Birthday Party Catering Toronto & Ontario

Looking for catering for a birthday party? You are in the right place! Whether you are celebrating your first or 100th birthday we are there to make it a happy one!

We specialise in both full serve and self serve beverage catering options. From coffee shop beverages like espresso and tea, to a cocktail and mocktail bar, or juice catering options such as fresh pressed lemonades, juices, and smoothies, we have you covered!

Our services let you enjoy a birthday to the maximum. And that’s what it needs to be, isn’t it? A birthday party that is fun for everyone – guests and the host. And you can only do that when you have an expert, dedicated team at hand. That’s what we provide. So, rest assured and have a slice of happiness.

We provide birthday party catering services that can be customised. We can customise the menu, from the number of beverages to the ingredients used. Learn more below about the options to enjoy the best catering for birthday parties!

Full Serve Happy Birthday Catering Services

Birthday Bartender Catering

Keep the spirits high at your birthday party with our mobile bartender catering services. Catering for small birthday party services is now easy with us!

If you’re looking for a fun birthday party idea, why not consider mobile bartender catering? Or food truck catering for a birthday party can be another option!

But let’s talk about mobile bartender catering right now. It can be an exciting addition to the birthday, and with our professional touch, you can enjoy your party without a care in the world. We can handle everything from a choice of spirits to a mix of cocktails.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile bartender catering is how it offers you a selection of the venue of your choice. Whether you’re in your backyard or an art gallery, our mobile bartender catering will be present.

Here is a popular idea for you to consider:

The Cocktail Corner: Start your birthday off with some beautifully constructed cocktails. No matter what your guests are in the mood for, classic or customised, they will find a cocktail they like. Perhaps they’d enjoy the simple gin and tonic or a rum-based Mai Tai. If whiskey is their choice, how about a Whiskey Sour or a Manhattan? Or, your guests and you can keep it simple and opt for a Martini or Piña Colada.

If you’ll enjoy something more bespoke, tell us your favourite spirits and flavours, and we will give you a list of delicious drinks.

Pro tip: Here’s an exciting idea – Rename the cocktail for the birthday person!

Our professional bartenders come fully trained. So, get in touch today for birthday party catering prices. Click the button below to learn more about our options!

Birthday Bartender

Bartender Catering For Birthday Party
Birthday Catering Juice Bar

Birthday Party Juice Catering

A catering package for a birthday is a great way to let someone know that they matter to you. Apart from decorating the space, pitching in for a beautiful gift, and planning the food, how about also considering a juice service for everyone? Even if it’s just a small birthday party catering service. It’s included in all of our packages including in landmark events like catering for 40th birthday parties too!

Consider a smoothie bar. Our juice staff can make it as health-focused as you’d like. From the uber-popular mango smoothie, with its fruity taste, to a superfood-filled Cocoa oat, the smoothie bar is bound to please.

We will happily make cold-pressed juices, and lemonade everyone, using only the freshest ingredients and accompaniments.

Our juice service can also include mocktails, a great party drink idea.

If you’re having a birthday party at a different venue, we can cater that too, thanks to our mobile juice staff.

Click the button below to learn more about the best birthday catering.

Juice Catering

Birthday Mobile Coffee Shop

We owe our birthday parties to ancient Egypt, where the Pharaoh’s coronation date was celebrated with great joy.

What is also intrinsic to Egyptian culture is coffee. Yes, their love for coffee is so legendary that they have their name for it- ahwah.

Connect the past and the present with a mobile coffee shop to celebrate your special day. Great for a coffee themed birthday party as well!

Our baristas can give you many drink options- latte, Americano, cappuccino, and macchiato, to name just a few.

If your guests are in the mood for something cold, then iced coffee is on offer, too.

And did we mention the incredible variety of toppings and accompaniments we have on offer? There’s something for everyone!

Our mobile coffee shop is professionally trained and can cater to any requirement. We offer both a pop up bar and food truck option.

Mobile Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Birthday Party Catering Toronto

Juice Delivery Event Catering Services

Juice For Birthday Party Delivery

A birthday means a fresh new year. How about a fresh juice delivery for the day, too?

Here are some of the biggest advantages of fresh juice delivery:

  1. Freshness: Nothing compares to the flavour of juice that’s been freshly squeezed. Thanks to our delivery service, your guests and you can enjoy this deliciousness.
  2. Variety: Our juice varieties and combinations are possibly endless. From fruits like orange and pineapple to vegetables like carrot and cucumber, we can tailor-make your juice choice. Low-fat, custom-made, allergy-sensitive- we can offer it all.
  3. Convenience: Let’s face it- making juice is not always easy. It can also be messy, depending on the maker’s expertise. Juice is a lovely idea for a birthday, and thanks to our mobile service, you can enjoy the party without worrying about anything.
  • Health: We love all the fun food that comes with a birthday party! But if you feel like slowing down just a bit, let our juice delivery service help you reload on good health. Filled with nutrients and antioxidants, our juices will surely be a great addition to the party.

