Brampton Catering Including Bolton and Caledon

Brampton is a foodie’s paradise with a vibrant multicultural community at its heart. As you may have guessed by our name 180 Drinks we specialise in Brampton catering related to beverages! We also service the surrounding areas including Caledon and Bolton.

We have absorbed a little bit of everything into our full serve catering and delivery menus.  From cocktails and mocktails, to cafe style beverages like coffee and tea, or fresh juice bar options such as cold pressed juices and smoothies, we have you covered!

Brampton is a picturesque city, which started life as the “flower town” in the late 19th century as greenhouses began blossoming in the area. In the early 1900s there were numerous greenhouses sporting prize blooms like orchids, roses, and other colourful flowers. We offer beverage options that pay homage to this history that incorporate floral notes such as lavender, hibiscus, elderflower, and rose.

Office parties, corporate lunches, weddings, graduation celebrations or private parties, you get a taste of the world right on your plate! We are among the best caterers in Brampton. And that’s because our services are unparalleled and we are there for you for any event you need! Whether you need help with an office lunch, corporate event or wedding,  we have covered them all.

Full Serve Catering Services Brampton

Mobile Bartender Catering

Ballroom elegance or home comfort, having a mobile bartender taking care of your guests is a relief. Our professional bartenders craft all libations with love and personalise them to suit the mood and taste of the guests.

With our mobile bartender catering services we deliver joy no matter where you are. Premixed in kegs, kept fresh, and served on tap or muddled on order we make sure your guests relive their moments again and again long after the event.

We have a full range of cocktails, mocktails, whiskies, gins, beers, and anything else you can think of. Want to know what some of our cocktails look like? Here’s a sampling.

Mango Mojito – we combine white rum, lime, mint, mango puree, and soda to revive and rejuvenate.

Espresso Martini – crisp fall nights demand warm, silken drinks like a mix of dark, intense espresso with coffee liqueur and a drop of vodka to round off the taste.

Hugo – it only sounds innocuous but has a bracing mix of prosecco, elderflower syrup, lime juice, mint, and soda water.

Is there a particular mix that you have in mind? Want to replicate a family recipe? We’re here to give it a shot with our custom beverage services.

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Bar Catering

Bartender Catering Services Brampton
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Juice Staff Catering

180 Drinks’ range of beverages doesn’t stop with just the cocktails or the G&Ts. We have a fine range of fresh juices too, and what’s more, we even have a specialised team to serve!

Our juice staff catering services include fresh pressed juices such as cold pressed juices, smoothies, fresh pressed lemonades!

And the good news? We don’t distinguish between events for juice staff catering! Whether it’s a breakfast meeting or a children’s birthday party we ensure our juice staff is right there to entertain and top up your guests’ glasses.

If you’re looking for food catering Brampton you can stop your search right here! You can add the juice option to lunch platters, snack options, brunches or dinners. And while you’re at it why not try out our range of fruit cups or platters? Because they go really well with cold-pressed, crisp juices!

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Juice Catering

Mobile Barista Catering

Brampton has a diverse community. Which means that there’s a wide range of coffee tastes to cater to.

A mobile barista ensures that your guests are in good hands. They ensure that each guest’s needs are accommodated with the choice of everything from the richest dark roasts to creamy cappuccinos and the most decadent chai tea lattes.

If your community is diverse, why not make your coffees diverse too?

A mobile barista doesn’t just brew coffees. They can also help you set-up coffee stations. This can be customised to match your event’s theme, making for a visually engaging experience.

And most importantly, mobile baristas are all about convenience. With our baristas, you don’t have to worry about the menu, or setting up a coffee station, brewing, and the dreaded clean-up afterward. They handle everything, ensuring that you are free to focus on your event.

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Barista Catering

Coffee Catering Services Brampton

Brampton Juice Delivery Catering Services

Fresh Juice Delivery

Juices are nothing but invigorating elixirs that give you the jolt you need in the morning or in the middle of the day.

Tried some of our cold-pressed organic juices? Organic vegetables and fruits, preservative and chemical-free gives you all the nutrition as well as taste you seek!

We are committed to 100% fresh juice with no sugar but only fruit pulp to give you the real flavour. You get your fruit juice, chilled, freshly pressed, and bottled ready for you to drink on the go.

Want to know some of the unique and delicious juice mixes we offer?

  • Mango and tangerine juice
  • Pineapple turmeric juice
  • Refresh mint juice
  • Tropical fruit punch
  • Beet apple ginger juice

Sounds incredible, right?

Our mixes are perfect if you want to go on a juice detox or simply recharge during the day.

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Juice Delivery

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Lemonade Delivery

How can we say no to lemonade ever?

And especially when it comes to OUR lemonades?

We offer good old classics inspired by old school lemonade stands. But isn’t it fun when you try something different? Treat yourself to new flavours such as strawberry vainilla, or iced tea lemonade blends!

So come on, look for event catering Brampton or party catering Brampton and find us. It’s time to liven up the party!

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Lemonade Delivery

Smoothie Delivery

Summer in Brampton can be hot and there’s nothing better than a cold, delicious smoothie to quench those parched throats!

Smoothies are one of those feel-good foods that you can never get enough of. It’s like great coffee – they make you feel you are at your very best!

If you need smoothies for your events, be it breakfast or dinner (hey, preferences vary!) we deliver it right to your door. And if you are looking for home catering Brampton services, our smoothie delivery is very much a part of it.

Also, did you know that we have a mobile smoothie bar or truck option as well? We provide the necessary professional staff who will serve the smoothie mixes your guests need!

