Funeral Catering, Celebration of Life Catering, and Memorial Service Catering

In life, there are moments we experience that linger with us and remain etched in our memories. The passing of a beloved person is one such moment when the world around us seems to pause, and every beat of our hearts reverberates with fond remembrance.

We make things easy for you and your guests with our services. We deeply understand the significance of these moments and the immense range of emotion they bring, especially when it comes to providing funeral catering, memorial service catering, or celebration of life catering that resonates with the occasion.

It’s a time for reflection and remembrance, for families to come together and celebrate the life that was. We recognize the importance of these moments and have a team of experienced staff who can prepare and serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and light bites.

We want to be a pillar of support for families during this difficult time, ensuring that every gathering is marked by warmth, care, and dignity. At a time when family and friends come together to honor the life of someone they love, it’s important that every detail is attended to with care and respect.

Our team understands the importance of those details and are here to provide a service that goes beyond simple catering for funeral reception. We strive to create a warm, caring atmosphere for funerals, memorial services, or any gathering dedicated to celebrating the life of someone special.

We understand the importance of food and beverages to bring people together, especially in moments of grief. Our specialty services are designed with this in mind. We have curated comforting menus that resonate with love and care – nourishing not just the palate but also the heart.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional funeral reception catering service with a compassionate heart. Each gathering will have all the warmth and attention it deserves, ensuring that the experience honours each person in attendance. The below is an overview of our menu options.

Memorial and Funeral Catering Services

Bartender Staffing

As cultures around the world differ in their ways of honouring the departed, they often provide a unique touch to commemorate life and death. From Mexico’s “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), where families create altars and offer food to departed spirits, to Japan’s “Obon” festival that honours ancestor spirits, each custom brings its own unique touch to commemorating life and death.

During these powerful moments, especially in diverse cities like Toronto, many seek out meaningful ways to honour those who have passed on, remember fond memories, and provide comfort to those grieving.

In many cultures, raising a glass in honour of someone has been an age-old tradition. Drinking is often seen as a way to commemorate the life of the deceased and bring people together in their shared grief. In places like Ireland, and even in many gatherings facilitated by funeral catering in Toronto, wakes are usually accompanied by drinking to celebrate the life that was lived.

We are known for memorial catering and catering for funeral services, and provide compassionate and professional services for these sombre occasions.

We understand the deep emotions everyone is feeling, so we strive to create a respectful atmosphere with our catering for memorial services with understanding and grace. Our bartenders have the skills to not only make drinks that meet your tastes but also provide a calming presence that will be appreciated by all guests.

Our memorial and funeral mobile bartender catering services are a key part of our funeral catering in Toronto. We understand that in times of mourning, it can be comforting to come together and remember the departed.

That’s why we provide thoughtfully curated beverages for your special event – from classic drinks to non-alcoholic options. Even more, we specialise in creating special commemorative cocktails to honour your loved one, providing a unique touch that celebrates both life and death. Our goal is to offer the best in memorial catering, so you can find solace in honouring the memories of your loved ones.

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Bartender Staffing

Funeral Catering Bartender
Celebration Of Life Catering Juice Bar

Juice and Smoothie Bar

We understand the gravity of saying goodbye to a loved one. Our team is here to provide compassionate funeral catering services that will honour their memory with warmth and care.

Whether it’s for a funeral reception, a gathering to celebrate their life, or any other commemorative event, we are committed to making things easy for you and your guests.

When catering for funeral reception, we understand that during trying times, people need a refreshing and wholesome beverage option. To meet this need, we offer a unique service tailored for memorial and funeral events. Our staff serves an array of freshly squeezed juices with subtle and comforting flavours. These beverages are both revitalising for guests’ bodies while providing emotional comfort.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the best service possible, so that all your attention can remain on honouring your loved one. Click the button below to learn more about our juice and smoothie bar options!

Juice and Smoothie Bar

Coffee Bar Catering

At 180drinks, we understand the healing power of a warm beverage. We provide coffee bar catering services for memorial and funeral events, as a gentle gesture to help bring peace and comfort during difficult times.

As one of the leading catering companies for funerals, we’re proud to offer funeral catering menus tailored to each event. With our bespoke funeral catering packages, you can ensure that the experience we provide fits perfectly with your needs.

As an added touch of warmth to ease heavy hearts, our coffees and teas offer a momentary escape from the world’s complexities — so that in the tender moments of remembrance, emotions can be expressed with kindness.

