Bagged Ice Delivery And Supplier For The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – Pick Up Available

Can there be a rip-roaring party without a bag of ice? Of course, not! Party ice is essential to keep the fun going. That’s where we come in. We offer premium quality ice for sale and delivery to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We also offer bagged ice for pick up at our office at 400 Matheson Blvd, Unit 20, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1N8 .

We are your best bet when you are looking for bags of ice nearby because we are one of Toronto’s top-rated bagged ice suppliers.

We Do Event Ice Delivery To:

Toronto: Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, and East York
Halton Region: Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville
York Region: Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan
Peel Region: Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon

Why are we the favorite party ice company for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)? There are many reasons that make us the go-to ice supplier.

Great Quality Ice Supplier

You get superior quality ice when compared with other ice distributors or another ice cube supplier nearby because our Kold Draft ice:

  • Is a large 2.54 cm cube (1¼”)
  • Melts slower so the flavour from drinks are not diluted, and you use less ice in the heat when chilling food and beverages
  • Is crystal clear and not cloudy adding to the aesthetic of drinks and food stations
  • We use a reverse osmosis process to remove impurities that impact the flavor

We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our bag of ice to keep your food and beverages delightfully cold.

Low Party Ice Price 

We might be the premium ice supplier in Toronto but we are also the lowest cost place to buy bags of ice. Our ice is priced at $3 for a 2.7 kg bag (5 lbs) in lots of 5 bags. Our party ice price pricing ensures that we deliver the maximum value to you.

We are Canada’s leading wholesale ice supplier, which makes us the perfect choice to source bulk ice cubes from. We are one of the top ice companies across Toronto and Ontario but we keep our pricing highly competitive.

Compare us with other ice bag suppliers nearby or even check how much a bag of ice would cost in Canada. We can confidently say that we are not just one of the best ice companies in Ontario or Toronto in terms of service but also the price.

ice delivery for the greater toronto area

Ice Delivery For The GTA

Think of those sweltering summer evenings which call for cool parties. Wondering how to get bagged ice wholesale? Whether it’s a small backyard party for the family or a boisterous party with your friends, you will definitely need not just a bag of ice but lots of large bags of ice cubes. And we can keep everything chilled consistently for a busy party

Buying ice in bulk or getting a big bag of ice just got easier. Location is not a problem. We are your ice cube company nearby wherever you are! We get large bags of ice cubes for sale that are effortlessly delivered right to your doorstep.

Experience our seamless ice delivery right now and see for yourself!

Great Ice Party Rentals

We are an ice cube company that takes greater care than any other ice company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to ensure the utmost quality. We understand that it’s not just about bags of ice for sale. Hosting a party involves the coordination of much more.  Here’s where we come in with our party rentals in addition to the bags of ice!

We offer the following event rentals and supplies to use with your ice including:

Frequently Asked Questions

faq What Is Your Ice Delivery Pricing?

The price to deliver ice to your venue is priced using the distance from the delivery destination to our facility located at 400 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 20, Mississauga Ontario, L4Z 1N8.

The following pricing is one way (drop off) for ice delivery only. If you require two way delivery for any coolers, beverage services, or any of our other party rentals (drop off and pick up), then the pricing is doubled.

  • 0 kms to 14 kms – $30
  • 15 kms to 24 kms – $50
  • 25 kms to 34kms – $65
  • 35 kms to 44 kms  – $85
  • 45 kms to 54 kms – $100
  • 55 kms to 64 kms – $110
  • 65 kms to 74 kms – $135
  • 75 kms to 99 kms – $165

You can also pick up bulk ice at our mississauga facility. Please note for ice pickups we request that you make an appointment so we can have your order ready for you.

faq How Do I Decide The Amount Of Ice I Need For My Party Delivery?

The amount of ice you would require is heavily dependent on multiple factors. Once you determine most of them, it’s easy enough to arrive at an average. Ice is not used just to keep the drink in your hand chilled. You will need plenty of ice to fill coolers and chillers to keep your bottles and cans cold.

Here is a quick formula to help with your ice estimate for a beverage service to use for the drinks and also to keep your beverages cold:

Assume: 1 drink served per hour per guest

  • 100 Drinks or more quantity = 1 bag of ice cubes for every 12 drinks
  • Less Than 100 drinks quantity = 1 bag of ice cubes for every 8 drinks
  • Less Than 50 drinks quantity = 1 bag of ice cubes for every 6 drinks

Our expert party planners can help you calculate the amount of ice you need for your party. We will go through the details of your upcoming event with you and walk you through each requirement. This will easily help us determine the amount of ice you will require.