Birthday Juice Delivery

Best Catering For Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Catering Lemonade

Lemonade Birthday Party Delivery

We all have a favourite drink. It could be alcoholic or juice-based, caffeinated or yoghurt-based. And this favourite drink is our go-to choice no matter what, including at a birthday. The extremely popular lemonade is a crowd-pleaser.

Instead of going the tried and tested route, why not consider a lemonade delivery option for your special day? This is a great option for a lemonade themed birthday also!

There are obvious advantages to a lemonade delivery. Apart from the nostalgic feeling of the little lemonade store from childhood, a delivery option gives you many great choices, convenience, and our professional expertise.

Click the button below to learn more about our fresh pressed lemonade options!

Lemonade Delivery

Smoothie Delivery Ontario

A birthday is a lot of responsibility. And one of the things that takes the most time is planning the food and drink.

Let us make this simple with our birthday party smoothie delivery.

Now, before you wonder whether a smoothie has a place in a birthday party, let’s assure you that it does. Here’s how:

  1. Perfect for a children’s party: If you’re hosting a birthday party for kids, the smoothie delivery is a perfect addition. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.
  2. A healthier substitute: You cannot have a birthday without cake. We’d never suggest that! We mean a healthier substitute for all the sweet treats that often go into making a birthday special. A smoothie is a delicious way to have your cake and eat it, too.
  3. Customization options: A smoothie delivery allows you to play around with flavours and tastes, additions, and ingredients. Guests can let their imagination decide what their next drink will be.
  4. Themed smoothies: If your birthday has a theme. We will create smoothies that fit right in with it. Winter wonderland or summer fun in the sun- we can make it all work.

Click the button below to learn more about our smoothie delivery service in Ontario!

Smoothie Delivery Ontario

Smoothie Catering For Small Birthday Party

Cafe Delivery Catering Services

Birthday Coffee Delivery

Looking for coffee places that cater for birthday parties? We have what you need!

It’s a classic combination- coffee and cake. And when it’s a birthday cake and fantastic coffee, the joy is doubled.

Why not offer your guests a range of coffee-based beverages at your birthday party? Also a great coffee birthday idea!

At 180 Drinks, we always ensure that the coffee is ground fresh.

You can also choose from non-milk versions, like oat milk.

Our coffee can be served hot or cold, depending on the guest’s choice.

No matter the group size, we have it covered.

Click the button below to learn more about our coffee delivery options!

Coffee Delivery

Birthday Party Catering Toronto Delivery
Tea Catering For Birthday Party At Home

Tea Party Birthday Delivery

How about an elegant tea service to accompany your birthday party?

Perfect for afternoon get-togethers, our tea delivery is the best in the business. And one of the biggest reasons is our attention to detail.

For example, did you know there is a right kind of water to brew tea? Water at a 7 Ph level is ideal for tea. Let’s also consider that the water must be soft, not hard, to give a perfect cup of tea.

It’s not just the water that needs to be just right. The tea leaf must be well-shaped to offer a full bouquet. This way, when the tea is brewed, you enjoy the full flavour of the beverage. Our tea leaves are also carefully stored away from sunlight.

Our attention to detail also extends to the temperature of the water the tea is boiled- each tea needs a different temperature.

Finally, we ensure the tea is organic, loose-leaf, and free of pesticides and chemicals.

Click the link below to learn more about our tea party delivery options!

Tea Party Birthday Delivery

Ice Tea Delivery

Ice tea is often the perfect beverage for a birthday. It is an excellent accompaniment for a beach or pool party or a birthday in the summer months.

Think about us for your ice tea delivery needs.

We offer a wide range of ice teas-raspberry, citrus, and lemonade ice tea mixes, to name a few.

You can choose between a full-serve or a self-serve, as well.

Click the link below to learn more about our ice tea delivery options!

Ice Tea Delivery

Iced Tea Catering Package For Birthday
Hot Chocolate Birthday Catering

Hot Chocolate Traveler Delivery

Looking for a hot chocolate traveller for your birthday? You are in the right place!

Our hot chocolate is creamy with both dairy and non-dairy options! Toppings available include marshmallows or whipped cream.

Click the button below to learn more about our hot chocolate traveler box options!

Hot Chocolate Traveler Box

Birthday Baked Goods Delivery

What’s a party without baked goods? Luckily, thanks to our baked goods delivery, you’ll never have to find out.

If you’re planning a champagne lunch, we have a pastry platter that would be perfect for it.