Our team of expert baristas are well-trained in both coffee making and understanding the delicate nature of the occasion. We have a mobile coffee station with state-of-the-art equipment that sets up quickly and provides immediate access to comforting drinks. Each cup is made with careful attention to every detail, from grinding the beans to heating the water, delivering a warm beverage that comforts those present.

We offer an extensive menu to suit all tastes and preferences. Our coffee selection includes the full-bodied flavour of a classic espresso as well as the creamy texture of a latte. We also provide cappuccinos, with their delicious foam topping for those looking for a more subtle taste. For those seeking catering for funeral services with a broader range of options, we have a selection of teas to choose from: chamomile for a calming effect, green tea to energise you, and Earl Grey to soothe every palate.

Our baristas support guests in their moment of grief with words when needed or in peaceful silence when preferred – ensuring that all focus remains on honouring the departed while providing solace to those present. Click the button below to learn more about our funeral coffee bar catering.

Coffee Bar Catering

Funeral Reception Catering Barista

The Best Juice Delivery

Cold Pressed Juice Delivery

180 drinks memorial and funeral catering services is dedicated to providing a way for people to honour the passing of loved ones with something special. Our celebration of life catering services make sure of that. Our juices are made from the freshest ingredients, creating a unique and refreshing way to remember those who have passed on. We believe that in times of reflection and remembrance, nourishing the body can be just as important as nourishing the soul.

Saying goodbye to someone we love is never easy. As a vital part of funeral reception catering, we have a fresh juice delivery service that offers a simple touch of comfort in these difficult times.

Our juices are pure and invigorating, making them perfect for catering for funeral reception, allowing mourners to connect with nature and one another as they remember the life of their loved one.

Cold Pressed Juice Delivery

Juice Funeral Catering Menus
Lemonade Funeral Catering Packages

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Our memorial and funeral lemonade delivery is dedicated to providing a comforting beverage experience with our freshly squeezed lemonades.

As part of our funeral catering packages, these drinks seek to capture the bittersweet side of life, combining just the right amount of sweetness with freshly squeezed lemons. This is a unique funeral catering idea that your guests will remember.

Our range is one of the best among catering companies for funerals, and includes classic lemonade, pink lemonade, and a variety of fruit infused options for those looking for something different.

In the scope of catering for funeral services, we want to offer a refreshing touch that caters to all tastes on this difficult day, all while keeping funeral catering prices reasonable. Click the link below to learn more about our fresh squeezed lemonade options.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Best Smoothie Bar Delivery

We recognize that life is an ever-changing blend of experiences, emotions, and memories. Therefore, our service strives to provide a variety of smoothies to commemorate the richness and diversity of life.

As an extension of our funeral home catering offerings, our selection includes everything from revitalising berry blends that are packed with antioxidants to tropical mixes that bring back the pleasant nostalgia of sunny afternoons.

Our smoothies are more than just drinks – they’re a celebration of life. Our team is dedicated to crafting smoothies that bring comfort and sweetness to those in mourning. We pay extra attention to detail and, as one of the leading catering companies for funerals, can also work with families to create a unique menu that might carry special memories or meanings.

Best Smoothie Bar Delivery

Smoothie Catering For Funeral Services

Memorial and Funeral Cafe Delivery Catering Services

Celebration of Life and Funeral Coffee Delivery

At a time when emotions are raw and hearts are heavy, our funeral coffee delivery  service aims to be a beacon of warmth and comfort.

Coffee and other hot beverages have been a part of gatherings for centuries, offering a comforting aroma and taste that defines funeral catering and celebration of life catering. They symbolise remembrance and shared memories.

We want you to feel the same warmth when you receive your cup of coffee or tea as you would in the presence of someone who cares deeply about your experience. With our funeral catering menus, you have a selection tailored for these occasions.

Through the simple act of offering a cup of coffee or tea, we hope to provide a moment of respite, a touch of normalcy, and a small solace in moments of remembrance. Click the button below to learn more about our coffee delivery options.

Memorial and Funeral Coffee Delivery

Coffee Catering Companies For Funerals
Funeral Tea Catering

Memorial and Funeral Tea Delivery

Our funeral tea catering service offers a wide variety of teas to provide comfort and relaxation, which is a huge part of our funeral reception catering. From robust black teas to soothing herbal teas, our selection, a part of our diverse funeral catering packages, has something for everyone.

This is a great option whether you are looking for funeral catering in Hamilton or celebration of life catering in Toronto.

Every cup is carefully prepared so that your guests can find solace in a perfectly steaming cup, making it a staple in catering for funeral services. Click the button below to learn more about our funeral tea prices and options.

