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The perfect blend of breakfast and lunch. Welcome to brunch catering!

Brunch has a fascinating origin. It’s believed that the term was first coined in Britain in the late 19th century. Eventually, it became popular in the US in the 20th century.

That’s when restaurants and hotels started to promote it as a fashionable time to dine. Brunch these days has now evolved into a beloved tradition. It swaddles that in-between time between breakfast and lunch.

Looking for the best brunch catering in Toronto or a brunch food truck? At 180 Drinks, we provide beverage catering services in the Toronto and Ontario region. We offer a range of brunch beverages such cocktails and mocktails, beer and wine, coffee and tea, and fresh juice bar options such as cold pressed juices, lemonades, and smoothies.

We can provide full service catering, or you could pick and choose from our delivery services below. We regularly feature among top places that cater brunch not just because our services are exceptional but also because our prices are competitive. Either way, we ensure that your brunch is hassle-free with our brunch party catering.

Full Serve Brunch Catering Services

Mobile Bartender Catering

Want to have some creativity and flair at your brunch? Then, our mobile bartenders are the answer.

We have an expert team of bartenders and mixologists who can craft the perfect brunch cocktail or mocktail. Think mimosa’s and caesars, bloody mary’s, sangria, and espresso martinis!

Our bartender services include

  • Menu customization
  • Bar set-up
  • Responsible service
  • Recommendations
  • Presentation

When you offer alcohol at an event, you might be worried about just how you can manage all of it. That’s why we think mobile bartenders are a great option. They are trained not just to serve drinks but also to handle the bar and create the right ambiance.

Note that our mobile bartenders come with the necessary licences and permits to serve liquor. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception or corporate event this is a great option for brunch event catering!

Click the link below to learn more about our mobile bartending services for some boozy brunch catering.

Mobile Bartending Services

Brunch Catering Bartender
Brunch Catering Toronto Juice Bar

Brunch Juice Catering

Whether it’s a casual party or an upscale brunch, having juice at a mobile juice bar can take the load off your shoulders. And all our packages including brunch wedding catering services feature our full juice menu!

Our skilled juice staff know how to operate professional juicers, and prepare some of the freshest juice, smoothie, and lemonade options. For full serve juice catering we offer both a mobile juice bar and food truck service platford.

You can choose the duration of the juice staff, as per your event. They will do the set-up and the clean-up of the juice station, afterward, leaving you free to enjoy the party and relax.

Click the button below to learn more about our mobile juice bar options for your brunch!

Mobile Juice Bar

Mobile Barista Cart

Having baristas to cater to your guests is a fantastic addition to your buffet. Think of ways in which you can spruce your brunch up. An interactive coffee cart, with some of the best baristas in town would be one idea!

Our talented baristas are also skilled at handling professional coffee equipment. Whether it is the right black coffee you require or an artisanal espresso, they can cover that.

All our catering services come with the highest-quality ingredients. And it’s not just coffee that our baristas can make. They can whip up a perfect cup of tea or hot chocolate just as well.

We ensure there’s no mess. Our baristas will do the clean-up after the event. They can plan the menu with you, the event, and define the tasks, schedule, and roles.

Hundreds of customers have experienced our professionalism and service. Click on the link for more and get to experience the same!

Mobile Barista Cart

Brunch Cafe Catering

Brunch Juice Delivery Catering Services

Best Juice Delivery For Brunch

A lot of brunch places that cater do not offer this unique option of fresh juice delivery. But when planning for a brunch, it’s a good idea to offer different juice options. This will help you to accommodate different guest preferences. They can choose from classic juices to more adventurous flavours.

We use only the freshest fruits and vegetables for our juices. And they don’t hamper your brunch catering cost either!

The process of ordering fresh juices for your brunch is pretty simple. Let us know all the details about your event in advance. Include the number of guests, their preferences, the event date and location, and any specific packaging requests you may have.

The next step? Carefully select the kind of juices you want. Next, decide on the packaging for the juices. We offer glass bottles with the option to custom brand our packaging, which is a great option for a corporate brunch!

We also ask that you ensure that there’s adequate space for a self-serve juice delivery. Fresh juices are best served chilled. Let us know if you want cooler rentals, chilling tub rentals, and ice and we will add that in.

Juice Bar Delivery

Best Brunch Catering Toronto
Order Brunch Catering Lemonade

Brunch Lemonade Catering Delivery

We also offer a wide range of lemonades. This classic drink is believed to have been first introduced in Egypt, but it’s a beloved drink now in most countries.

