Bartender Kit Rental


If you’re looking for the ultimate all-in-one bartender kit for your next event look no further. This bartender kit includes everything needed to execute a high volume drink service. 

Bartender Kit Rental Includes:

2 Cocktail Shaker Rental

1 Fine Mesh Strainer Rental

1 Julep Strainer Rental

 2 Hawthorne Strainer Rental

1 Bar Spoon Rental

1 Peeler Rental

1 Bar Knife Rental

1 Muddler Rental

1 Hand Citrus Juicer Rental

1 Channel Knife Rental

1 Bar Cutting Board Rental

1 Ice Scoop Rental

1 Bar Mat Rental

2 Jigger Rental

1 Cocktail Mixing Glass Rental

15 Liquor Pourer Rental

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