Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

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Our curated Bloody Mary cocktail kit is a great option for those looking to expand their flavour horizons with three unique variations of this classic from the 1920s!

The highlights of our Bloody Mary cocktail kit are:

  • Includes a curated selection of premium spirits including vodka and tequila.
  • Includes a classic Bloody Mary recipe, and two close cocktail relatives called a Vampiro and Michelada.
  • Available in three or six drink sizes. 
  • Includes fresh lemon, orange, and lime citrus. 
  • Optional curated set of best practice cocktail bartender tools and glassware. 
  • Includes a Bloody Mary drink making guide with detailed drink recipes and an overview of key cocktail making skills. 
  • Optional cocktail food pairings.
  • Optional note card to deliver a special message to a gift recipient. 
  • Delivery available across Ontario.*If you need to ship to multiple addresses, please contact our concierge support by either emailing us or calling us at 1-877-712-9686.


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Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

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Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit Menu

Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

Bloody Mary


The origins of the Bloody Mary are widely debated; however the most accepted story is that it was created by Fernand “Pete” Petiot in the 1920s while working at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The original recipe was very simple with just equal parts vodka and tomato juice. 

After the prohibition era Fernand moved to New York City and brought the recipe with him. The New Yorkers thought the drink tasted bland and were not very impressed. Fernand decided to spice it up with ingredients such as Tabasco, lemon juice, and Worcestershire. This is how an American classic came to be. 

This classic Bloody Mary offers a rich addition of flavours using an award winning premium potato vodka with bready notes.


Chopin Vodka / Lemon Juice / Tabasco / Worcestershire / Tomato Juice

Garnish: Sea Salt / Green Olive / Lime Wheel

Chopin Vodka

Chopin vodka is Produced only from mid-September into early December, this vodka is crafted from naturally grown potatoes by select local farmers in the fertile Podlasie countryside. Late harvested potatoes ensure a higher starch content and a richer, more flavorful spirit, and as many as seven pounds of potatoes are required per bottle, which are unpeeled, pressure-cooked and distilled four times, before being distilled with artesian well water and filtered five times.


Flavour Camp Herbal, Bready/Grainy, Rich
Principal Ingredient Potatoes
Alcohol Volume 40%
Distillery Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek, Polmos-Siedlce Distillery
Geography Poland



Oscar Hernández is the inventor of the Vampiro, which is arguably one of the greatest tequila cocktails in all of Mexico. While working selling vegetables at a roadside stand in the 1970s he used to make this drink to keep cool in the heat. Oscar’s customers said that he looked like he was “sucking up blood” while he was drinking, so he decided to call them vampiros.  

The customers started to ask to prepare one for them, and at first he gave them away for free to keep them coming back to his vegetable stand. He sells the drinks in plastic bags tied up around a straw so you don’t spill everywhere. 

This Vampiro cocktail offers a rich addition of flavours with Tromba Blanco featuring notes of freshly cut green herbs, pineapple, caramelized agave, lime, honey, light mint, and citrus oil. 


Tromba Blanco Tequila / Tomato Juice / Orange Juice / Lime Juice / Tabasco

Ganish: Sea Salt / Lime Wheel

Tromba Tequila

La tromba is the name given to the intense rainstorms that rejuvenate the rugged tequila producing highlands of central Mexico each summer. 

Their master distiller Marco Cedano created the first batch of premium 100% agave Tequila in 1988. Tromba is distiller owned which gives them control over every step of their production process. 

Tequila Specs
NOM 1547
DOT 259
Alcohol/Vol 36%



The Michelada was popularized in Mexico around the 1940’s. The mi means “my”, and the combination of words “chela” which is slang for beer, and “helada” means cold. The word Michelada loosely translates as “my cold beer”.  

The origins of the michelada are not fully known, however legend has it that “El General” Don Augusto Michel would frequent a local cantina in San Luis Potosi with his soldiers. To help Michel lift his soldiers spirits after a day of fighting, he would order a beer with lime and add hot sauce. The owner of the cantina named the drink after Michel, combining his name with “chelada” (Cold beer). 

This Michelada is crisp and bursting with lime citrus, with a balance of spicy and savoury.


Corona / Tomato Juice / Tabasco / Lime Juice / Tabasco / Worcestershire

Garnish: 180 Drinks House Rimmer / Lime Wheel

Corona Extra Beer

Corona is the best-selling Mexican beer in the world. It was first brewed in 1925 by Grupo Modelo to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. The beer is light straw in colour, light in taste, and has little hop bitterness. 

The distinctive crown logo is based on the crown that adorns the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the town of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.

Corona Extra Specs
Beer Type Pale Lager
Principal Ingredients Barley malt, corn, hops.
Alcohol Volume 4.6%
Brewery Grupo Modelo 
Geography Mexico

Bloody Mary Drink Kit Glassware

Highball Glass

Ideal for a bloody mary, vampiro, or michelada cocktail, the glass’s smooth, clean lines provide a polished, modern look that you are sure to love. 

While its weighted sham provides a comfortable, sturdy feel in your hands, its crystal-clear clarity expertly showcases your drinks to ensure an eye-catching presentation every time.

Featuring a durable, thick-walled glass construction, this highball glass is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, its straight sides make this glass stronger and less prone to breakage than curved glasses.

The smooth, rolled rim provides comfortable sipping and is great for garnishes. 

Volume: 10 oz
Total Height: 5 5/8″
Diameter at Mouth: 2 1/2″
highball glass

Starter Cocktail Set


Our stainless steel Starter Cocktail Set includes core pro equipment to prepare a Bloody Mary cocktail, and all stirred and shaken cocktails. 

What Is Included
Shaken Cocktail Set
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Hawthorne Strainer
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
Stirred Cocktail Set
  • Jigger
  • Bar Spoon
  • Mixing Glass
  • Julep Strainer

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