Our lemonades are made from the freshest lemons. You can opt for conventional classic lemonade or choose some of the more artisanal ones as well.

Some of our popular lemonades include mango lemonade, spicy chilli lemonade, and even classic pink lemonade.

Nothing like a cool lemonade to add a fresh, citrusy zing to your brunch.

Our lemonades can be delivered in sustainable packaging. Click the button below to learn more about our lemonade delivery options!

Lemonade Catering Delivery

Brunch Smoothie Delivery

Smoothies aren’t just for breakfast.

They make for a great brunch option, too. We offer you or your guests the option to customise any of our smoothie blends.

They can choose their favourite fruits or vegetables, greens, and proteins. You can also add superfoods like spirulina and hemp hearts.

Berry blast: For a brunch option that just about bursts with antioxidants, consider berry smoothies made from strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries into your brunch catering menu. With their vibrant flavours, most of our customers and guests love this option!

Green goblins: A good brunch is about balance. Our green smoothies are packed with healthy greens such as spinach or kale.

Tropical thunder: Nothing staid or conventional in this. A dash of pineapple. A   serving of coconut milk. Some mango. Or perhaps passion fruit?

These aren’t the only items on our menu, remember. Click the button below to learn more about our options!

Brunch Smoothie Delivery

Vegan Brunch Catering Smoothie

Brunch Cafe Delivery Catering Services

Brunch Coffee Delivery

There’s something timeless about the appeal of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. We can elevate your brunch with these classic coffee experiences:

Classic brews: We brew our coffee from freshly ground beans!.

Iced coffee: This is a popular choice, especially during summers.

We can provide coffee delivery for events of any size.

You can personalise your coffee delivery with branded cups. Click the button below to learn more about our brunch options!

Brunch Coffee Delivery

Brunch Catering Menu Coffee
Brunch Wedding Catering Tea

Brunch Tea Delivery

Teas are a great way to enhance the brunch experience. Consider these choices when you order from our brunch tea delivery.

Classics: A strong black tea like is guaranteed to set your guests in the right mood. You can choose to serve this black or with a dash of milk and sugar. Great for brunch afternoon tea!

Infusions: Not all guests want caffeine. For them, it might also be ideal to offer fruit-infused tea. Our lemongrass citrus blend for example can add a burst of freshness and sweetness to your brunch.

Greens: The health and fitness-conscious guests may love this!

We can also add a range of tea accessories as well to your tea delivery. For example if you need teacup rentals instead of disposable cups. Click the button below to learn more about our tea delivery options!

Tea Delivery

Sweet Tea Delivery

This refreshing beverage is often best served at brunch, if you ask us. There are as many varieties of sweet ice tea as there is tea. But while delivering ice tea, it’s important to maintain the cold temperature.

We deliver our ice tea in multiple ways. For large gatherings, we suggest beverage tub rentals with ice. This is convenient when you don’t have barista staff during your service, and the guests can serve themselves. This setup is also particularly useful during outdoor events.

Click the button below to learn more about our various options. For example check out our branded tea bottles which are terrific for corporate brunches!

Sweet Tea Delivery

Brunch Party Catering Iced Tea
Best Brunch Catering For Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Traveler Box

Looking for a brunch hot chocolate option? We offer hot chocolates with both dairy and non-dairy options in a disposable traveler box or insulated dispenser rental.

Toppings include whipped cream or marshmallows.

Click the button below to learn more about our hot chocolate delivery options!

Hot Chocolate Traveler Box

Brunch Baked Goods Delivery

No brunch is really brunch without an assortment of delicious food options. And that is what we call our fresh baked goods.

From chocolate chip cookies to a buffet style dessert food station we have you covered. Click the button below to learn more about our baked goods for brunch!

Brunch Baked Goods

Brunch Catering Packages
Brunch Catering Services

Brunch Fresh Fruit Delivery

Fruits are a refreshing and hydrating addition to any brunch menu. Not only do they add a burst of colour to your table, but they also are great for visual appeal.

Importantly, fruits can pair with many dishes. For example, you can serve our fresh fruits with yoghurt, on top of pancakes or waffles, or as toppings on a French toast.

Fruits are also a naturally inclusive choice that can cater to diverse guest requirements. Also a great vegan brunch catering option!

