Bagged Ice Cubes


We provide great quality ice for your next event. We offer ice for delivery or pickup. We use only 1¼ ” cubes

Benefits Of Our Ice

  • Ice melts slowly and remains whole longer helping to retain the drink full flavor
  • Large cubes won’t break down in a cocktail shaker so drinks will not be overdiluted
  • Use less ice to keep your beverages chilled during your event
  • Ice is clear and not cloudy making your drinks look better
  • Impurities that affect texture, flavor are removed


  • Cube Size: 1¼”x 1¼”x 1¼”
  • Bag Size: 5lbs or 2.26Kg.

Ice Cube Melt Comparison

  • Glass 1 Our Ice (Kold Draft)
  • Glass 2 Hoshizaki
  • Glass 3 Other

Our Ice Review

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