Belleville Catering Including Prince Edward County and Cobourg

Experience the 180 Drinks Belleville catering services’ dream team – we’ve got the skills to pay the bills (and the meals)! From small soirees to blowout birthday bashes, our catering crew brings delicious drinks and light bites. We also serve the surrounding areas and do Prince Edward County Catering and Cobourg Catering.

Forget sad tasteless drinks. We craft hip, drool-worthy beverage menus for events with actual flavour, finesse, and fun. Think cocktails and mocktails featuring fresh ingredients, espresso, tea lattes, smoothies, rich and creamy hot chocolate,cold pressed juices, and fresh pressed lemonades. If you can dream it, we can theme it!

From event equipment like portable bars, glassware, tables, and linens to the beverages itself, our team will handle it all. Our staff deliver everything and help serve food and keep those glasses filled. Post party, we whisk away dirty dishes and debris, leaving behind NBD tidiness. Who doesn’t like hassle-free hospitality and easy clean up?

Let our catering crew handle the service (and clean up) so you can enjoy the things that matter – like spending time with your guests! Contact us to get that culinary celebration started.

Full Service Bellville and PEC Catering, and Catering in Coboug Ontario

Bartender Services For Party

Level up your next party with our mobile bartenders! Our roaming bartenders deliver the gear, garnishes, and good times. They are ready to quench any crowd’s thirst in style.

Cocktail mixer extraordinaire? Check. Sommelier-quality wine pairing talents? Mais oui! Artisan ale curating abilities? You betcha! From bubbly welcome drinks to craft brews, we pour on the charm.

Our bar kit has all the fixin’s with none of the fuss. For happy guests, smiley hosts come part and parcel with 180 Drinks’ Prince Edward County catering services!

We’re like your favourite lively neighbourhood bar – to-go. With us as your portable potables provider, there’s no need to cram guests around a kitchen counter or haul heavy coolers. We bring the bar wherever the fun’s at!

From backyards to house parties, wedding receptions to grad bashes, we pour imagination and expertise into every cocktail, mocktail, and craft brew. This is a great option for wedding catering in Cobourg Ontario!

Signature drinks made to order with top-shelf spirit options and fresh juices, bites to nibble between sips, even glassware polish and tray passing – we mix and mingle the night away.

Ditch the Do-It-Yourself drinking duty so you can soak up time with loved ones. Let us create an inclusive vibe with drinks everyone can enjoy. Contact us to get the happy vibes pouring at your next celebration!

Bartender For Party

Mobile Bar Catering Belleville
Prince Edward County Catering Juice Bar

Party Juice Catering

Looking for party juice ideas? Upgrade your next event’s drink menu with our juice bar catering crew! We’ll send in our team of juice artists armed with top-of-the-line presses and piles of farm-fresh produce to craft the ultimate healthy hydration for your guests.

Give that boring bottled water and soda the boot. Our juice gurus will service creative concocting nutrient-packed juices, smoothies, and tonics tailored to your group’s tastes.

With customizable combinations, your guests can sip and savour fruity flavours galore. Our staff will slice, squeeze, and serve customised orders all event long to keep the vitamin-infused goodness flowing. We’ll even include biodegradable straws and eco-friendly cups in our zero-waste pop-up juice bar setup.

Quench thirsts healthfully and deliciously – let our catering crew juice up your next birthday, bridal bash, corporate meeting and more!

Party Juice Catering

Mobile Cafe

Need to energise your early morning meeting or perk up your afternoon celebration? Call in our mobile barista crew!

We’ll rev up your event with our mobile cafe, ready to serve up artfully crafted coffees, teas, and more to impress your guests.

Our top-notch baristas don’t just do drip brew – we’re talking professional espresso machines, and commercial grinders. We’ll dial in delicious classic espresso drinks from macchiatos to mochas, perfectly frothed cappuccinos to creamy cortados. Iced or steamy, we’ve got the fix.

Beyond caffeinated sippers, we also serve up sublime hot chocolate, spiced chai teas, refreshing iced teas, and customised non-coffee concoctions. Treat your guests to a pop-up coffeehouse courtesy of expert baristas-on-the-move. Call for mobile café service that’s the definition of smooth operations.

Click the button to learn more!

Mobile Cafe

Coffee Catering Belleville Ontario

Delivery Catering Options

Home Juice Delivery

Say goodbye to the same boring OJ or apple juice from the store. Our fresh juice delivery service will surprise your guests tastebuds with an ever-changing array of delicious, nutrient-dense drinks crafted from the best in-season produce.

At the core of each of our wellness elixirs are fruits and veggies blended into harmonious, drinkable form. But we get creative from there, jazzing up healthy concoctions with superfood mix-ins like ginger, cacao nibs, turmeric, and more to craft flavours that refresh, nourish and delight. Our ever-changing juice menu keeps things exciting!

Sign up for juice deliveries that surprise and satisfy your guests. With seasonal rotations, you’ll look forward to that weekly product drop-off of our newest flavour inventions and nutrient powerhouses.

Click the link below to drink to vibrant health and keep hydration exciting!

Home Juice Delivery

Cobourg Catering Juice Bar
PEC Catering Lemonade

Lemonade Stand Delivery

Say “see ya!” to boring lemonade. Our lemonade delivery pops up the flavours with sweet, zesty surprises created from nature’s sunny citrus.

Think berry-licious blends bumped with blackberry or raspberry, peach, and our signature sweet tea lemonade already proper and pretty with its peachy hue. This is a great option for BBQ catering in Belleville Ontario!