If you’re hosting a birthday picnic, we will bring our bakery party trays to make it even more special.

You’ll enjoy a wide range of baked goods, from apple turnovers and cookies to croissants, with our delivery service.

Each of our offerings is baked with care by a team of professional bakers. We only use the highest quality of ingredients, free of artificial additives, to create our sweet treats. It is also a great finger food option!

Click the button below to learn more about some of our delicious food options!

Birthday Baked Goods Delivery

Bakery Best Birthday Catering
Birthday Party Food Catering

Birthday Fruit Tray Delivery

The good thing about a birthday is that there are no fixed rules. You don’t want a cake? That’s fine. Would you like to do it on the weekend, for better convenience? Sure, that works too. Do you want to serve fruit along with dessert or instead of it? That’s entirely possible as well.

Thanks to our fruit tray delivery, you can enjoy a wide range of fruit-based treats at the party.

A fruit delivery makes sense for many reasons. It is convenient and takes away the hassle of going to the market, choosing, and carting back fruit. Fruit and berries are delivered fresh, keeping their deliciousness intact.

Looking for catering services for a birthday party? Click the button below to learn more about our fruit tray delivery options!

Birthday Fruit Tray Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Do you have an option for self-service tea?

Yes, we do. We offer a self-service ice tea station with the option of a range of menu options.

The tea is served in glass bottles, making them safer for the environment. If you need, we can offer ice in chilling tubs, too.

faq How does one get in touch with you for birthday catering in Toronto?

This is extremely simple. You can use our website to request a quote. Fill in your name, email address, phone number, and what service you need, and we will get back to you with the best possible options.

faq What ages do you provide catering for a birthday party at home?

We have catered to all ages and even milestones such as:

  • 1st birthday catering
  • 18th birthday catering
  • 40th birthday catering
  • 30th birthday catering
  • Catering for a 50th birthday party

A first birthday catering, we know, is quite a special event. Check with us for special packages for this. No matter the type of event, you will always need beverages!

faq What about a food truck birthday?

We provide some of the best food trucks for birthday parties. This is a great option for catering for a 1st birthday party!

faq What sort of rentals do you have on offer?

We offer rentals that can help with your beverage service.

Here is a short list of the things that you can rent from us:

  1. Bar rentals
  2. Glasses
  3. Tables
  4. Bar equipment
  5. Beverage dispensers
  6. Coffee machines

Let us know what you’ll need, and we can work out what works best for your party.

faq Could you tell us about some of your smoothie flavours?

Sure. We have flavours that can please pretty much everybody. Here are some of them.

  1. Mango pineapple
  2. Raspberry hibiscus
  3. Chocolate oat
  4. Strawberry coconut

These are just a few of our options. The variety of beverages we offer makes us a unique catering place for a birthday party!

This is a great option for dietary requirements such as gluten free menu items.

faq Can you help with a cocktail party?

Absolutely! The cocktail party is one of our specialties. We are happy to offer you a list of spirits we’d recommend or work with your preferences. Here’s what else we have on offer:

  • Wonderful garnishes of the freshest herbs and cherries
  • Freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetables
  • Syrups, soda water, mixes, bitters, large clear ice cubes

Please let us know what you need, and we can tailor make a unique cocktail experience for you. A cocktail party is often a must for our birthday dinner catering services.

faq Do you provide birthday party catering services in Toronto and Ontario?

We provide birthday party catering services to the GTA and nearby cities across Ontario, including:

  • Barrie Catering (Collingwood, Orillia, Midland, Bradford, Innisfil, and Simcoe)
  • Belleville Catering (Prince Edward County and Cobourg)
  • Brampton Catering (Bolton and Caledon)
  • Brantford Catering (Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Norfolk, Caledonia, Norwich, and Waterford)
  • Burlington Catering
  • Cambridge Catering
  • Guelph Catering
  • Hamilton Catering
  • Kitchener Waterloo Catering
  • London Catering (St. Thomas)
  • Markham Catering (Stouffville)
  • Milton Catering (Georgetown, Acton, Carlisle, and Terra Cotta)
  • Mississauga Catering
  • Muskoka Catering (Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay)
  • Niagara Catering (St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, and Grimsby)
  • Oakville Catering
  • Orangeville Catering (Grand Valley, Erin, Mono, and Amaranth)
  • Oshawa Catering (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Uxbridge)
  • Peterborough Catering (Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Minden)
  • Richmond Hill Catering (Newmarket and Aurora)
  • Stratford Catering (Perth, St Marys, and Mitchell)
  • Toronto Catering (Downtown, York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough)
  • Vaughan Catering (Woodbridge, Concord, Thornhill, Maple, and Kleinburg)

Get in touch for the best birthday party catering services!

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