficiently for your guests.

The bar features that help a cocktail mixologist for hire serve efficiently and professionally are:

  • Integrated ice wells to scoop ice for drinks quickly.
  • Speed rail to provide easy access to the most frequently used bottles.
  • Integrated garnish trays to keep these within short reach.
  • Clean and luxurious look to give your guests a wow factor.
  • Modular design allows seamless connection of multiple bars when more than one mixologist is required.

Whether you are looking for a bartender for a private event or corporate event this is a great option!

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Party Mixologist

Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck Rental

A mocktail or cocktail bar truck is a great option for various scenarios. Some of these scenarios are:

  • Hire a cocktail truck for a food truck event.
  • Branding a cocktail truck with a design or message.
  • Serving boozy drinks in cold weather.
  • When no tenting is available for the mixologists.

Each mobile cocktail bar truck can support up to two mixologists. Click the link below to learn more!

Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

faq How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Mixologist To Create A Custom Drink?

There are three levels of customized drinks our event mixologists for hire can offer customers ranging from simple to complex.

Level 1: Renaming A Drink

Renaming is drink is a fun and low cost idea to personalize your drink menu. There is no extra cost to rename a drink from our menu.

Level 2: Minor Drink Recipe Revision

A minor drink recipe revision we define as an adjustment of one drink recipe element from our existing menu that uses our internal supply chain of ingredients or equipment.

The drink recipe elements for example could be:

  • Garnish.
  • Liquor.
  • Herbs and Spices.
  • Syrup.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Bitters.
  • Beverageware.
  • Ingredient proportions.

A minor drink recipe revision requires internal testing from our team and administrative time to create a new recipe in our cocktail catering system, so we do charge extra for this service.

Level 3: Custom Beverage Creation

A custom beverage involves creating an entirely new drink recipe from scratch. When compared with level two, the cost for this service is higher and the timeline required is longer (Usually 3 to 4 weeks). Often with custom beverage recipe development we have to source ingredients, equipment, or beverageware that is outside what we offer and as such requires a custom budget.

faq Can I supply the ingredients for my event cocktail catering?

Because of the nature of event liquor licensing in Toronto and Ontario, we offer the option for the customer to provide the liquor under their permit or we can supply it under our license.

We supply all the non-alcoholic ingredients for the cocktail catering because we have to ensure these meet our quality and food safety standards. The only exception where we may allow a customer to supply the ingredient is to use for their drink is when their service is part of a custom drink project where the ingredient is manufactured by the client in a food safe facility.

faq Do You Have A Mobile Cocktail Bar To Match My Event Theme?

Wondering about themes? Leave it to us!

We can customize your mobile cocktail bar and drinks menu to compliment your events theme.

Pick from some of the most popular themes like:

  • Tiki or island drink party.
  • Great Gatsby cocktail party.
  • Wild west saloon cocktail catering.
  • Breaking Bad mixed drinks party.
  • Spooky halloween drinks.

What’s more, our veteran Toronto mixologists for hire can prepare a custom cocktail to match the theme of your vision. We tailor the mobile cocktail bar all for you!

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