Connect with us today and let’s get cracking on that party!

faq Do You Provide Bagged Ice Delivery Service Near Me?

180 Drinks is an experienced ice delivery company and we have been consistently trusted by Canadian residents and businesses for our service and quality. Simply search for bagged ice suppliers nearby, ice company nearby, or ice cubes for sale nearby and we will reach you in no time anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have the scale and the infrastructure to get your party going the way it should be!

Specifically we do ice cube delivery to:

  • Toronto: Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, and East York
  • Halton Region: Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville
  • York Region: Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan
  • Peel Region: Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon

faq Do You Supply Other Types Of Ice?

We supply only 1¼ inch ice cubes that work perfectly for any drink. These ice cubes

  • Melt very slowly to keep your drink chilled longer
  • Are shaped to perfection for the best aesthetics
  • Are larger and squarer than ice from other ice bag suppliers
  • Free from impurities that otherwise affect texture, clarity, and flavor

faq Do You Supply Ice Throughout The Year?

The short answer is, yes we do!

We know that each event and celebration is distinctly different from another. You might want to have a small, intimate family gathering to celebrate a special occasion. Or you might be thinking of a large scale get-together for friends. Or perhaps you want to organize something bigger like a trade show or a corporate event. We get it.

We can help you organize everything down to the last detail, from event rentals to taking care of the ice delivery service. Our ice delivery business can help you make sure that you can order bulk bags of ice at any time without worrying about the quality or the delivery times.

We are one of the top commercial ice suppliers in Toronto and Ontario and specialists in event ice delivery. Our packaged ice delivery service is recognized for its reliability, coverage, quality, and responsiveness.

Plus, we have the added advantage of offering you the necessary party rentals to make it a success! Everything from cooler carts, ice tables, glass beverage dispensers, beverage buckets, and more, await you to make your party exceptional. Of course, they cannot be complete without an ice bucket and ice!

We arrange all of this for you at very competitive delivery fees based on distance and quantity that makes us stand out among other packaged ice distributors.

Get in touch with us now to get the right bagged ice delivery prices for you!

faq Why Is Your Ice Better?

Yes, ice has a lot of features! Did you think you could simply get ice from any of the packaged ice companies and they would all be the same? Ice is more complex than that. It’s more than just frozen water.

We make our ice cubes from pure, reverse osmosis water. We use only the best ice machines from Kold Draft to preserve the natural, tongue-tingling freshness of ice made from pure water. And you will need your crushed ice to make your mint juleps, smoothies, cold coffees, and cocktails to perform at their best! Taste the difference in our super-size cubes for refreshing juices and sublime whiskeys and other drinks.

How do you make an Old Fashioned taste like the best one ever made yet? By using superior ingredients including well-cut, long lasting ice cubes. Our ice cubes also melt very slowly keeping the rich flavors in the cocktail. You will be happy to know that our is the most preferred ice cubes by professional bartenders!

Great quality ice, and the cheapest place to buy bags of ice. What more could you ask for. Get in touch today!

faq What Types Of Events Do You Provide Your Ice Delivery Service For?

Imagine this. You have an event coming up. Perhaps you think you need to search for a cocktail ice cube company because you are having a cocktail gala. Or maybe you need to contact a whiskey ice company for your gentlemen’s poker evening. The event does not matter. We are the best place to buy ice in bulk because our ice company stocks clear ice cubes for sale. And you know when you buy ice for a party it needs to be clear! We sell wholesale bags of ice and deliver them to wherever you are in time to make any occasion perfect.

As experienced ice cube distributors, we deliver to all types of events. Have a wedding? You will need ice to keep beer and wine cold, and for your open bar. Having a children’s birthday party? Then you will definitely need ice for those juices. Organizing a beer and pizza event for all your friends? You will need big cubes of ice. We keep your preferred drinks cold with our own bulk ice supply.

We have set very high standards for ourselves as a premier ice company across Toronto and Ontario. Make your next bulk ice purchase at 180 Drinks.

faq What Kind of Ice Equipment Rentals Do You Have To Use With The Ice?

Having a keg party or a wine evening calls for appropriate equipment to make it nothing less than a smash hit. Having a wedding? Apart from getting the best bulk ice delivery possible take your pick from our wedding rentals. We have everything from coolers, beverage and beer buckets, wine chillers, and many more must-have items that will make your party sparkle.

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