Everyone loves our smoothies and is also healthy and nutritious at the same time! Everything is prepared and served fresh, personalised, and handcrafted with only the freshest, seasonal produce to keep you fit and healthy!

Smoothie Delivery

Breakfast Catering Brampton

Cafe Delivery Catering Services

Coffee Delivery

Coffee makes the world go round. At 180 Drinks we make no exception to events when it comes to coffee! Lunch, brunch, late night parties, we get you your coffee when you need it, as you like it!

Get some of Brampton’s finest brews delivered direct to your door. Nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of artisanal coffee made with intense dark roast beans.

Enjoy coffee on tap at your events, customise the taste and type, or just get your cup delivered to you hot.

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Coffee Delivery

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Tea Delivery

Tea lovers abound in plenty! And we have a cup of tea for every one of them!

Whether it’s birthday parties or a raucous graduation dinner celebration, there is bound to be someone who prefers their tea, just so. And we are here to make it exactly as they like it. Choose from a wide array of blends of organic premium loose tea including chai tea, earl grey, green tea and herbal varieties!

Teas go excellently with teacakes, brownies, fudges, apple turnovers, biscottis and other treats. All you need to do is make your choice and our catering services staff will package it all, and get it delivered to you for a delightful birthday party or brunch or any other event!

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Tea Delivery

Ice Tea Delivery

No summer is complete without iced tea. On those long days of sunshine when you work hard and play harder, an iced tea is just the thing to energise and refresh you.

We here at 180 Drinks cover every inch of catering in Brampton Ontario. So you will see our name whether you look for Brampton catering or Caledon catering or Bolton catering! And we deliver morning or afternoon teas separately or include the iced teas in any event you need.

Ice Tea Delivery

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Hot Chocolate Delivery

At 180 Drinks, we understand that hot chocolate is a beloved beverage, especially during the colder months.

Our hot chocolate catering service includes a variety of options to suit your preferences. We can provide classic hot chocolate made with rich, creamy chocolate and topped with marshmallows or whipped cream.

Whether you’re hosting a winter-themed event, a holiday party, or simply want to warm up your guests, our hot chocolate catering service is a delightful addition.

Our professional staff will ensure that your guests are served with warm and delicious hot chocolate throughout the event.
If you’re interested in adding hot chocolate to your catering package, please click the button below to learn more about our catering options and get in touch with us.

Hot Chocolate Delivery

Baked Goods Delivery

Sweet treats. Savory baked items. You get it all with us!

Our catering services provide baked gastronomical delights. And we cover the whole range of classics as well as contemporary fusion dishes too.

Whether you’re organising a small home party or a large corporate event, our delicious baked goods will satisfy the sweetest tooth in the room.

And coming to our savoury creations such as our mouthwatering croissants, we put on our finest baking displays for all your guests.

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Baked Goods Delivery

Brampton Catering Baked Goods
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Fresh Fruit Delivery

Nothing replenishes the nutrients in our bodies like fresh fruit and vegetables. 180 Drinks is here to deliver the freshest fruit to go with your breakfast smoothies or coffee catering!

Our goal is to ensure that you and your family stay safe and healthy and we make nourishment not just convenient but instant! Because all you need to do is simply add on our fresh fruit delivery services to any event you need us to cater for.

Breakfasts or after parties, weddings or birthdays, we do them all. Taste the zing of freshness and the burst of flavour that is a characteristic of only the freshest of fruits.

Fruit Catering Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Do you cover all events in Brampton and Caledon?

Yes we do! We cover all types of events including:

  • BBQ catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Brunch Catering
  • Casual Catering
  • Corporate Catering (Office and Business)
  • Dinner Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Funeral Catering (Celebration of Life and Memorial Service)
  • Home Catering
  • Holiday Catering (Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras)
  • Indian Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Lunch Catering (Corporate and Office)
  • Mexican Catering
  • Party Catering (Small Party and Large Party)
  • Picnic Catering (Outdoor Catering)
  • Vegetarian Catering (Vegan)
  • Wedding Catering (Engagement and Anniversary)

What’s more, when we say we do events, we go all the way. From event planning and designing your menu, to supplying the necessary accessories like  glasses, and even wait staff, to preparing and delivering all the beverage ingredients, we do it all. We customise everything down to the last detail, as well.

faq Can you accommodate different dietary restrictions in your Brampton catering company services?

Why, of course. When you come to us for an event we sit down with you and ask you detailed questions right at the outset to understand your requirements. That includes customising the menu as per your dietary needs. Choose from a variety of dietary options including vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, lactose-free, vegan, sugar-free, and others to make sure that all your guests can enjoy the food without restrictions.

faq Do you require a commercial kitchen on-site?

Not at all. All you need to do is specify the space you want your event to be hosted, and we bring all the food and beverages!

faq Can you provide bar services?

We provide full-fledged bar services for all events. Whether it’s a small party or a large corporate event we can set up a mobile bartending service or deliver the necessary items to you.

Why not try out our experienced bartending staff and expert mixologists if you want to wow your guests? Our team specialises in funky cocktails and mixes, and they can leave your guests delighted for days to come!

Our handcrafted cocktails are made with the freshest of ingredients and we do some unique mixes, which are definitely to be tasted to know the difference!

faq Do you have insurance?

Yes. Our catering services are fully insured. We are one of the premier Brampton catering companies in this region.

Our coverages are:

  • $5 Million Commercial General Liability With Liquor Service Endorsement
  • $500,000 Tennant’s Legal Liability
  • $1 Million Personal Injury
  • $2 Million Property Damage and Bodily Injury
  • $2 Million Non-owned Automobile
  • $75 Thousand Hired Automobile
  • Our staff are also WSIB insured.

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