Some of the common fruits we include at brunches are:

Citrus fruits: A perennial classic. Oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits are always popular for their zesty flavours.

Berries: Strawberries or blueberries are versatile and make for great toppings on pancakes or waffles.

Apples: Crunchy apples pair well with cheese platters!

Click the button below to get some more brunch fruit ideas!

Brunch Fruit Platter

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What type of beverages do you offer for brunch cafe catering?

We offer a diverse range of beverages, including fresh juices, smoothies, lemonades, hot and iced coffee, and tea. Our personalised menu ensures that your brunch’s beverage offerings perfectly match your preferences and theme.

If you prefer to have alcohol, we can arrange for that and mobile bartenders.

faq How is food presented during a brunch event?

Well, this depends on what kind of event you are having. Whether it’s a formal or informal brunch, and the style of service (hor d’oeuvres, plated dinner, buffet etc). But we can arrange for brunch catering to be presented as a self serve station, or provided to your guests with a full serve option.

faq What is the typical timeline for a full-fledged Sunday brunch catering service?

Our caterers usually arrive a few hours before your event for the set-up. Most of our brunch services last for about 2-4 hours. This is flexible and varies, depending on your food and drink requirements.

faq Can you accommodate or work around specific dietary requirements or restrictions for our brunch guests?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions. We offer catering with non-dairy drinks, organic ingredients, gluten-free options, vegetarian or vegan, and more to accommodate different dietary needs.

faq What steps are involved in booking your brunch catering packages?

Quite simple. We want to make it as hassle-free as possible. Start by reaching out to us here and discussing your requirements.

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we will put together a personalised plan that will ensure that you focus on the rest of the wedding. We will handle all the planning, execution, and set-up.

Please note that we customise each quote.

faq Is there a minimum guest count for catering?

No. We cater to all sorts of events. From events that run into hundreds and small, intimate gatherings. It’s your event, and we wouldn’t want to put restrictions. For the best value, however, we recommend a start size of at least 25 guests.

faq Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable beverage options?

We understand and are equally committed to sustainability. We use the highest-grade organic ingredients for any of our food or beverage services. But we can also go an extra step and offer eco-friendly packaging. This can include biodegradable cups and reusable glassware too.

faq Is brunch catering suitable if the event is held outdoors?

Oh yes. We can adapt brunch catering for outdoor events too. Our caterers have experience in setting up brunch in gardens and parks!

Please let us know when you reach out to us for a quote – we will be able to offer precise planning depending on your location. And of course, the weather. A brunch food truck is a great option for an outdoor event!

faq Do you provide hot and cold brunch options?

Indeed, we do. Our full-service brunch catering menus include a mix of hot beverages such as coffee and tea. For cold items, we serve fresh fruit platters, yoghurt parfaits and juices or smoothies.

Please check with us for the full range of brunch menus. Remember that we can customise any part of the menu.

faq What kind of events are best suited for brunch catering?

Well, any event, really! Brunch catering is perfect for a wide range of events. From weddings to baby showers to corporate meetings to family gatherings, brunches can cover any event.

faq What are your brunch catering service areas?

You can order brunch catering in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby cities across Ontario, including:

  • Barrie Catering (Collingwood, Orillia, Midland, Bradford, Innisfil, and Simcoe)
  • Belleville Catering (Prince Edward County and Cobourg)
  • Brampton Catering (Bolton and Caledon)
  • Brantford Catering (Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Norfolk, Caledonia, Norwich, and Waterford)
  • Burlington Catering
  • Cambridge Catering
  • Guelph Catering
  • Hamilton Catering
  • Kitchener Waterloo Catering
  • London Catering (St. Thomas)
  • Markham Catering (Stouffville)
  • Milton Catering (Georgetown, Acton, Carlisle, and Terra Cotta)
  • Mississauga Catering
  • Muskoka Catering (Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay)
  • Niagara Catering (St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, and Grimsby)
  • Oakville Catering
  • Orangeville Catering (Grand Valley, Erin, Mono, and Amaranth)
  • Oshawa Catering (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Uxbridge)
  • Peterborough Catering (Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Minden)
  • Richmond Hill Catering (Newmarket and Aurora)
  • Stratford Catering (Perth, St Marys, and Mitchell)
  • Toronto Catering (Downtown, York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough)
  • Vaughan Catering (Woodbridge, Concord, Thornhill, Maple, and Kleinburg)

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