Memorial and Funeral Tea Delivery

Bottled Iced Tea Delivery

For those warmer days or for those who prefer a chilly refreshment, our bottled iced tea delivery is the right choice, especially for events needing funeral catering in Toronto or Ontario.

Our catering for memorial service has options like classic, and flavoured iced teas, which provides a refreshing range. Click below to learn more about the best bottled iced tea delivery.

Bottled Iced Tea Delivery

Celebration of Life Catering Hot Chocolate
Celebration of Life Catering Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Urn

Looking for a hot chocolate urn for your funeral or memorial? You are in the right place!

Our hot chocolate is a great option to warm your friends and family spirits while they remember their loved one.

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Hot Chocolate Urn Delivery

Desserts For Funeral

Looking to have a funeral dessert table? We offer baked goods to provide a sense of comfort in an otherwise difficult time, these items, paired with our funeral home catering, provide a homey touch. Also a great finger food option!

Every item is made with love, ensuring that each local caterer’s funeral order is filled with the best ingredients, all at reasonable funeral catering prices.

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Funeral Desserts Delivery

Funeral Catering Toronto Baked Goods
Fruit Catering Companies For Funerals

Fruit Board Platter

Looking for easy desserts for a funeral? Our fresh fruit board platter, a favourite in funeral reception catering, offers a selection of nature’s finest, hand-picked fruit.

Whether you want a mix or some specific varieties, these fruits, ideal for memorial catering, stand as a testament to the abundance nature has gifted us. This is a great option for funeral food catering.

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Fruit Board Platter

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What types of food and beverages do you serve at a funeral reception?

We offer customizable catering solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. We cater a wide variety of beverages and a limited menu of comforting foods. We can serve a range of non alcoholic beverages including coffee, tea, fresh juices, smoothies, and alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and cocktails.

We can help you create a menu that reflects the personality and preferences of your loved one, while also ensuring that all guests, including those with dietary restrictions or personal preferences, can enjoy the food and drinks. From vegetarian and gluten-free options to other dietary accommodations, no one has to miss out.

We prioritise the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients in all our beverages for a truly comforting and satisfying experience. Depending on your needs, we offer comprehensive packages that cover everything, simplifying the planning process while guaranteeing consistency in quality service. Additionally, we adhere to strict standards of hygiene and safety, making sure our staff is well-trained in responsible food handling practices.

faq What is included in your all-inclusive funeral catering services?

We offer an all-inclusive beverage service and light bites. This means that we not only bring the drink ingredients but also ensure that all necessary equipment, serveware, tables, mobile bars, and linens are available as part of our package. That way, families can spend their time together without worrying about the details of the event.

faq What does your funeral catering cost?

We understand that each funeral is special, which is why we offer customizable menus so families can create an experience that truly reflects their loved one’s personality and preferences. Due to this level of customization, each quote is custom as well.

The average cost of funeral catering fluctuates based on a variety of factors such as the level of service, number of guests, diversity of menu options, distance to the venue, length of service etc. For a quote please get in touch with us today to start the process to hire a caterer.

faq I am looking for funeral catering in Toronto. Do you service this area?

Yes! We offer funeral catering in Toronto and across the GTA and surrounding cities in Ontario including:

  • Barrie Catering (Collingwood, Orillia, Midland, Bradford, Innisfil, and Simcoe)
  • Belleville Catering (Prince Edward County and Cobourg)
  • Brampton Catering (Bolton and Caledon)
  • Brantford Catering (Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Norfolk, Caledonia, Norwich, and Waterford)
  • Burlington Catering
  • Cambridge Catering
  • Guelph Catering
  • Hamilton Catering
  • Kitchener Waterloo Catering
  • London Catering (St. Thomas)
  • Markham Catering (Stouffville)
  • Milton Catering (Georgetown, Acton, Carlisle, and Terra Cotta)
  • Mississauga Catering
  • Muskoka Catering (Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay)
  • Niagara Catering (St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, and Grimsby)
  • Oakville Catering
  • Orangeville Catering (Grand Valley, Erin, Mono, and Amaranth)
  • Oshawa Catering (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Uxbridge)
  • Peterborough Catering (Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Minden)
  • Richmond Hill Catering (Newmarket and Aurora)
  • Stratford Catering (Perth, St Marys, and Mitchell)
  • Toronto Catering (Downtown, York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough)
  • Vaughan Catering (Woodbridge, Concord, Thornhill, Maple, and Kleinburg)

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