We mix natural magic for crisp, craveable lemon alchemy beyond basic. Our lemonade brings the unconventional cool that quenches any thirst!

Click the link below to see our lemonade stand delivery options!

Lemonade Stand Delivery

Smoothie Delivery Canada

Our event smoothie delivery service takes the expected up a creative notch, blending unusual flavours, superfood sprinkles, and add-on surprises for smoothie creations that nourish, refresh and delight. The diverse menu helps us to offer the best event smoothie delivery in Canada.

Expect fresh blends with ingredients you never considered could complement. We throw the average smoothie rulebook out the window to whip up cooler combos!

Can’t choose just one smoothie for your event? We offer tailored smoothie packages to target specific health hopes, complete with a variety of flavours and nutrient power to keep your body finely tuned and your guests taste buds thrilled. Click the button below to learn more about our smoothie delivery options for your next in Canada!

Smoothie Delivery Canada

Bellville Catering Services Smoothie Delivery

Cafe Delivery Catering Services

Best Coffee Delivery For Events

Coffee brewing is a craft scientifically honed to coax the most flavour possible from every humble bean. And we never cut corners. From responsible sourcing to freshly ground beans, we brew with care for the best coffee delivery service!

Redefine what an exceptional cup can mean by exploring the best coffee delivery for your next event. It’s time to get excited about java again!

Best Coffee Delivery

Coffee Catering Cobourg Ontario
Wedding Catering Belleville Tea

Best Tea Delivery

Our tea delivery service explores the exceptional end of the tea spectrum, bringing restaurant-worthy offerings for leafy sips that impress.

Experience whole loose leaf tea undiscovered nuances. From botanical arrangements to tantalising flavours, our tea wallahs wow the taste buds.

Go beyond the expected and explore exceptional estates, small batches, and tea blending artistry through the best tea delivery service. It’s time to get excited about tea again!

Click the link below to learn more!

Tea Delivery

Brewed Iced Tea Delivery

Our bespoke iced tea creations made from premium loose leaf teas and real, lively ingredients are sure to impress you at first shot. Our small-batch iced teas bring imaginative flavour, healthier sips, and way less sugar straight to your door. And this is all part of our catering in Belleville Ontario!

Forget flat, sad syrup flavours. Our ice tea wallahs concoct thirst-crushing black tea elixirs bursting with bright flavours.

Every custom combination balances refreshing tea with just the right sweetness, no additional junk necessary.

Our enriched and effervescent brewed iced tea deliveries make healthy hydration downright craveworthy. Beat the heat with our botanical batches bursting with bright and beautiful flavours.

Click the button below to learn more about our brewed iced tea delivery for your next event!

Brewed Iced Tea Delivery

Party Catering Belleville
Prince Edward County Hot Chocolate Catering

Hot Chocolate For Events

Hot chocolate delivery will help keep your event guests toasty during the cold weather!

Our hot chocolate for events service includes a variety of flavours in both diary and non-dairy options. We can do everything from dark hot chocolate to white hot chocolate.

Click the button below to learn more about hot chocolate for events options!

Hot Chocolate For Events

Fresh Bakery Delivery

Explore our extraordinary housemade baked splendours thoughtfully crafted using premium ingredients and master artisan techniques.

Our bakers geek out over technical details so you sink your teeth into expert outcomes like crispy croissants and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

We obsess so you can simply indulge. Each batch represents ideals realised through meticulous methods. Prepare for baked glory as the crowning finale to make your week sweeter!

Click the button below to learn more about our fresh bakery delivery options!

Fresh Bakery Delivery

Belleville Catering Baked Goods
Food Catering Belleville

Party Fruit Platter

Looking for party fruit platter ideas?

We source impossibly delicious and nutrient-dense fruits from great quality suppliers. Expand your party guests’ flavour horizons with our delivery of nature’s most marvellous produce.

Beyond tastebud tempting, many of our featured fruits offer unique nutritional and functional benefits, too. Our fruit deliveries reconnect your party guests to nature’s more marvellous and overlooked offerings for vibrant taste, health and sustainability.

Click the button below to learn more about our party fruit platter delivery options!

Party Fruit Platter

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What is included in your beverage catering packages?

Our beverage catering packages include everything from the quality disposables like napkins and recyclable cups, rentals such as glassware and bars, to the non-alcoholic ingredients. Optionally we offer the licensing and purchase for alcoholic beverages. We also provide staff who will set up the bar or self-serve station, and maintain it throughout the event, and clean up afterwards. All you need to provide is the venue space!

faq Is there a minimum or maximum guest count?

We can accommodate parties from as small as a dozen guests up to events for hundreds. We don’t set specific limits. However, certain menu items may have order minimums, so we can review any constraints when planning your customised menu.

Menu, rentals, and staffing levels will also be adjusted appropriately for whatever number you expect to serve and details of your event vision. Let us know attendee estimates and we’ll plan appropriately!

faq What types of events do you cater in Belleville?

We offer full service catering in Belleville, PEC, and Cobourg for events including:

  • BBQ catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Brunch Catering
  • Casual Catering
  • Corporate Catering (Office and Business)
  • Dinner Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Funeral Catering (Celebration of Life and Memorial Service)
  • Home Catering
  • Holiday Catering (Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras)
  • Indian Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Lunch Catering (Corporate and Office)
  • Mexican Catering
  • Party Catering (Small Party and Large Party)
  • Picnic Catering (Outdoor Catering)
  • Vegetarian Catering (Vegan)
  • Wedding Catering (Engagement and Anniversary)

Get in touch to experience the best Belleville catering! Don’t forget we also do Prince Edward County catering and Cobourg catering.

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